Awesome: Pocahontas

  • John Smith diving off the ship during a storm to save Thomas.
    • And because that was so easy, he rescues Thomas' hat too. Like a boss.
  • The scene where John gets his first sight of Pocahontas in the mist from the waterfall.
  • Thomas taking control of the English soldiers at the end.
    Thomas: Put him in chains!
    Ratcliffe: I'll see you all hang for this!
    Thomas: And gag him as well.
  • Thomas just standing up and defying Ratcliffe with one word: "No."
  • Also the scene where Pocahontas is running to stop the execution...beginning from the compass needle spinning faster and faster until it points down the path and ending at the word "NO!"
  • The song "Savages" at the climax.
    Grandmother Willow: You know your path, child...Now follow it!
  • "Savages", "Just Around the Riverbend", "Colors of the Wind"...
    • While not holding up to the songs from the first movie, "Where Do I Go From Here?" and its reprise from the sequel are great as well.
  • Pocahontas standing up to her father.
    Chief Powhatan: Daughter, stand back!
    Pocahontas: I won't! I love him, Father!
  • The ending. Like it or not, it made for a beautiful scene that resembled Pocahontas' introductory scene.
    • It also included John Smith finally giving in and waving "Ana" back at Pocahontas. At first he had said he liked "Hello" better.