Trivia: Pocahontas

  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Non-Singing Voice:
    • Pocahontas is voiced by Irene Bedard, but they brought in Broadway powerhouse Judy Kuhn to do her singing. Oddly averted with Mel Gibson, who was a much bigger star, and did his own singing, contrary to what you might expect.
    • Chief Powhatan and Keketa, whose speaking voices are done by Russell Means and Gordon Tootoosis, respectively, BOTH have their singing done by Jim Cummings!
  • Talking to Himself: David Ogden Stiers voiced both Radcliffe and Wiggins. Thus, in the numerous scenes between the two, Stiers is doing all the voice work.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The animal characters were meant to talk but were made mute in order to give the film a more "serious" tone.
    • Prior to his death in 1994, comedian John Candy recorded a good deal of dialogue for a talking turkey character named Redfeather. Alas, the character was cut, not only after Candy's death, but also after the aforementioned decision to keep the animals mute was made.
    • Lyricist Howard Ashman, who had worked on previous Disney animated classics such as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, was supposed to write the songs for this film as well but died of AIDS prior to completing work on Aladdin, and thus Stephen Schwartz had to fill in for him.
    • In the July 1995 issue of Disney Adventures magazine which promoted the movie, there's a behind-the-scenes section of pages that includes an early title card from pre-production. It features an early version of Disney's Pocahontas who looks much like Disney's Tiger Lily, with her eyes closed, head held up high, arms folded and surrounded by a few forest animals. This gives the implication that Tiger Lily might have been in consideration to be brought back, but under a different name and to fill in the eponymous role at one point.
    • Governor Ratcliffe was originally going to be voiced by Richard White (who previously voiced Gaston), but he was replaced by David Ogden Stiers (who had played Cogsworth in the same film) because the filmmakers felt that audiences would only think of Gaston whenever Ratcliffe spoke if White did the voice.
    • A deleted scene reveals Kocoum was supposed to be a Gaston-like, overprotective guy who was forcing Pocahontas to comply to him.
    • The deleted scenes from the Blu-Ray reveal that Wiggins was originally a lot more villainous, a lot less ditzy and eons more arrogant than the character we see today. He had a very condescending attitude toward the other settlers and displayed the personality of an overexcited, childish rich boy, dressing in full armor and grabbing guns from everywhere over the mere excitement of getting to shoot Indians.