Tear Jerker / Mobile Suit Gundam 00

*breaks down crying, too*

  • Pictured on the right: Although Louise was a very unpopular character, the scene where Saji visited her in hospital and gave her the ring that he had been saving up to buy for her, and she started crying and saying she couldn't wear it, and revealed that she'd lost her left hand in the attack that killed her family.
  • Episode 23 ends extremely tragically when Lockon Stratos, the series' residentbadass is killed in battle, sending the remnants of his Gundam and his Haro, which was pleading for Lockon's life the entire time, back to the main ship. Who'd ever think that a constant Say My Name could be so depressing? It's all made even worse when you consider that Lockon had survived a perilous situation within the previous two episodes (albeit with eye damage); no one expected Sunrise to let him survive that, only to kill him off so soon afterwards.
    • Seconded. The whole scene made even a never crying bad ass nearly cry. It's not getting any better when in episode 24 Haro and a letter for Lockon are placed in Dynames with the orders to 'go where Lockon is, so he's not alone'
    • Lockon Lockon. Lockon Lockon.
    • Reenacted in Super Robot Wars Z2: Hakai-Hen and it will occur no matter what.
  • And the 00 writers outdid themselves in episode 24, with Lichtendahl attempting a Heroic Sacrifice to save Christina... but it doesn't work, since not only is she fatally injured as well, but the Ptolemy bridge explodes right after that, completely erasing any chance of survival. Honestly, that episode became a sobfest just four minutes in, what with Haro going "Feldt, I'm sorry; Feldt, I'm sorry," and a grieving Feldt tearfully saying that it needn't apologise because what happened to Lockon wasn't its fault.
  • You can't forget Tieria, seemingly near death, ejecting the GN drive from the destroyed Nadleeh and saying that he can finally reunite with Lockon during episode 25.
  • In episode 7 of season two, the scene where Soma (or more accurately, Marie) and Sergei part ways had quite a few fans sobbing - particularly when Marie tells Sergei that her Soma personality had wanted to be his daughter.
  • The intro to episode 4 of season two. The flashback shows the first time Allelujah finds Marie as a child as well as the horrible conditions the two had to put up with in the facility. If that wasn't a Tear Jerker already, we then get to see how Allelujah got his name in the first place.
    Allelujah: That was the moment when she baptized me... in the truest sense of the word.
  • And in episode 17 of season two, Sergei is killed by his own estranged son, Andrei, and as he dies he feels guilt for not being able to clear things up between them. Worse still, poor Marie is there in the GN Archer, and she can do nothing but watch in horror as her father figure's mobile suit explodes.
    • Andrei's breakdown when Soma forces him to face that he should have tried to understand his father is extremely sad as well.
  • Anew Returner's death and final conversation with Lyle in episode 20 of season two, as well as Lyle's resulting Heroic B.S.O.D..
    • What really drove the nail on this one was the fact that Trust You immediately kicked in right after Anew's last words...
  • Episode 21 has Louise's heartbreaking breakdown after avenging her family by killing Nena
    Louise: *laughing like a little girl* I did it... I avenged Mama and Papa... I defeated a Gundam! Mama, Papa, where are you? Since I did it... Praise me... Tell me I did a good job... *bursts out crying*
  • Nena's fate throughout the series can be seen as disturbing, to say the least. She blew up the wedding because she's annoyed by seeing people happy when she's tired from "work" (shooting at soldiers, munition workers and the like). Eventually, it was revealed that, instead of being the people that can change the world, their actual "work" was to be shot at as part of Ribbons's plan to accumulate hate against Celestial Being, and allowing for him to deploy the GN-Xs and the Innovades. Because the Trinities had little support from the crew of the Ptolemy and used interior machines, if one of them was killed, they wouldn't be able to fend for themselves as their tactics relied heavily on co-op skills. With some luck, they survived several contacts with the GN-Xs, so Ribbons had to dispose of them through both Ali and by taking advantage of Louise's mental instability and thirst for revenge. She's pretty much an ill-treated Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
    • As are her brothers for that matter. Especially sad is Johann's reaction when he sees Micheal shot dead by Ali. And then the words he says just as he's about to die, and the utterly broken way he says it...
    • Special mention goes to Nena, whose psychopathic tendencies result from her spending her first 10 years in stasis. Thus, despite being physically 17 years old, she possesses the mentality of a little girl. While it might not justify some of her actions, it would account for why she acts in such a fashion.
  • Episode 23. Patrick's good-bye to Kathy and his Heroic Sacrifice. Redemption Equals Death, indeed. And Manly Tears was shed.
    Patrick: Colonel, I really loved you. *KA-BLAM!*
    • Fortunately he gets better. And he marries her.
  • In the movie, Andrei's Heroic Sacrifice as he self destructs his suit while slashing a ELS ship to pieces, keeping it from reaching Earth, all while recalling the similar sacrifices his parents made. It doesn't help that the music starts picking up at that very moment.
    "I am a soldier of the Federation forces, serving to protect the people!"
  • Graham's Blaze of Glory in the movie. Full. Stop.
    Graham: Young man! Do you need a beacon to the future? I, Graham Aker will gladly oblige! This is not death... (*activates the Brave's self-destruct sequence) IT'S FOR HUMANKIND TO LIVE ON!
  • Allelujah being forced by his Split Personality to destroy a Super Soldier facility filled with children in episode 11. The kids would've lived miserable lives as HRL soldiers similar to him, but one can't help but feel sorry for the poor guy helplessly screaming as Hallelujah forced him to pull the trigger. And then he asks Sumeragi for a drink. Damn...
  • Kinue's death at the hands of Ali. That moment alone cemented this series into this troper's mind forever, along with Louise and Saji. Then the manly tears began.
    • Oh, forget manly tears. Anything to do with Kinue's death in the following episode is sobworthy, be it poor Saji being called in to identify his sister's body (which happens before the opening credits begin!) or him speaking with Kinue's boss, who feels guilty because he didn't do anything to stop her from pursuing such dangerous work.