Tear Jerker: Jumanji

  • The part where Alan Parrish comes back out of the board game after being in an alternate jungle dimension for 26 years, and goes looking for his parents, only to discover they're dead and that his father, who he thought never loved him, gave up everything he had to try to find him. I can't even bear to watch that part.
    • Especially since he's really so childlike in that scene. "Where's my mom and dad?" (sob)
    • Not to mention that one of his first reactions after seeing Judy and Peter for the first time is to excitedly ask them if they're his younger brother and sister. Oh God...
    • Worse, when Alan returns to the abandoned shoe factory, he learns that his father died of sorrow, and everything essentially was Alan's fault.
    • And without Parrish Shoes in business as the town's main source of income, why the town has become a veritable ghost town by 1995. Not only did Alan's disappearance affect his family, their business and Sarah, but it basically destroyed the entire town.
    • On Alan's father's side, not only did he have to endure the Adult Fear of losing his son and the Parting Words Regret, but also he may have had to suffer the effects of the stories that popped up about Alan's disappearance. Specifically, the one about him having killed Alan, chopping him up and spreading his remains around the house...
  • Near the end of the film is another particularly heartrending moment; Judy dying in her little brother's arms from a plant's poisonous barb. Her last words that she gasps out? "I...wish that mom and dad were here."
  • Alan comes out with a really sad song that relays just how hard his life was: "In the jungle you must wait, until the dice rolls five or eight."
  • Alan and Sam's reconciliation is this mixed with a Heartwarming moment.
  • All that Sarah went through after Alan was sucked into the game. She was made the town laughing stock after trying to tell everyone what happened, and was sent to therapist after therapist for most of her life, who tried to convince her that she was crazy.
    Sarah: I was a little girl, Alan. You disappeared, and a bunch of bats surrounded me and chased me down the street. I was afraid. I'm sorry, Alan. No one believed me. I was all alone.
    Alan: So was I. For 26 years, Sarah.
    Sarah: Me too.
  • Alan scolding Peter for trying to cheat at the game and his My God, What Have I Done? moment when he sees him cry.
    Alan: Twenty-six years buried in the deepest, darkest jungle, and I still became my father.