Tear Jerker / Avenged Sevenfold

This metalcore/alternative metal band has some songs that can really tug at the heartstrings.

  • These lyrics in the song "Danger Line."
    I never meant to leave this world alone
    I never meant to hurt the ones who care
    And all this time I thought we'd just grow old
    You know, no one said it's fair
    Tell my baby girl that it's alright
    I've sung my last song today
    Remind the Lord to leave his light on, for me
    I'm free
  • The Rev himself singing "I know it's not your time, but bye-bye ... 'Cause everybody's gotta die sometime" in "A Little Piece of Heaven". Also a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, Given the context of the lyrics.
  • Also, "I Won't See You Tonight Part 1".
  • "So Far Away" and "Victim". The video for the former makes it even worse.
  • The song "Seize the Day". They may be a hard rock band, but damn they know how to yank at your heartstrings. The guitar solo in the middle of it, especially in the video is beautiful. (Also noting the video is quite a Tear Jerker).
  • The end of "MIA" is about a soldier who can't come to terms with what he's done in war, just completely broken psychologically:
    Walk the city lonely
    Memories that are not passing by
    A murderer walks your streets tonight
    Forgive me for my crimes
    Don't forget that I was so young but so scared
    In the name of God and country
  • "Afterlife". The lyrics tell a story of a man who dies too young, but gets a chance to see the afterlife and the option to stay or go back to Earth. In the bridge, he talks about wanting to go back because his family and friends are already mourning his death and he wants a chance to make his life better. At the end of the bridge, before the solo starts, the backing vocals come in screaming "I need another chance to live!". Already a sad song, it became an even bigger tearjerker after The Rev, the drummer who wrote the song and did the backing vocals, died at age 28 — because the song is exactly what happened to him, minus the happy ending.
  • The entire Nightmare album minus the tracks "Nightmare" and "Welcome to the Family". The last two tracks "Fiction" and "Save Me" are all about The Rev (who as mentioned above, died).
  • "Brompton Cocktail". It's about a man who has given up living and has become addicted to painkillers, asking desperately for one last dose, one that can bring the smile back on his face and free him from his life. The chorus line below is just too haunting and powerful.As if the entire song wasn't charged with agony and hopelessness:
    "And I'll take my life tonight,
    'cause I have the right to die how I wanna,
    and leave how I arrived, so alive.."
  • "Dear God" may also qualify.
  • The last ten minutes or so of the All Access DVD thanks to Harsher in Hindsight
  • "Acid Rain", which is basically an apocalyptic love story.
  • Debatably, the quiet parts of "Bat Country."
  • During an interview a few months after Jimmy's passing, M. Shadows lamented over the fact that Jimmy's not just gone from the band, but from his life. To quote him: "I go the studio and he isn't there, and then I go home and he isn't there".
  • The Rev's death is probably the biggest tearjerkers for the band period. Considering how any video shows him as a Nice Guy Cloud Cuckoo Lander who was True Companions with all the other members (especially Syn) hits it hard. Makes it worse that despite the Rev being gone since 2009, the band still show signs of mourning...