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Tabletop Game: Senshi: The Merchandising
The Technocracy is STILL trying to cover up the 'Tokyo-3' disaster.
—The second sentence of the third paragraph of the first chapter

Senshi: The Merchandising is a parody fan-game for the Old World of Darkness written by John Biles. It can be read in its entirety at the author's website, along with its two supplements, Cliquebook: Sailor Warriors and Cliquebook: Magical Knights of Arcadia.

The plot of the game is that, due to the interaction of Mage: The Ascension's consensus reality and the imagination of young anime fans, various 90's anime have become real. Children and teenagers who would have otherwise become mages instead become Expys of their favorite anime characters, like the Sailor Scouts and the Magic Knights. Hilarity (and much bloodshed) ensues.

Dark World — Moon Light was a chronicle set in this game run by GM Chris Angelini, the stories of which have been transcribed and presented as a fictional anime at its associated website.
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alternative title(s): Senshi The Merchandising
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