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My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake Season 1, Episode 6. Preceded by This Is Your Premise On Hugs, followed by Recycling In Space.

Continued from the previous episode, This Is Your Premise On Hugs

Christina and Belle were putting Vote Chrissy posters up all around the school. She had applied for student council president candidate just earlier that day and now they were putting up posters together. Today, they could just hope for the best.

After finishing putting posters up, they went into their seperate classrooms. Christina's Science class was given a long shot, which revealed that Libby, who looks like the picture on Alpha Bitch, was there. Well, great. Christina sat down.

Libby: Ha! Chrissy, you idiot! (mock Christina voice) My name is Chrissy and I'm an idiot who believes in stupid stuff like unicorns!

Christina was fuming inside, but she had to put up with the taunting, unfortunantely. At least she was back in her own world. For today, at least, she was back in her normal life.

That's what was said over voiceover during a slightly fuzzy out-of-focus shot from Christina's point of view. The shot suddenly sharpened and you heard the Mad Scientist Dr Chemmie talking.

Dr Chemmie: So, to make a bomb-MWAHAHAHAHA!-you mix fertilizer And Some Other Stuff. Then you throw it and it BURNS! YAY! It burns explosively, too! And now, let's talk about bunsen burners. You all have one on your table. See the blue and green chemicals on the table? Pour them into the big beaker, then put the bunsen burner in it.

It then cuts to a birds-eye view of Christina following the instructions, but the smell turns out to be too much (or something like that) as the camera does many dizzying circular turns eveywhere, then pauses for a second in front of Christina, makes a dolly-zoom, and we see Christina faint.

You then see a close-up of Christina's face under a different background (the screen having gone black for five seconds) while her eyes open. It cuts to a longshot of her in the nurse's office.

Christina: Huh? What happened to bring me here?
Nurse: You fainted, dearie. Would you like me to call your parents to bring you home?
Christina: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...okay.

The nurse walks out of the scene. After a short time, you hear a car pull up and Chrissy's suspiscously young-looking mum walks into the room.

Mrs Ponycrown: We've come to take you home now.
Christina: Thanks, Mum.

It cuts to Christina riding home in The Alleged Car that her mum continuously has troubles driving. Christina looks out the window and smiles.

  • Someone complained about the Dis Continuty in the name of Christina's science teacher; Mr Ater in episode 1, Dr Chemmie here. It was explained that Dr Chemmie was the teacher's name, they just accidently used Christina's father's name during episode 1.