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My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake Season 1, Episode 5. Preceded by Genre Kindness, followed by The Cake Is A Fact.

Continued from the previous episode, Genre Kindness

The camera pans to a closeup of Christina's face, her mouth gaping open. It then turns into her and Belle turning their heads to look at each other, both shocked, and then their whole bodies, and then everyone.

Rainbow Princess: Really?
Anika: Yes. Really.
Belle: How long will we have to be here?
Sunbow: Well, is there some reason you may have to take a break for a while?

Christina thinks for a second.

Rainbow Princess: The last day to sign up as a candidate for student council president is tommorrow. I really want to win against Libby, James, and Ayuko.
Sparkstrike: Well, our Rainbow Princess, if today goes well, we shall let you turn back into your Miss Ponycrown form.

She goes on to hug Belle, then Anika, then Sunbow, then Sparkstrike.

Anika: You have to promise to do as much as you can to help us today, Rainbow Princess. You too, Belle.
Belle and Rainbow Princess: We promise!
Sunbow: Good job, girls! Now let's get to it!

Everyone cheers and runs out of the Palace of Unending Bliss. They start running towards an even darker, even gloomier castle shrounded by mist in the distance. It turns into a closeup of Christina and Sunbow.

Rainbow Princess: Hey, Sunbow, can I ask you something?
Sunbow: Sure, what is it?
Rainbow Princess: Well, since we're in another dimension, what's happened to us on Earth?
Sunbow: It looks like you're there, even though you aren't. Someone might notice you're a bit quieter, but you're almost the same so almost nobody will be able to tell the difference.
Rainbow Princess: Oh, okay.

Everyone keeps running. It turns into a long shot again. After aboutfive minutes or running (a lot of padding there), they get there.

Anika: We're here now. Everyone, man your positions!

The slightly evil Anti-Villain s walk out of the castle.

Sparkstrike: Halt, evildoers!

Thus began a two-minute battle between Good and Evil. It was a clean battle, of course. Basically, it was a bunch of minions getting poked, screaming, and running back into the castle. After the victory:

Sparkstrike: We have suceeded!
Sunbow: Good job, everyone!
Belle: Let's PARTY!
Rainbow Princess: YEAH!

But before that, Christina had to do one thing.


She turned back to her own self. Christina and Belle were sent back to their world for that one day, after which they would be back to the Pony Empire. They landed in a dark and stormy night, then went to their houses and their beds.