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My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake Season 1, Episode 7. Preceded by The Cake Is A Fact, followed by Puppy Ex Machina.

Continued from the previous episode, The Cake Is A Fact

Later that day, Christina and Belle were brought back from Earth to the Pony Empire.


She turned into Rainbow Princess. They were in the heart of the palace, with Anika, Starbow, and Sparkstrike surrounding it.

Starbow: Please help us, Rainbow Princess! It got worse!
Anika: Please!
Belle: Okay, we'll help you. What do we need to do?
Sparkstrike: We need to stop the Evil Fortress.
Rainbow Princess: Then let's go!

They embarked on a quick run to the Evil Fortress. Rainbow Princess used her baton to send a beam of glittering rainbow light to burst open the doors with.

Rainbow Princess: Come on! Let's hurry!

Everyone ran through the doors to find the Obviously Evil Evil Overlord sitting on a throne of bones.

Anika: I, uh, need to go now. Toliet break! (runs off)
Evil Overlord: So, I see you have found me. Minions, destroy them!

At once, hundreds of shadowy figures with a vague resembelance to ponies...could it be?... leaded out of them, with a fearsome growl that seemed to come from all and none of them. Rainbow Princesse's powers that come from her baton could make the ones that attacked her recoil, but the others were in trouble. She blasted minion off them whenever she could, but sometimes they had to wrestle them off on their own.

After all the minions had slunk off or (in a very few cases) been beaten to death, Rainbow Princess faced up to the Evil Overlord.

Rainbow Princess: Why do you do it? Why do you hurt these innocents?
Evil Overlord: For the Evulz, why else? I simply do what I do. Hurting innocents? It's What I Do.
Rainbow Princess: But that's just cruel! Taste SUPER RAINBOW HOLY LIGHT POWER, fiend!

She fired her SUPER RAINBOW HOLY LIGHT and it blasted the Evil Overlord in the neck, making him crash down the stairs and fall in half. They all walked over closer, for a stunning revelation.

Sunbow: You mean...he was a ROBOT?!