Spiritual Successor / Toys

  • Most of Bandai's toylines are major successors or each at one point. In fact, they do love this trope:
    • SH Figuarts to the Souchaku Henshin line.
    • Robot Spirits to the Mobile Suit In Action! and In Action! Offshoot lines.
    • Super Robot Chogokin to Soul of Chogokin to regular Chogokin, despite both regular and Soul versions still exist.
  • Hero Factory temporarily substituted BIONICLE (it even said so on the packaging of the first-wave figures). BIONICLE itself was this to the earlier and short-lived Slizers and Robo Riders lines. Also, the earlier BIONICLE Rahi models were successors of the LEGO Competition playsets.
    • Note that fans on the other hand consider Ninjago to be it's sequel, story-wise.
  • The Barbie Look and the Tim Gunn Barbie dolls can count as this for the Barbie Basics line, both being collector, easy to find, fashion focused doll lines with the model muse body -more realistic and skinny- As the Basics were were oficially discontinued few months before the Gunn dolls were announced. And Word of God stated The Barbie Look was created with this intention.