Toys: Robot Spirits

AKA Robot Damashii. A line of toys produced by Bandai of Japan. Just like SH Figuarts, it focuses mostly on quality of sculpt, pose-ability and accessory count. Accessories can include:
  • Spare hands
  • Weapons unique to the toy
  • Stands

The difference of this and SH Figuarts is it mostly focuses on Real Robots (however, there's some exceptions: Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru's Mashins, Star Driver's Tauburn, Doraemon's Zanda Cross and Doraemon himself, GUN×SWORD's Armors, Heroman, and the EVA Units).

Compare Super Robot Chogokin, which is Robot Spirits meets Soul of Chogokin.

Series covered by this toyline:

Tropes specific to this toyline:

  • No Export for You: Tamashii Web Exclusive ones, including the Tamashii Nation Expo exclusive sets.
  • Real Robot: Robot Spirits cover this genre of anime mecha.
  • Spiritual Successor: to the Mobile Suit in Action! and In Action! Offshoot lines.
  • Units Not to Scale: Mobile Suits and Heavy Metals should be nearly twice as tall as Knightmares and Arm Slaves, but all the figures are roughly the same height.