Shout Out / Super Cosplay War Ultra

Of course you may wonder how only one game got SO many Reference Overdosed, but, considering its the game, ehrm, about cosplays...

That's to be expected.

Pick one.

    Just About Anything Else 

    Cosplayed Characters Cameos In Backgrounds 

    Real Song Theme Tune 
The ones below are valid for Genkai Toppa version:
  • Park Stage (morning): Stylophonic - Way of Life (Dino Lenny Remix)
  • Factory Stage (when you fight Zenka): Slammer Jammer - Perfect Phase (Mini Mix)
  • Office Stage (when you fight Z-Mega): Suikoden OST - Gothic Neclord Theme
  • '''Subway stage (Night): Push Up by Freestylers
  • And, of course, a couple coming straight from Super Robot Wars series: one for title screen, one for credits.