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Shout Out: Honor Harrington
  • The planet Erewhon has the same name as a Samuel Butler novel.
  • Haven is also the name of a planet in the CoDominium universe with an oppressive secret police.
  • The phrase "On the bounce" is used in the first novel.
  • Grayson based much of their pre-technological society and warfare on Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.
  • Grayson's "classical" music is based on country and western, and Ashes of Victory features a couple of snatches of "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Spacers".
  • At one point in Honor Among Enemies, Honor enjoys a Horatio Hornblower novel, and the narration points out that she likes his initials.
    • In "A Short Victorious War", HMS Hotspur (named for Hornblower's ship in Hornblower and the Hotspur) is destroyed in combat with a Havenite crusier squadron. The same book had a group of Havenite revolutionaries gathering in a tennis court, back when the series was thick with historical references.
  • Echoes of Honor mentions a "Heinlein Maneuver" where lunar rebels dropped rocks on Old Earth.
  • In "A Whiff of Grapeshot," (the title itself a historical Shout-Out to Napoleon Bonaparte) to Citizen Admiral Esther McQueen finds herself trapped in a crashed vehicle dangling over a lethal drop. She calmly states "Here's my plan" then laughs and explains that it is a classical reference.
  • The SS starship Tepes in In Enemy Hands is commanded by a Captain Vladovich.
  • Late in the series, William Alexander is declared "Baron Grantville" a reference to Wages of Sin sub-series author Eric Flint's 1632 series, portions of which Weber co-wrote.
  • Honor's personal physician is the slim, short, auburn-haired Dr. Janet Frazier.
  • In The Shadow of Saganami, while using a "borrowed" freighter to reconnoiter a potentially unfriendly star system, Commander FitzGerald identifies himself as "Captain Teach" and a subordinate as "Lieutenant Kidd".
  • The children's book David and the Phoenix, prominently featured in At All Costs, is a real book and one of author David Weber's favorites.
  • A recursive shout-out: Baen Designated Victim Joe Buckley is mentioned in Mission of Honor, as is a starship, Dahak, named for the website that the real-life Buckley runs which was itself named for a starship from David Weber's own Empire from the Ashes series.
  • In War of Honor, Zahn's husband Tim is said to be highly regarded by a Manticoran officer named Commodore Tharwan.
  • Officers named Horn and Stackpole were serving aboard HMS Ajax at the Battle of Solon.
  • The operation Oyster Bay.
  • Kevin Usher is a real fountain of knowledge where classical cinema is concerned, and gave the same taste to his student, Victor Cachat. Their favorite movie is Casablanca.
  • Crown of Slaves: "You are the walrus". Very carefully set up, no less.
  • Darcy Lord's "Garrett Randall" psychic detective stories.
  • Four members of the Mesan Alignment are named after famous directors: President Roman Hitchcock, Board Chairman Joan Kubrick, System President Anton Polanski, and Chancellor Robert Tarantino.
  • In A Beautiful Friendship, the Harringtons have a meeting at a restaurant called "The Red Letter", owned by a person by the name of Eric Flint, with whom Weber has co-written books in this and the 1632 series. The restaurant and its owner/cook also have a minor presence in the sequel, Fire Season.
  • A former politician and political commentator in the novella I Will Build My House of Steel is named Hillary Palin.
  • Lois is the only habitable planet in the Clarke system.
  • In Flag In Exile, a Chief O'Brien is mentioned when Honor compares the religious diversity of a Manticoran superdreadnought to a Grayson one. For bonus points, he is described as a Shinto priest and the character who he is presumably a reference to has a Japanese wife.
  • The first Havenite revolution is led by a man named "Rob S. Pierre", heading the "Committee of Public Safety". In the French Revolution a committee of the same name was for some time led by...Robespierre.

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