Series: Puppets Who Kill

Puppets Who Kill was a Canadian-produced Black Comedy series that centered on the lives of four puppets who had been sent to a halfway house run by the cynic Dan Barlow as a last ditch effort to rehabilitate them as every other effort had failed.

The puppets themselves were:
  • Rocko the Dog, who after suppressing his very child-unfriendly personality snapped on set;
  • Cuddles, a comfort doll whose consistent curbing of his own desires ended up with him shooting people with a rifle from a roof;
  • Buttons the Bear, a sex maniac who had a good life until his private deeds were released to the public and he was fired.
  • Bill the Dummy, a psychopath who had 56 partners die in tragic "accidents" with a constant smile and a taste for meat.

The show tended to balance itself on the edge of a knife, often crossing the line more than twice and happily embracing the darkly humorous tone inherent in a show about living puppets who regularly break the law.

This series provides examples of: