Series / Ik Mik Loreland

"Ik Mik Loreland; Loria, verloren land. Waar zal ik gaan zoeken, zeg me waar ik heen moet gaan."

Ik Mik Loreland was an Edutainment Show that ran for two seasons in 1994 in The Netherlands. It was developed to be accompanying a reading method coined Veilig leren lezen, which means "learning to read safely", and ended up traumatizing pretty much every Dutch child born between 1985 and 1995. This was especially due to the Big Bad Karbonkel, who was Nightmare Fuel to most viewers, which were aged 5-7 at that time.

Word of God says it wasn't inspired by Twin Peaks (Though the bad guy Karbonkel has several parallels with Killer BOB).

The entire series can be viewed Here.

Ik Mik Loreland contains examples of: