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"You know how I do."
Cory Baxter

Cory In The House (2007-2008) is a spinoff of That's So Raven, featuring teenager Cory Baxter and his dad living in the White House after his father is hired to work there as a chef. Cory gains two new friends: Meena, the independent-minded daughter of the Ambassador of Bahavia, and Newt, a guitar playing ditzy guy. It was chronologically the fourth series in the Disney Channel Live-Action Universe.

This show contains examples of:

  • Kid Com
  • Our Presidents Are Different: The President Buffoon to be exact.
    • Also qualifies as President Minority, as he's a Latino.
  • Phrase Catcher: Sophie is often referred to or addressed by "America's Angel!"
  • No Party Given: Not only is President Martinez's party affiliation never mentioned, but he rarely does anything vaguely political from which one could hazard a guess (although in real life, Latinos like him tend to be Democrats).
  • Playing Cyrano: Used hilariously in the Feigning Intelligence above example. Cory Meena and Stickler are all Cyrano to Newt's date with a smart. However, the President's dog steals the microphone used to contact Newt and the trio end up chasing the dog all over the White House. Unaware of what is happening, Newt starts repeating everything the dog (and everyone else who happens to be around the microphone during the chase) says with disasterous results.
  • Power Trio: Cory (Id), Newt (Ego), and Meena (Superego).

Alternative Title(s): Cory In The House