Say My Name / Theater

  • When Wendla's mother in Spring Awakening drags her off to get a back-alley abortion, Wendla is confused and terrified, screaming "MAAMMAAA!" as she is dragged off.
  • Older Than Steam: In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet begins a monologue on the meaning and importance of names with the repetition of her crush's name: "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?"
  • In The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, Shylock says his daughter Jessica's name a lot in their first scene. One gets the feeling he likes her a lot, but he's somewhat overprotective and possessive. "What, Jessica!" — "What, Jessica!" — "Why, Jessica, I say!" — "Jessica, my girl." — "Hear you me, Jessica."
  • Everyone - except Lady Bracknell - does it at the end of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. Names do play a very important part in the play. Earnest! What a name!
  • In Memphis, at the start of Act Two when Huey gets his own TV show in the song "Crazy Little Huey", both Huey and some dancers from the show proceed to sing "Hueeey!" Huey himself singing "the name is Hueeey!" a few times before the final "crazy little Huey is on your TV!"
  • From Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire:
    • When Blanche arrives and sees her sister Stella for the first time, she quite enjoys saying it: "Stella, oh, Stella, Stella! Stella for Star!"
    • "STELL-LAHHHHH!" That's exactly as it appears in the script. That's Stella's drunken husband Stanley screaming at her.
  • West Side Story:
    • Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria!
    • Then in Act II, Tony gets news of Maria's betrothed, Chino shooting her out of jealousy for Tony, causing him to run out yelling, "Chino! Chino! Come and get me too, Chino!"
  • Edward loves this trope in Jane Eyre: The Musical. JAAAAANE!
    Edward: Then, from my lips/Came a voice, came a name/ I cried "Jane" from the depths/ I called out/I cried "Jane"
  • Chicago: Roxie Hart, when she sings her song about her future fame. Roxiiiiiie...Roxiiiiiie... After all, it is "the name on everybody's lips".
  • Miss Saigon: KIIIM! Happens during the fall of Saigon scene and at the end. If the actor playing Chris is feeling particularly hammy, he may add a Big "NO!".
  • Die Walküre, first act has Siegmund at the top of his voice: "Wäääällseee! WÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄLLSEEEE!!!! Wo ist dein Schwert?" (Wälse, where is your sword?)
  • A rare example for Cirque du Soleil, in Amaluna, Romeo exclaims "MIRANDA!" when the Black Peacock Goddess flies off with her just before the Chinese pole act; Miranda likewise shouts "ROMEO!" when Cali pulls him below stage at the end of the tightrope act.
  • In Pokémon Live!, Team Rocket asks the audience to yell "Team Rocket" loudly.