Recap / The X-Files S03 E11 "Revelations"

A boy suffering from stigmata is targeted by a serial killer. Scully the devout Catholic and Mulder the sceptic of spiritual phenomena swap their usual roles for an episode.


  • A Bloody Mess: Mulder tastes fake blood: "Too much sugar." The look on Scully's face was priceless before he explained that it was fake blood.
  • Agent Mulder: Agent Scully, for a change, because the phenomenon of the week is one that ties in with her religious faith.
  • Agent Scully: Agent Mulder. He obviously gets called out on it by Scully.
  • The Ketchup Test: Mulder, much to Scully's horror before he explains that it's not real blood.
  • Literal Cliffhanger: An insane businessman grabs a boy and jumps into a paper recycling shredder. When a horrified Scully rushes over, she finds the boy holding onto the railing above the bloody mess.
  • Looks Like Orlok: Owen Jarvis, who despite appearances is a selfless and heroic guy.
  • Serial Killer
  • Stock Episode Titles
  • Super Window Jump: Owen Jarvis throws himself through the window in the attic to escape from Mulder and Scully. He manages to run away.
  • Teaser-Only Character: The preacher played by R. Lee Ermey