Recap: The Wall Will Fall

This is a timeline of The Wall Will Fall ARG. It follows the events leading up to and following the Grave Announcement from Mr. Administrator.

Timeline originally started by Anura, expanded by Dryunya. Continued by a lot of other Tropers and Metaguards.

All dates are 2012 unless otherwise stated. To keep the date and time inconsistensies to minimum, the EST time (GMT-5), 24-hour format is used. EST is the time Mr Administrator uses when he announces refictionalization stories.

Also, the timeline has taken out a restraining order against Dryunya. (Don't worry, it Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.)

After abandoning her (and the ARG in general) for the longest time, Anura finally showed up to spend more time with his daughter. He detailed this using an Let's Play of Princess Maker, viewable here.

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    Setting the board 
  • June 12th, 1987: President Reagan observes in his speech that graffiti'd on the Berlin Wall are the words "This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality." [1], [2]
  • May 14th, 2011: Echo Chamber begins. [3]
  • June 26th, 2011: Zack's first tweet. [4]
  • October 3rd, 2011: Mr. Administrator's first tweet. [5]
  • July 12th: "Mind Screw" episode of Echo Chamber airs. [6]
    • The code numbers of the Mr. Administrators (more easily read during the credits, where they are in order) can be translated out to read "THE WALL WILL FALL". The number to letter system is repeatedly used throughout the rest of the ARG.
  • July 17th: Zack's wanted poster posted on EC's Facebook. [7]
  • August 5th: Joe posts "Cat Video on the Internet". [8]
  • September 5th: Date in Park [9], Chainmail Dude [10] and Mermaid(?) [11] videos posted.
  • September 9th
    • "WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 1". [12] (Don Quixote and Sparkly Figure)
    • Linked to from EC's Facebook.
  • September 10th: Cheshire Cat's first tweet (not discovered yet). [13]
  • September 12th
    • "WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 2". [14] (The mermaid)
    • High-contrast mermaid video. [15]
    • Linked to from Zack's twitter.
  • September 15th:"WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 3". [16] (A man in a suit).
  • September 16th: Hercule Poirot's first blog post (not discovered yet). [17]

Act 1

    September 17th: The game begins. 
  • The Grave Announcement appears as a banner on TV Tropes, which is linked to the video: [18].
  • "Quick Update" [19]: Joe gets his first threatening letter.
  • Troper activity:
    • Tropers create the thread to complain about the dramatic nature of the "grave" announcement. It eventually becomes the ARG thread.
    • Tropers are musing on TV Tropes ARG page. Somebody was leaving hints to Zalgo there. It was later changed to "Please reveal the truth", but it was edited out by Dana with a comment that it's unrelated to the ARG.
    • Tropers gradually tune in and start playing. Meanwhile, the date changes.

    September 18th 
  • "WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 4". [20] (Cerberus, Plague doctors)
  • Dana has announced: "This ARG won't involve edits to the wiki pages past making announcements."
  • Tropers are still arguing and watching videos, starting to speculate.

    September 19th: tropers start planting Epileptic Trees. 
  • Tropers begin to analyze Joe's videos:
    • Chainmail Dude: a guy in a chainmail walks into an elevator, minding his own business. This Character turns out to be Don Quixote.
      • No hidden content
      • Theories:
        1. Edward I
    • Sparkly figure (Date in Park): some sparkly man runs past a couple in a park.
      • No hidden content
      • Theories:
        1. Twilight vampire
        2. Link
        3. Mario or just somebody with an invincibility powerup.
        4. Somebody running away from fairies.
    • Mermaid (High-contrast version): a mermaid-like figure just barely captured by the video.
      • No hidden content
      • Theories:
        1. A mermaid
        2. A kitsune
        3. A merrow
    • Suited figure: a tall (still, not unnaturally tall) man in a nice suit with an umbrella.
      • Sent by Steve; no more information about the sender.
      • No hidden content
      • Theories:
        1. Slender Man. Somewhat undermined by the figure's more natural height and the umbrella. Still, the most popular theory.
        2. A vampire.
        3. Rorschach
        4. Death figure from Edward Gorey's "Gashlycrumb Tinies" [21] (Suggested at 24th September)
    • Cerberus: a badly distorted video with a 3-headed dog guarding a door.
      • Sent from the email "|h@t3D.oG2" (yes, it does not make sense) - may be read as "I hate dog too" / "I hate dogs".
      • This was later shown to be sent by CHESHIRE CAT, which kind of explains it not making sense.
    • Plague doctors: two people drive around the neighbourhood and notice the two (?) plague doctors. One of them tips a hat to them.
      • Joe has mentioned "Thanks to Zack for the other video", probably meaning that one.
      • Somebody has found suspicious that the girl mentions "all the flowers out here", as no flowers are seen in the video.
      • No hidden content.
      • Theories:
        1. Together with the Slender Man, somebody has noticed connections to the Fear Mythos.

    September 20th 
  • rEALITY eNDS is found watching Mr. Administrator's account (I think). Everyone is busy with the videos, and pays no attention so far.
  • Tropers are analyzing the Cerberus video further.
    • After frame-by-frame analysis, 3 sets of hidden letters were found: [22]. The phrase was read as "@A clever yam and cooked bat".
    • Cheshire Cat has reacted to the phrase, and linked to the thread in his twitter.
    • After a pause, a suggestion was made to separate the letters by font. It resulted in "@Averymadcat" and "CleanoOkedB". The first one turned out to be Cheshire Cat's twitter account. Cheshire Cat is found.
  • When asked about "CleanoOkedB", the Cheshire Cat dismissed it as leftover nonsense. [23]
  • When asked about the Plague Doctors, the Cheshire Cat tweets a piece of Doctor Foster rhyme. [24]
  • The tropers are not sure what to do with the Cheshire Cat and start analyzing the Joe's cat video.
    • Dryunya is messing around with the audio. Separating the audio channels, he finds what he thinks is screaming "Help", and freaks out. Still, the neither the audio, nor the video did not contain any clues.
    • The screaming is dismissed by tropers as "meow". After a while, the video is forgotten.
  • Meanwhile, rEALITY is brought up once again, and starts to interact with the tropers.
    • Somebody has noticed similarities between rEALITY and Joe. It was supposed that rEALITY is Joe's Superpowered Evil Side, which has appeared after Joe cracked the 4th wall.
    • At one point, he speaks with the Cheshire Cat, appending a #wOOF hashtag. Before that, he was showing interest in finding the cat. The tropers have began hatching a theory that he might be Cerberus from the video, and it just went downhill from there.
    • Cheshire Cat has noticed that the tropers are taking too much interest in rEALITY, and dropped a vague hint that he is an imposter. The tropers didn't get the hint, but distracted and went reviewing older videos.
  • Chainmail Dude = Edward The First hypothesis is proposed.

    September 21st 
  • Mr. Administrator acknowledges the discovery of the Cheshire Cat, and points out that there are no persons of interest at that time (another attempt to get the game back on track). [25]
  • @DewdropsDoSeek attracts attention as another follower of the characters. Gets dismissed pretty quickly, as she was following an account obtained by blatant WMG. Still, sticks around.
  • Mr. Administrator tweets that the destruction of the fourth wall may have grave consequences for both worlds. Or it may not. [26]
  • Chit-chat with the Cheshire Cat.
  • Mr. Administrator dismissed the cat video as "Just a video about his cat, with terrible music". [27]
  • Mr. Administrator tweets that we have proved our usefullness, and that the next assignment is coming. [28]
  • It is noted that Mr. Administrator sidesteps the questions about the reasons and location of the wall's decay.
  • Joe responds to the flood of emails & comments. [29] (I have intermittent Youtube access, please correct and update if anything is wrong):
    • Shocked at the new wave of subscribers.
    • Refuses to forward the email from the Cheshire Cat as asked, citing privacy, but promises to make everything public domain from now on.
    • Apparently has seen Mr. Administrator's announcement and the thread. Denies to be a part of ARG - "why would anyone make an ARG about me?"
  • Mr. Administrator has requested physical tropers' addresses, so send "physical spam" (sic!). [30]
  • Updating on the addresses, Mr. Admisistrator said that giving the them was not neccessary, and the physical materials are "merely supplemental". The confusion was written on instantiation 06-15-15-12 ("FOOL"), which was promptly taken care of. [31]
  • Mr. Administrator replied to the word "Gurt" with mad laughter. [32]
  • @Gate2Wonderland was noted for following the characters. Not acting for now.
  • "WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 5". [33] (Joe receives another warning letter, Cinderella breaks into reality)
    • The last line of letter explicitly said "Desine iam nec mori". First assumed to be Japanese, it's Latin for "Stop now or you shall die".
    • The Cinderella video was noted for having no sound, but no hidden content was found.
  • rEALITY was suspected to be the sender of the death threat.
  • After an extended cryptic twitter conversation, rEALITY has sent a jigsaw puzzle. The name (Twelfth Labor) has been attributed to Hercules myths (note that the twelfth labour of Hercules was the capturing of Cerberus).
    • Everyone is busy reconstructing the image.
    • The assembled image shows Cerberus with text "We are all slaves to these laws. rEALITY has cemented himself as Cerberus by now.
  • Alice was put into the equation, as she was thought to be the guardian of the 4th wall gate. The tropers are trying to understand the big picture. Lots of Epileptic Trees.
  • @OneirosObserver has entered the picture, being the one-man Omniscient Council of Vagueness. Minds are starting to crack.
  • Dana is forced to announce that the characters not acknowledged by Mr. Administrator within 24 hours of their discovery are not related to the ARG. This leaves Cheshire Cat as the only fictional character found so far.
    • Soon after, rEALITY has confessed to being another player.
  • The tropers are ashamed and are busy sorting the information.
  • The tropers start analyzing the Cinderella video, for no avail.

    September 22nd 
  • Joe has agreed to scan the letters. He couldn't give Sarah's contacts, but she mentioned that Cinderella incident happened somewhere in New York.
  • The Cheshire Cat is starting to play riddles.
    1. "A little bit of this, a little more of that, I'm at the start of all, and in the middle of a cat". Answer: "A". [34]
    2. "One day I may find myself waffling about, but I know that if I do, I'll find myself quite stout". Answer: "Belgian". [35] (That was a hard one) The cat has left, and the tropers are starting to put the phrase together and look for Belgian fictional characters. A Thread Hopper has mentioned Hercule Poirot for the first time.
    3. "A new type of riddle. My goodness, are you impressed? Oh, what a flexible form. Never boring. Guess, guess!" Answer: "Among" (assembled from the capital letters). [36]
    4. "What do absinthe, theology, and aesthetics have in common?" Answer: "The". Duh. [37]
    • At that point, "A Belgian among the..." was googled, and blog titled "A Belgian among the English" was found and examined. The username "saintofdeduction", as well as other facts (heritage, moustache, deduction, etc) suggested Hercule Poirot again.
      • Mr. Administrator acknowledges the discovery of the blog.metagaming 
      • A stray placeholder post (that was soon deleted) has explicitly pointed to Poirot as the owner. Hercule Poirot is found.
      • A similarity was noted between cat's twitter ("I am a cat with too much time on my paws") and Poirot's blog ("I am just a short little man with too much time on his hands").
      • The blog states that Claire Widdecombe provides the house to Poirot. She is assumed to be a real person, but nothing particular was found.
  • Cheshire Cat suggests trying to guess his riddle, now that the answer was found. No results (and probably no point). [38]
  • Out of the blue, a suggestion is made to create new fictional characters to guard the wall. Mr. Administrator accepts the idea. The stories are to be mailed to him ( [39]
    • Busy, multiple-page-spanning discussion on the subject.
    • The name "metaguards" becomes generally accepted for the 4th wall guardians.
    • Mr. Administrator asked not to write about the cracks in the wall, because that may produce more cracks. [40]
  • A person at Unfiction receives a message from Mr Administrator saying the spam package will contain three items of importance. [41]

    September 23rd 
  • "puppets.mp4" [42] is published on Joe's account. Joe's whereabouts are unknown. Tropers are attempting to contact him and his friend, who turned up in comments to "WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 4".
  • Somewhere about that time, the scanned (photographed) letters were found (but were uploaded before the puppets). The only thing definite so far is that the handwriting is different in both of them. The first one also appears to be written in Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe style.
  • Analyzing the puppets video:
    • Video is pretty usual by itself, but the left puppet's eye is moving.
    • The audio is a series of beeps and clicks, and was first associated with Morse Code. And extended analysis proved inconclusive, and was eventually stopped. The alledged message in audio is still not found.
    • The background noise in "puppets.mp4" is speculated to be SSTV. This is probably a dead end.
    • The puppets in "puppets.mp4" are discovered to be versions of Spejbl and Hurvinek, a famous Czech comedy duo.
  • The puppet video was tweeted by @TVTropesNews and Tom (note that Tom is not in character).
  • Victin has played a game of riddles with the Cheshire Cat: if the cat can't solve the riddle in time, he disclosed his location. The cat agrees.
    • The riddle is as follows: "*drinks tea* A tricky cat, you are. What could I give you? In the end, literally, geez. what am I doing? emiTelddiR#"
    • The cat loses, and, being true to the deal, tweets that he is on Earth. [43]
  • Hercule Poirot posts in his blog about his landlord's cat dying. It is speculated that this is somehow related to the Cheshire Cat, but he was confirmed to be tweeting after the post went up.
  • Joe posts WTF episode 6.
    • Joe looks worried, talks in half-whisper close to the camera, wears no glasses. The video contains several cut-outs right in Joe's speech.
    • He is freaked out by the letters he's been getting. He refuses to open the new ones, though, because "whatever is happening with these characters is cool and scary, and these letters are boring and stupid."
    • He confirms that "puppets.mp4" is his: it was taken at a trip to an antique shop in Prague and says that the video was actually the reason he started the web series.
    • At 2:10, a sound can be heard, that some tropers have interpreted as Joe's cat meowing. Cheshire Cat reacts to it with "Methinks I heard another cat..." [44]
  • Mr. Administrator imposes a time limit on writing the metaguards, as the cracks in the wall are widening. [45]
  • Tropers are back to work on the guardians.
  • Due to a typo (Limited -> Limeted), the concept of Lime Man is born. He quickly becomes the ARG's Memetic Badass. ("Protecting the Fourth Wall one fictional character at a time with an array of citrus-based weaponry")
  • It is noted that Zack hasn't been tweeting since September 13th.
  • twelfth works out the man in "WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 3" is from Gashlycrumb Tinies. [46]

    September 24th 
  • First metaguards are being submitted.
  • Hercule Poirot posts that he has found a mouse, that presumably died around the same time as the cat. Both the cat and the mouse have no external wounds, the cause of death remains unknown. [47]
  • The Cheshire Cat asks a riddle: "Six in seven you can feed me, Just raise my arm so they can see, Until empty my belly be. What am I?". Answer: "Mailbox". [48]
  • The folks at Unfiction receive the first of the spam packages. [49]
    • The sender of the package is Mark Wallnau, Zack's dad.
    • The package contains:
      • A letter from Mark [50]. In his letter, Mark says that he is sending the packages as per the instructions of his ex-employer (Mr. A). He specifically mentions to trust Mr. Administrator at his own risk, as he is a Manipulative Bastard. That bit is written by hand, as Mark says Mr. Administrator would know if he typed it.
      • A CD with the following contents:
        1. a message from Mr. Administrator (that seems to be identical to the grave announcement). Mark wrote in his letter that Mr. Administrator may have included cryptic messages in it.
        2. Series of images (see the analysis below).
      • A comic book with the same images.

    September 25th 
  • Analyzing the images (see the Shards page)
  • The phrases "in the neverending void" and "a bright white light" were assembled from sets of numbers in the image file names, supporting the theory that they are to form a sentence. Together they encompass all image names yet received.
  • Mr. Administrator tweets that the early packages are "for recruitment purposes". Those already involved are going to get additional materials. [51]
  • Mr. Administrator notices Mark's hand-written note in his letter, and is not amused. [52]
  • Cheshire Cat tweets "Oh deary me, I'm in pieces. #whoshatteredthelookingglass". This probably confirms that the orange cat in the comic is him. [53]
  • The Cheshire Cat answers to a music video sent to him with a link to the Frontier Psychiatrist music video. This has turned out to be Foreshadowing (see below).
  • Gurt the Lime-man is submitted as the guardian. And There Was Much Rejoicing.
  • Joe posts "WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 7" [54].
    • The video only contains information about more threat letters. Joe is frustrated, but is not going to stop. (Again, Joe is not wearing glasses.) The letters are:
      • "Back off".
      • "Leave us alone".
      • "You are on thin ice".
      • "You press your luck". This letter gets some screen time - the paper seems to be of low quality.
      • "Welcome to Hogwarts". There is more to the letter (the other side also contains text), but Joe doesn't read it.
  • Cheshire Cat said that he sent the Hogwarts letter as a joke. He also mentions some "mean, mean people" that write to Joe again. [55]
  • Theory: the characters from the other side of the wall are running from something (possibly dangerous to the fictional world itself). The letters are from those who don't want to be returned.
  • 2 new posts from Hercule Poirot. [56], [57]
    • The cat's and mouse's death was a gas leak from a pipe leading to a stove in an abandoned part of the building. It turned out that Arthur Lincoln (real name Jack Mason), a staff member, was making crack in the house's basement in industrial quantities. He was arrested soon after being exposed.
    • Some politics: Poirot is compelled to reply on a political paper by Pieter Verhaeren. (Add if you find anything relevant)
  • Metaguard submission is closed. [58]
  • Forum members have agreed to make the full title of the game "The Wall Will Fall", after the original Easter Egg.
  • Just for Fun, the tropers are transforming into their metaguard-selves.

    September 26th 
  • Feetontheceiling [60] and his/her (edit) friend [61] both receive a package with the following contents:
    • The envelope with a faint image of Mr. Administrator on it. Feetontheceiling's had a hand-written "225" on it: [62] (It seems to be a postal marking, as other envelopes have nothing of the kind)
    • Everything from the first package - the shards and their image names are identical to the unfiction package. Mark's letter is a little different, but the gist remains unchanged. The handwritten note is there, too.
    • A piece of paper containing a URL fragment. These are different in both letters. See the Shards page for all fragments found to date.
  • More packages start to arrive. The tropers are assembling the URL.
  • Zack retweets a post linked to an interview of the Echo Chamber team[63]. It's mostly about seasons 1 & 2, and no definite information about the ARG.
  • Hercule Poirot has posted about him becoming a private detective after his success with the cat's "case" [64]. The tropers have already requested him to investigate Cheshire Cat and Joe's videos.

    September 27th 
  • Shards page is created, containing the comic and URL fragments.
  • Theory: the the comicbook image file names are supposed to be read as "Bright white light in the neverending void", thus making the package self-sufficient. Therefore, there aren't going to be any new comicbook shards (so far, all the tropers were receiving duplicate ones).
  • The Wall Will Fall ARG page is up as a placeholder.
  • More packages are arriving.
  • Not expecting to receive any more comic book shards (they were identical so far), the tropers are starting to assemble the ones they have, besides the URL pieces.
  • Mr. Administrators is requesting some tropers' confirmation to release their metaguard fiction under Creative Commons not-for-profit license. No word on the chosen ones so far.
  • Hercule Poirot responds to the Cheshire Cat and Joe investigation requests in a dismissive way.
  • New blog post from Poirot [65]. He is going to attend Pieter Verhaeren's (the man who he was so angry at in his last post) lecture at King’s College London to give him "a piece of his mind". Google returns nothing discernible on Pieter Verhaeren's name.

    September 28th 
  • Adell farts around with pieces of a URL for 5 hours.
  • The comicbook shards have been assembled in every conceivable way. It is confirmed that when assembled as-is, the comic says "User: WTF Average Joe".
    • Speculations about whether or not Joe is related to the cracks in the wall.
  • The tropers get more suspicious about Mr. Administrator, and start wondering if the metaguards are subject to misuse.
  • Hercule Poirot blogs about his new case: a missing person named Leslie Okogwu.
  • Some progress is made in assembling the URL: [66]. First attempts to guess the address are made, unsuccessfull so far.
  • The guardians have been chosen [67], and their leader is none other than Gurt the Lime Man (backed by instantiation 05-07-07-19 (EGGS)).
  • Joe posts an announcement:
    • He has received the same comic book as everyone, and is angry for "directing everyone right at him". (?)
    • That, along with 97 threatening letters, has scared him into getting the hell out of dodge.
    • In the meantime, he has set up a new forum for news, speculation, and general weirdness.
    • Joe is not going to stop, as seeing his life threatened made him realize that what he's doing really is important.
  • There is some confusion about whether or not to abandon the thread for the newly-opened forum.
  • The tropers note that Mr. Administrator is becoming increasingly quirky.
  • Dana tweets "And so it begins" [68], and Cheshire Cat tweets that "The curtain falls on Act One" soon after [69].

Act 2

    September 29th 
  • Yankee White has assembled the URL: [70]. It points to a new blog [71], that was started on 25th of September (note that first packages were sent on 24th).
    • The blog belongs to a psychiatrist from Boston. It is dedicated to the applications of social media in psychiatry.
    • The second post mentions an "interesting patient". More information to come.
  • New post from the psychiatrist. [72]
    • First details about her patient: an unidentified middle-aged man who appeared out of nowhere.
      • After his update (below), Mr. Administrator has pointed to the patient , not to the psychiatrist, as the person of interest.
    • The psychiatrist intends to use crowdsourcing in some way.
    • More details are promised around October 1.
  • Slender Man [73] was seen stalking Joe's Youtube account. The character seems fake, but was registered shortly before the ARG. Debunked by Mr. Administrator.
  • An update from Mr. Administrator on Youtube: [74] (which is probably the first time he was so direct)
    • He can't answer (Exact Words) why the characters appear in reality, and whether they do by accident or by their own will.
    • The characters are violating the stability of the metaverse, and must be sent back.
    • The means of sending the characters back are yet unknown, and require research.
    • "(Grins) Oh, and one more thing. Many of you are wondering who we are. Nice try..."
  • A new post from Hercule Poirot [75]. He has agreed to meet Pieter Verhaeren to discuss his political views, but Pieter didn't come to the appointment, which has only angered Poirot further. He also found out how to find Leslie Okogwu, who was a lowly drug dealer.
  • The Cheshire Cat has posted a riddle (?): "Kits, cats, sacks, and wives...with this number of characters, who survives?" Discussion is ongoing.
    • The cat has (probably) denied this being an actual riddle, because it doesn't have his trademark #riddletime hashtag.
  • Mr. Administrator tweeted to the Cheshire Cat that his motivation is to get the characters back behind the wall, not to hurt them.
  • Ongoing discussion on whether or not to leave the old thread for the new forum.
  • Mr. Administrator has received a new Fan Nickname "Cake", as his previous nicknames were proved untrue (He is not the Administrator of everything, and not the Unsmiler, as he did smile).
  • Theory: Mr. Administrator is the wall himself, or he is synchronized with the wall.
  • Joe has responded on the forum about his own URL piece. He thinks there is nothing more to do with it, now that the URL is assembled, which is considered Word of God on the subject.
  • Forum discussion about the theoretical monster on the other side of the wall, who may be scaring the characters away. The Cheshire Cat was asked about the sightings, to which he responded, as always, in an elusive manner [76].
    • One of the theories is that the cat meant Mr. Administrator in his post.
  • Not trusting Mr. Administrator, the tropers came up with the idea to use Gurt as a fictional world informer, which is somewhat undermined by the fact that it is one of Mr. A's instantiations who tweets on his behalf. Sicon112's plan involved constructing all possible Mr. A's answers, and using that to determine whether or not he would try to lie.
  • Edward's opinion on the ARG theory: both he and Joe think it's a crazy theory, but the site was dedicated to this kind of stuff, so they let it slide.

    September 30th 
  • An update from Joe: [77]. No new information. Joe is OK and haven't received any letters so far.
  • Joe has opened a site [78], which is pretty much his blog and a collection of useful links.
  • Forum discussion about the masked man on the comic book shard (who may or may not be Poirot).
  • Theory: Joe has a friend named Edward, who is the tech-savvy guy in charge of the site. Like this one.
  • Lime Man responded: there is some secrecy involved on the other side, but we may be in for some "juicy developments" soon. On a side note, he is afraid of watermelons ("they're GIGANTIC").
  • WMG on the forums.
  • Some unsuccessful attempts are made to decipher the text at the second-to-last comic shard.
  • The WMG about the interactions between the worlds have been turned into a thread for building the metaverse model [79].
  • Joe posts a letter he received that appears to be written in the language of the Dancing Men from Sherlock Holmes.
    • Using a guide, the letter was deciphered (transcript), mostly resulting in complete gibberish save for the final line of the letter: "yoU arE ouR onlY hopE joE." With Joe underlined. WMG follows on whether one of the fictional characters is actively supporting Joe now.
    • Hercule Poirot, when asked, gave a possible hint: "I do, however, recall one thing I found interesting about it. The flags were often thought to mean one thing, when they meant another."
  • Players ask for a Gurt the Lime Man emote on the forum to honor and respect him. Ask and you shall receive.

    October 1st 
  • An update from Hercule Poirot: [80]. Having run away from Poirot, Les Okogwu was killed, presumably by a man named Hefner (Professor Moore's acquaintance), who threatened him before. Poirot is gathering evidence to confirm Hefner's involvement.
    • The man known as Hefner is described as "a tallish snappily dressed man" who "carried around an instrument of blunt force in the form of a decorative cane". Suspicion arises as to whether he is the man pictured before the glowing cube on the front of the comic book.
  • Update from the psychiatrist: Subject A, Session 1.
    • The patient was living with the protesters he happened to meet, and they brought him to "help him adjust".
    • He had a foreign accent.
    • He ignored any questions about his family, his birth, and his home.
    • The patient answered questions about his personal beliefs evasively with responses like “I believe in justice” and “people deserve what they get.”
    • He eventually acknowledged that he had been wronged once, by someone important (in charge), "a long time ago". It seemed to bring up some of his painful memories.
  • Successes in cracking the dancing men message:
    • When encoded by a Vigener cipher with "Joe" as a key, the first part of the message reads: "I havE encodeV thiS letteR foR feaR oF reprisaL buT I..."
    • Final result: "I havE encodeV thiS letteR foR feaR oF reprisaL buT I feeL thE neeD tO warN yoU. thiS individuaL maY provE himselF dangerouS. pleasE staY alerT: londontaleS. ezbloG. cO."
      • Metaguards believe that the letter was sent by Arthur Moore, for what purpose we are not sure.
  • The link above lead to a blog related to Hefner (see Poirot's post above). Hefner Has been found. Soon acknowledged by Mr. Administrator.
    • The first several posts are made by user raikespeare (he was initially posting at Poirot's blog on his behalf), or James Patisson Raikes, nephew of Claire Widdicombe. He stumbled upon Hugh Hefner, who was a Fish Out of Temporal Water, but was an otherwise clever man, and decided to get him more familiar with the modern world.
    • When they first met, Hefner was disoriented, and when realized he was in London, he said that he "has to get back home". Hugh Hefner was a nickname Raikes came up with on the spot.
    • A day after, Hefner found Raikes, using his supreme deduction, to return his wallet. Raikes has allowed him to stay at his place for a while. When asked for his name, he ran with Hugh Hefner. Raikes didn't mind.
    • An update from Raikes has revealed that he didn't post on Poirot's behalf - he left logged on to Wordpress at his computer at Widdicombe residence, and Poirot happened to use his account. He eventually helped him to set up his own.
    • Finally, James handed the blog over to Hefner (username hdetectiveservice), who said he could use it to pay James back.
    • Hefner has started a detective agency [81]. He got a response in the comments a day later. The man (jmartysknight2e4) linked his instructions in a pastebin link (the paste is now deleted). He also pointed him to Les Okogwu for "everything he needs". (This turned out to be an "Opium den" two posts later)
    • Hefner's first client [82] is a girl he refers to as Sharon, who asked him to watch her boyfriend. He was promptly accused of cheating Sharon. He later had two similar cases, one of which involved a gay man (Hefner is Squicked out).
    • The next case involved the murder of Pieter Verhaeren (that zealous politician that angered Poirot so much). He was found burnt in the furnace of Hastings Hotel. A major suspect was Reynald Saint-Jerome (Poirot!), who interrupted Verhaeren during his report, and was seen in the same hotel later. Other possible evidence includes Reynald's recent appearance and a strong political motive.
      • After the interrogation of the receptionist Hefner confirmed that Reynald had enough time to commit the murder. However, the recklessness of such a crime baffles Hefner, and he decides to gather more evidence.
  • Theory: Hugh Hefner is Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Moore is Moriarty (maths connection). Moriarty sent the dancing men to play Hercule Poirot and Holmes against each other.
    • Metaguards run with this theory, and try to convince both Poirot and Hefner that Arthur Moore is setting them both up for murders. Both seem responsive to wanting to hear our thoughts, but whether they'll believe us or not has yet to be seen.
    • Hefner has made a hurried post before tropers could get through his suspicions: "Oh God no; I have little time! My roommate James has informed that authorities are looking for me. I cannot stop; I must fly! Forgive my rudeness!" Only time will tell if Moore's plans have succeeded or not.
    • After being informed of the police coming his way and demanding to know the contents of the encrypted letter, Poirot has also gone on the run. Things are looking bleak for both detectives.
      • One of the meta-theories is that it was going to happen anyway, and the tropers' overly dedicated involvement has only sped up the events.
    • Sicon112 realizes that the username of the person who referred "Hefner" to Les is jmartysknight2e4, which he theorizes stands for James Moriarty's Knight to E4. He panics.
      • After discussing this with the other Metaguards, Adell attempts to challenge Moore to a game of chess through the jmarty commenter.
  • Another cryptic update [83] by Cheshire Cat. Speculations:
    • Related to Edward's post about hiring moderators for the forum.
    • The game needs more players.
    • The game needs Puppetmasters to manage the load.
  • An ARGN article about the game [84] is tweeted by Tom.
  • The psychiatrist tweets about her cats [85]. (Seriously, more cats?) The cats' names are Carl and Jung - pretty fitting for a psychiatrist.

    October 2nd 
  • Metaguards continue to speculate on and worry about Hercule Poirot and Hefner. Some members offer themselves to take mod positions on Joe's forum.
  • Tropers bring up the Echo Chamber season 1 finale, where Zack visited the White Void. Attempts were made to incorporate Zack into the metaverse model, but Mr. Administrator denied inquiries as "distracting from more pressing matters" [86]. In the next tweet [87] he said that Zack is not related to the crisis at hand ("The crisis he created is unrelated").
    • Transitively, Mr. A is assumed by some (namely, me =]) to be unrelated to the wall's decay, if his update is trustworthy, as Zack's departure and Mr. A's infinite-layered retcon are related.
  • The psychiatrist has admitted to looking similar to the woman on one of the comic book shards, that was shown to her earlier, which is more evidence that the shards mainly show persons of interest, and possibly what happened to make the wall break.
  • A Lime Badge was made available on the badge shop for those who feel like showing off their involvement in the ARG.
  • Metaguards discuss inviting the Cheshire Cat to the WTF forums and tweet invitations to him to go to this thread. The Cat sounds vaguely interested, but is equally vague on whether or not he will accept.
    • There is now a new forum member going by the username AVeryMadCat. This is very likely to be the Cat.
  • The Official Drinking Game is created. Several players are lost to alcohol poisoning.

    October 3rd 
  • Edward announces the new WTF Forum moderators. The players congratulate Adell and JackAlsworth on their promotion.
  • Too busy playing the drinking game, the metaguards failed to notice this blog entry by Joe. Players immediately connect the news article to thiscomic shard. Looks like the Wicked Witch of the West has entered reality.
  • In the meantime, MindsNMatters leaves us many cat posts, which the metaguards also missed. Players involved in the drinking game must take a drink for each post.
    • The second cat (Carl) seemed to have opposable thumbs, which is pretty suspicious (but not completely unrealistic), and a requirement for a Funny Animal.
  • New session from the psychiatrist [88]:
    • The patient was born in London.
    • His friends and family have died a long time ago, but he talks about them in an indifferent manner.
    • He sounds like a Well-Intentioned Extremist, with phrases like "I expected everything to be different", "People will never live the lives they are meant to unless they wake up to the world as it really is".
    • He hopes his protests will "wake people up" and "make them take action".
    • A user MikeCharlie commented on the entry: "I don't think he's an anti hero. Call me crazy, but I think he reminds me of a certain protagonist from a certain post-apicalyptic (sic!) science fiction book that I am certain was not written by Dr. Huxley. In fact, some people following this blog may have even been born on this “date.”" The username is not listed among the forum users, and the eponymous twitter account is unrelated. The tropers may have received a clue.
  • Adell used his mod privileges to attach sticky notes in the characters' respective forum sections.
  • Joe posts The Story So Far, a record of events up until this point from his point of view.
  • An update from Hefner [89].
    • Hefner has confessed to being Sherlock Holmes, transferred into our realm by means unknown to him.
    • He mocks Beam Me Up, Scotty! and Iconic Outfit.
    • Most importantly, he has found out Hercule Poirot's whereabouts, and intends to settle the score tonight.
  • A riddle from the Cheshire Cat [90]: "When you switch container all around, how can you get a horse?" Answer: "Rocinante".
    • Before the answer was given, Mr. Administrator, slightly annoyed at some players' allegations that he was not being straightforward enough, gives us another Twitter account, this one appearing to belong to Don Quixote [91].
      • He has been posting since September 29, using an iPhone he happened to find.
      • So far, he has some new clothes and, probably, money (a reward for stopping a robber).
      • He has lost his suit of armor, and is now looking for it.
      • Upon being shown the Chainmail Guy video, Don Quixote immediately recognized himself.
      • It is unknown how he managed to use his iPhone for 3 days without a charger, but he was instructed to buy one, and so he did.
      • He is unaware of his fictional nature, and thinks everyone around is speaking Spanish.
      • By the end of the day, he started accepting avatars of himself, as he was still using a default one.

    October 4th 
  • A new post by Hercule Poirot [92]:
    • He really is Poirot, and he was hiding his identity in order not to look mad.
    • The apartment Sherlock Holmes found was a decoy, where Poirot left a message for him.
    • Holmes' raiding his apartment has undermined Poirot's trust.
    • Poirot is going to leave for France, but first he is planning to send "something else" to Holmes. Things are about to get ugly.
  • Don Quixote has found a Burger King in Seattle. They have "knighted" him on the condition that he never comes back.
    • Sicon112 has sent Quixote to a library in the hope that it will keep him out of trouble for a while...and also for laughs.
  • Sherlock Holmes has entered Hercule Poirot's decoy apartment. [93]
  • The Cheshire Cat has tweeted a link to The Police - Message In A Bottle music video [94], and started another #RiddleTime.
    • Riddle: "Her queenly sister's land above her own, she was the tenth the royal crown disowned."
      • Hint: "Do you all need a hint? There is one of fifty I can give you..." Answer: Virginia.
    • Riddle: "The seeds of stones lay across me in great number. Beneath my salted heart may lie treasure, deep in slumber." Answer: Beach.
    • Follow-up: "36.859672,-75.977283. Oh, sorry, I just suddenly felt like counting in the oddest way." The coordinates point to the Neptune statue on Virginia Beach.
    • The cat adds more on the forum due to twitter's limitations:expand 
      • The riddle is thought to refer to this statue, though it appears that further investigation may require actually visiting it.
  • Tom has tweeted a link to Story Forward Podcast mentioning the ARG [95].
  • A tweet from Zack: [96].
  • Mr. Administrator has proposed "Quixote-proofing" reality with warning messages. [97]
  • Annoyed by our suspicions, Sherlock Holmes makes a post about his client [98]:
    • He is referred to as Elias Stein, he is a Dutchman, has a discernible accent.
    • He met him in the Cheshire Pub (!), Stein had "dark clothing, bowler hat, tinted spectacles and a great orange beard". Wore gloves. He also noticed that the suit may have been bought a day before.
    • He was frightened to see Holmes.
    • He kept wiping his mouth with a napkin from Cafe Nero (which is the working place of Raikes, and it's also close to the King's College, where Poirot attended the lecture).
    • Was quite suspicious.
    • He was about to fly to America, and was only giving the case "avenge a friend and colleague".
    • Holmes was certain that he wasn't Moriarty.
    • The tropers have began their investigation. A connection was found between Dutch chessmaster Elias Stein, Dutch defense and "Knight to e4". The theory about Stein being Cheshire Cat is not proven so far.
  • Don Quixote gets to the library. Along with his own books, he gets "The Complete Sherlock Holmes".
    • He is also unable to see the pages of his book as anything other than blank. The librarian, however, claims to be able to read them fine.
  • Gurt has apologized for having let the Wicked Witch through.
  • To solve the last Cheshire Cat riddle, the tropers are looking for someone close to Virginia Beach. Mr. Administrator has confirmed that physical interactions may be required over the course of the ARG. So did the cat during his Q&A below.
  • The psychiatrist has confirmed that her both cats are polydactyl, and posted some more photos (no details found in them so far).
  • Soon after, Cheshire Cat got bored and started taking questions. Nothing direct, as expected, but these [99] [100] tweets may hint that he is telling us to concentrate on the cats.

    October 5th 
  • Don Quixote has given up on his armor. He is currently experimenting with his phone to discover its functions.
    • He has found some information about its previous owner. He was fixated on some woman. Don Quixote is willing to investigate it further.
  • New post from the therapist [101]:
    • The patient is referred to as BB.
    • When the therapist came across the topic of interactions with women, he grew distant and said: "they stay with you, don't they? Even when they're gone, they're still in your head. They never leave." After that, he started talking about death and how it's a relief and how everyone deserves to die.
    • Theory: the patient is Sweeney Todd (Benjamin Barker being his real name).
  • New post from Sherlock Holmes [102]:
    • He has set up a decoy apartment, and followed Hercule Poirot after he tried to search it.
    • Poirot was going to Paris on a ship. Holmes is about to follow him by some other means.
  • Hercule Poirot has arrived in Paris and is working on a new case: the murder of French aristocrat Comte Pierre de Cavaignac [103]. (Wall of Text warning!)
    • Poirot responds so Sicon112's request for the time of death, confirming that the victim died during the party.
    • At the same time, a new thread is created to begin the analysis of the evidence.
    • IslaKariese notes on the thread that there is a discrepancy between the number of guests Poirot covers in the blog post and the number that he claimed were present. Poirot has yet to respond to a query on the subject. Adell suspects it might be the benefactor that is having Poirot investigate.

    October 6th 
  • Tom has tweeted a link to Nick Farrell's [104] "hummingbird" video. This is the same man who posted the mermaid video, and his other ones give a creepy vibe. Investigating.
    • The hummingbird video has some unusual sound at the end [105]. Still no direct clues, but the youtube channel got itself a few subscribers.
  • The Don Quixote's "knighting" incident has attracted the police's attention, according to the newspaper posted at Joe's blog: [106]
    • On the back of the article, two ads were found [107]. One is from The Wicked Witch of the West, looking for a campaign manager. The other links to
      • Mr. Administrator has instructed to contact the witch, but dismissed the blog: "IT PRESENTS AN INTERESTING THEORY, BUT APPEARS UNRELATED"
  • Hercule Poirot has updated the comments on his last post:
    • The discrepancy between the number of guests was just a typo. There were 9 guests and the wife.
    • The beneficiaries of Pierre's will were mostly his wife and his business ventures. However there was "a small allocation given to Valerie de Blois which was not described well".
    • Acknowledging that he is treated as a fictional figure in our world, he does not see himself as such. Judging by his comment, he was pulled into our reality right after Death on the Nile, at which point he suffered a short-term Laser-Guided Amnesia.
  • First applications are sent to the Wicked Witch's email.
    • Replies from the witch included a link to
      • Judging by the blog, she has landed somewhere in the US (she happened to witness an election debate).
      • She is now campaigning for Wizard (President) - the application to which Tropers are replying is for Campaign Manager.
      • During the preliminaries for the position of the Witch's Campaign Manager, VicariousShaner, in an attempt to get the Witch's trust, hints that he will betray the rest of the applicants as members of a group trying to bring the Witch back to Oz, and Sicon112 posts in-character to attempt to protect himself and his chances for the post. This devolves into a giant Wall of Text and a Gambit Pileup between the two, with Shaner revealing Sicon's post of the witch's e-mail and Sicon managing to hold his own by diffusing the accusation. Eventually, both Adell and the Witch ask what they are doing and tell them to shut up. Shaner and Sicon congratulate each other on their duel and begin to theorize that Adell is the Witch.
  • Don Quixote is, apparently, going to "slay" the Hammering Man statue.
  • Sherlock Holmes has arrived in Paris, and, upon discovering that Hercule Poirot has begun work on another case, has begun to give credence to the Troper's insistence that Poirot is a fellow detective. He is currently looking for a way to make peaceful contact with him. And There Was Much Rejoicing.
  • Sherlock Holmes posted on his blog about his new case. An investment banker was accused of misusing company funds on a bad investment and then covering it up. She was fired before she could research the possibility that she was framed. Sherlock acquired a couple of pages from the report that implicates her guilt, and is now looking for evidence that it was tampered with.

    October 7th 
  • During the discussion of the Wicked Witch's promotion, this image popped up on Cracked. Just a coincidence, but the tropers got amused.
  • Tom's website [108] is officially unrelated to the ARG (and don't ask how I found that out).
  • Mr. Administrator has approved interacting with the fictites beyond the scope of "mission". By now, he has some theories on sending the characters back, and is now verifying them.
  • Don Quixote has been released from something called a 'Drunk Tank' after heroically attempting to save two citizens from the Hammering Man.
  • Sherlock Holmes has apparently found the culprit behind his economic fraud case. He believes that the banker's name was put onto the document with the use of "find and replace" function, which could be done under a minute by somebody who used the computer when the owner wasn't looking. [109]
  • A new post from Hercule Poirot [110]:
    • He went to the Ermitage school, where he found Paul du Bois, the illegitimate child of Valerie and Comte Pierre de Cavaignac, who was supported by his parents in secret.
    • Pierre visited him recently and told him the truth, and also mentioned something about righting old wrongs to him. That may be related to the announcement he was about to make at the party.
    • Today, Valerie was reported missing. She didn't pack her belongings and didn't warn any of her relatives.
    • At her house, a fax was found that stated her removal from Pierre's will.
    • Poirot finally agreed to meet with Sherlock Holmes, on his conditions.
  • Accela has gone to the Neptune Statue and has taken pictures [111].
  • The psychiatrist has left her notebook at the North End restaurant [112]. Having tweeted about it the second time, she attracted the tropers' attention.
    • Sicon has deduced the restaurant by the dish she was eating. It is located on Fleet Street, which is also hinting at Sweeney Todd.
  • Joe has posted a brief update [113]. He is still on the run, and is still receiving the letters. He is about to post a new video.

    October 8th 
  • Don Quixote is going to spend the day reading Holmes and Poirot books.
  • Hercule Poirot has solved his murder case [114]: The wife is the instigator, and Valerie is a murderer. See the post for details.
  • Sherlock Holmes has solved his fraud case as well [115], reinstating Maureen on her job. His next task is contacting Hercule Poirot.
  • 2 new posts from the therapist (which were initially posted in reverse order):
    • The therapist has received a voice mail from her patient, where he confesses to violent crimes. He sent a follow-up message later, claiming that he was drunk. The therapist intends to contact the police for BB's evaluation.
    • Meanwhile, she called BB's place, and his mentor claimed BB to be a model citizen. The therapist has contacted a detective from Europe to investigate the patient's personality and past. This post was eventually deleted, and restored about 10 hours later.
  • The Tropers prepare to begin the Play-By-Post RPG they cooked up in Off Topic using their forum avatars as their characters.
  • Mr. Administrator has confirmed that the therapist's notebook needs to be retrieved, and that there may be a party working against us.
  • The Cheshire Cat's riddle has finally borne fruit! Troper Thewhiteknight went to the statue in Virginia Beach and found a message in a bottle, [116] leading to Long John Silver's twitter [117].
    • He's upset we didn't help him sooner. His ship was sinking, and he had to ROW all the way from Australia to Japan, where he is currently located.

    October 9th 
  • Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot have agreed on the time and place to meet: Le Jules Verne (inside the freaking Eiffel Tower, October 10th, 15:00 local time.
  • The forum thread has reached 99 pages, and posters are getting excited to reach 100. Constructive posts resume after Fast Eddie tells posters to cut it out.
  • Pixelmage, with some meta-thinking, uncovering 3 new blogs. Not mentioning them to the fellow tropers, he contacted the puppetmasters.
    • Later that evening, Joe posted an update [118], which was soon confirmed by Mr. Administrator. The blogs are:
    • The blog of some actress named Tara Coulson [122] may or may not be related.
  • Romeo and Juliet's blogs are paired.
    • They both have ended up in our world, and were presumably hosted by a university (a "temple of knowledge", with one of the students' age being 21 - note that both characters are in their teens, but Younger Than They Look). It seems to have a single-sex education.
    • Both have embraced the local communities, who introduced them to the modern world.
    • They both want to return home (at least, they did in the beginning).
    • Romeo is highly prone to Got Me Doing It, starting to speak in slang by the third post, and forwarding "funny shit I found on Reddit" to his beloved.
      • The tropers have given in to the temptation to Corrupt the Cutie, linking them to LOLCats, TV Tropes, fashion mags and whatnot.
      • More to the point, both Romeo and Juliet have emails, so Romeo was given Mr. Administrator's address to discuss their return.
  • Gulliver's blog is notable for being entirely written by hand. The transcript is here: [123]
    • He was taken to a last journey as a surgeon. His ship seemed to crash something, and he blacked out with sharp pain in his head.
    • Upon waking up Gulliver estimated his location as "roughly thirty-three degrees South and one-hundred degrees East". He found John, who told him he was caught up in a storm. John refused to tell anything about his origins.
    • They found themselves in Australia, where John, using his wit and charm, has found a job for both of them at a pirate-themed restaurant. The restaurant's owner's name is Michael.
    • Michael introduced them to some of the modern technology, including phones and the internet. While Gulliver failed to master either of them, he took an interest in blogging. John seemed to be more flexible, and he also got himself a phone somewhere.
    • Some time after, out of the blue, John persuaded Gulliver to leave for Japan on a cargo ship. They sailed for some time, staying out of sight in a box, but were knocked overboard during a storm. Both of them had to paddle, presumably a lot.
    • Having got to Japan, they were lead to a train station, where Gulliver (even being amazed at the changes since his last visit to Japan) suggested taking a train to Yedo, (modern day Tokyo) as that was a city he used to know. That's where they are now.

    October 10th 
  • Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot have met at the restaurant. [124] [125] It didn't go Exactly as Planned - Poirot was pretty stubborn. After their meeting, though, Poirot has reconstructed Holmes' deduction regarding his pince-nez, and has come to believe him.
    • At that point, it was too late, as Holmes has intended to travel to New York with the help of his benefactor. Poirot, however, contacted his benefactor to go after him to reconcile.
    • Their benefactors have also set up sites for their detective services. Perfect timing.
      • Holmes's site: [126], email:
      • Poirot's site: [127], email:
    • Poirot has also posted a final update to Pierre's case.
  • An update from the therapist [128]. The patient is all but confirmed to be Sweeny Todd.
  • Theory: Some facts may be pointing to the impending Heel-Face Turn for all negative characters.
  • A series of cryptic tweets from the Cheshire Cat, who was silent for a while. One of the clear hints is that we are to retrieve the therapist's notebook, before it gets into wrong hands.
  • The Wicked Witch has chosen her campaign managers [129].
  • An update from Juliet [130]. She grows accustomed to this world, but their relationship with Romeo is slowly falling apart.
  • Ed has proclaimed that those metaguards who have ventured into the real world for the clues are now titled Meta-knights. [131] Currently, the titles are taken by Thewhiteknight and Accela.
  • Discussing the moral dilemma about sending Romeo and Juliet to their story, where they are doomed to die, the tropers eventually expand it to all characters, initiating a discussion full of Walls Of Text.

    October 11th 
  • Having agreed that with Loads and Loads of Characters, the game is getting difficult to follow, the tropers start fleshing out the ARG page and its sub-pages to ease the introduction of the new players.
  • After the moral dilemma's discussion, an endgame plan was generally accepted, that involved fictionalizing the ARG itself (which was, coincidentally, one of the themes of Echo Chamber), thus sealing the characters behind a new fourth wall, and taking the canon into the tropers' hands to make a Happy Ending. So far, the tropers agree to play along with the plot.
  • Don Quixote is directed by the Meta Guardians to Sherlock Holmes' site, and has sent him an e-mail.
  • The Wicked Witch has revealed that she was aware of the forum and discussions of tricking her all along. The tropers freak out, Sicon slams his trap shut and trolls the witch even further, even achieving something.
  • A Troper who shall not be named here has introduced Juliet to Twilight. He will most certainly not be missed.
  • The Wicked Witch updated her blog with an example poster to use for her election/conquest. Here is the poster
  • Having lodged into a Wretched Hive, Don Quixote had his phone stolen. The "new" owner has stated to be the "proper" owner. It is unclear whether or not the phone has returned to its former owner.
  • Mr. Administrator insists to hurry up with the actions in the physical world, such as retrieving the notebook.
  • Mr. Administrator smiled at the troper who thanked him. [132]
  • Sherlock Holmes has arrived to New York, and is now working on a case of the death of Richard Bingley, a millionaire Wall Street investment banker [133].

    October 12th 
  • An update from Gulliver: [134]. He mentions a visit to the Tokyo Tower.
  • The Wicked Witch starts demanding progress in her campaign.
  • Don Quixote, having woken up, had a minor fight with the Wretched Hive owner named Tripky (he started it first), sending him unconscious.
    • Upon further examination, he was revealed to be an actual former owner of Quixote's phone.
    • Having asked the tropers about the semantics of the word "theft", Don Quixote has found himself in the middle of a moral dilemma: taking the phone back would mean stealing it from the owner, but leaving it would mean losing touch with the tropers.
    • This proved to be unnecessary: after a talk, Tripky has willingly given his phone to Don Quixote after that woman Tripky was obsessed over was brought up: expand 
  • Apparently, the therapist has been receiving creepy voice mails: [141].
  • Hercule Poirot has arrived to New York and has taken the threat case: [142].
  • Sherlock Holmes' update on his case - he met with Jane [143].
    • Don Quixote is now going to find this woman to get her together with Tripky.
  • An update from the therapist: [144]. Her patient may be on the way to Heel-Face Turn.
  • The author of one of the seemingly unrelated blogs in the domain [145] had a dream about Mr. Administrator [146]. This may or may not be trolling on the author's part. Further observation is required.

    October 13th 
  • Apparently, the tropers didn't retrieve the notebook on time [147]. This may explain why the therapist started to receive the calls (the notebook contained her phone number).
  • Edward The Awesome, realizing none of the tropers had phones, decided to call the restaurant himself in some attempt to get info on the notebook. While the book itself was taken, he managed to get the phone number of the psychiatrist, (617)-963-1519.
    • Calling the number redirected the call to a voicemail number, which was filled to the max (Ten. Really that's the max?)
    • Metaguards begin to question what to do WITH the number, seeing as they can't leave a message, and really have nothing to tell Joan (the psychiatrists real name)
    • It is eventually suggested that they try to break into the voicemail and listen to the recorded messages. This is almost universally shot down, with many claiming it to be potentially illegal.
    • One Metaguard however, Eyebones, decided he would try anyway despite players protests. Some closer examination of the number by Adell of the redirection of the number as well as the fact that, at the time, Joan should have BEEN there, Adell decided to try and help him crack the code.
    • The two succeeded, separately, and nearly the exact same time. Both figured out that the pin number to the answering machine was Jung (after one of Joan's cats). This allowed the two to listen to all of the messages. Most players were stunned. (Recording, Transcript)
      • Joe has uploaded the recording on his channel later that day: [148].
    • A new potential fictional was found in the last message: a girl claiming to be Laura Hamilton's daughter. Metaguards believe this to be Anita Blake from the Vampire Hunter series.

    October 14th 
  • Theory: Jopalopa has theorized that the woman Don Quixote is currently after is Tara Coulson (see October 9th), who happens to work as a waitress in Seattle. In that case, Tripkey may be the one hijacking her blog. Confirmed by Quixote.
    • Jopalopa has informed Tara about Quixote, but she didn't care [149].
  • Update from Juliet [150]. She is afraid that she is losing Romeo to this world, and is going to talk to him.
  • Update from Joe: [151].
    • Joe is hinting to examine the voice mail to get a clue on who the callers are.
    • In order to ease the introduction of the new players, Ed has removed the post counts, so that everyone feels more equal.
  • Cheshire Cat wakes up and gives a series of cryptic tweets. One of the most notable ones is "Four who await in that dark are [key players]" [152].
  • Gurt has registered on the forums to tell about Medusa approaching. [153] The tropers have 72 hours to come up with a story about Angel or Project Psi defeating her.
    • That post also confirmed the theory that the tropes, settings and scenarios are crossing the wall as well.
  • Mr. Administrator has determined the first step of sending the characters back. [154] It involved using an Augmented Reality app (Android and iOS devices only) to find the "echoes" of the characters' presence. Not all countries are involved.
  • Out of the blue, Everyone's a Girl on the Internet Day was proclaimed. [155] This included Madame Administrator (no, she didn't change her avatar).
  • Update from Gulliver [156]:
    • He visited a technological center, but judging by his description, he probably went to Akihabara and encountered Otakus.
    • He tried to read his own stories that he was linked to, but didn't see anything, just like Quixote (all has already experienced all those adventures, though). John didn't tell him that he could read them.
  • Not wanting to sound too crazy off the bat, the tropers suggest to the Therapist that perhaps her patient has some form of Dissociative Identity Disorder, and via a bit of tentative acting, reach the suggestion that he may, in fact, be identifying with Sweeny Todd.
  • A new post from Sherlock Holmes: apparently he was invited to the same party that Poirot recently helped protect. Although the letter was torn prior to arrival, several players discern the location to be the Plaza Hotel. Mr. Administrator immediately confirms this as a Layar hotspot.

    October 15th 
  • Don Quixote received a call from a woman named Deanna Hackins, who insisted that he should meet her ASAP in an hotel which's location she asked him not to disclose. She refused to reveal any details on the phone.
  • The Watch the Footage website is hacked by members of a group calling themselves The Cabal. At least one of them is apparantly behind the letters Joe recieved, and the disturbing voicemails left to the Therapist. They have been communicating with one another via this website (pages are accessible via the passwords 'intro1' through 'intro6')
    • At least four members of the Cabal have been confirmed to exist (All names are confirmed to be pseudonymes):
      • Angelus: The one started the sessions on the chat above to ally with the person who was sending the letters to Joe.
      • Pyramus: The second member to join.
      • Steinitz: Joined with the same intention, acquired Joe's address and suggested to mail him in the same style to make themselves known to the sender.
      • Oberon: The sender. He wants Joe gone, because he wants to stay in reality, and thinks the ends justify the means.
    • They increased the amount of letters, using different styles, to frighten Joe.
  • A former teacher and a Conspiracy Theorist has also discovered the work of the fictionals and created the following website in response (Google cache; actual site required a password).
    • Apparently, he tried to attract the attention to the situation, and the Cabal has visited him personally.
    • He thinks killing Mr. Administrator will resolve the problem, as he is behind the situation.
    • He saw somebody talk to him through a screen, and is now trying to reach him. He posted that man's number, which is currently out of service (possibly due to Sequence Breaking).
  • Lisovek has found what may be Nick Farrell's ad about his missing wife in the same newspaper where the Wicked Witch's ad was found [157].
  • Theory: Har D Har Koopa has suggested that only the written characters have been crossing due to Celebrity Paradox - a film character crossing would look like his actor, and that creates some undefined problems.

    October 16th 
  • Dryunya makes a post suggesting the possibility of responding to the Cabal's potential Olive Branch and trying to communicate with them about finding another solution to their problem.
  • Mr. Administrator has responded to Cabal's announcement with his own: [158].
  • Don Quixote has met Deanna Hackins.
    • Apparently, she demanded secrecy, but the following details are known:
      • Tripky's first name is Kenneth.
      • She stole Tripky's phone.
      • She knows about his "true nature", and is willing to explain all the above facts to Quixote if he stops tweeting.
    • After that, Quixote said he should visit Tripky's inn again. No more information so far.
  • The teacher's site was unlocked.
    • Mr. Administrator's comment on the site: the teaches is delusional (even if Properly Paranoid) and has harassed his agent, which is why his number is disabled and useless to follow.
  • Theory: The comic's front page (currently the ARG's page image) shows the members of the Cabal. It shows 3 men and 1 woman, just like in the threats to the therapist.
    • The man on the right is identified as The Phantom of the Opera for his mask (the teacher's site also referred to the Phantom). There were also speculations that he might be Pyramus, as he wasn't intending to use a pseudonym at first: [159]. Also, the second threat in the voicemail is spoken in a French accent.
    • Due to the mention of Arthur's sister at the teacher's site, the woman in the comic is currently speculated to be Morgan Le Fay.
  • Amid growing distrust to him, Mr. Administrator has come to the Cabal-related thread [160].
  • Romeo has confessed his love to another girl: [161]. Mr. Administrator has pointed to echoes in the location the post points to.
  • Mr. Administrator has a spirited Q&A session with some of the Metaguards on Twitter.
    • Whether anything was learned is up for debate, but it was certainly hilarious.

    October 17th 
  • Don Quixote was tasked by Deanna Hawkins to search for her mother's pictures, taken by Tripky. Quixote finds pieces of blue plastic with labels on them and he takes them back to his hotel. These are likely camera memory cards. The cards are labeled "oulson," "wilso" and "land." "Oulson" speculated to be a reference to Tara Coulson, who was photographed by Kenneth Mann, which may mean Mann is Tripky.
    • Theory: "land" refers to Ron Deckland, who posted the Sparkly Guy video.
  • Tara Coulson's blog has been hacked again, this time with the ominous message: "13 days."
  • Juliet's blog is updated. She requests our advice after having seen Romeo's latest post proclaiming his love for Vanessa.
  • Double update from Sherlock Holmes. He has spoken with Hercule Poirot at the ball and then later at a Starbucks, and they have resolved their differences. Poirot was hired to go to Boston, where he was probably going to work with the therapist, (later confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt by Poirot himself and the therapist (below)) and he invited Holmes with him. However, when Holmes prepared to leave, his benefactor was angered and ordered him to stay, and that, combined with chaos over hotels, made it so he could not reach Poirot before their train left. He also saw what was probably Cinderella.
    • Tropers speculate that his employer is likely one of the Cabal, probably Oberon or Steinitz.
    • They also act to get him looking into the Cinderella case, since he is still in NY regardless.
  • Hercule Poirot's update [162] is intertwined with Sherlock Holmes', so there's not much new information, but he once referred to his benefactor as "Administrator". It was him who picked Sweeney Todd's case for Poirot's investigation.
  • An update from the therapist: [163].
    • Sweeney Todd has apparently decided to give his life a second chance and is looking for a job, but he started to notice people following him and leaving some messages.
    • Sweeney is also followed by a hired detective (who hasn't reported any strange activity), but confirmed our Sweeney Todd theory to the therapist, which means Hercule Poirot has arrived and gotten to work.
  • An update from the Wicked Witch: [164]. She wants to start a fundraiser.

    October 18th 
  • A follow-up update from the Wicked Witch: her initial fundraising were a failure. She ruminates on the contrasting natures of evil in our world and hers.
  • Mr. Administrator tweets that the place the Wicked Witch mentions in her blog is another echo. Initial speculation is that she is at [165], which would be the second echo in New York.
  • NeverSlender notes that at least two of the comic shards have similar pictures to events that have happened near the echoes, and that the shards may contain further hints as to future echo locations.
  • After a long silence, Gurt has finally chosen the story to deal with Medusa. The author is Narrativedilettante, the story is here.
  • Don Quixote met with Deanna again, who confirmed that the blue pieces were from camera memory cards. She also claims that Tripky was been responsible for breaking up her family.
  • After the cake guy mentions Lime Man, Wicked Witch and Frankenstein in his new post [166], the tropers note that his posts hint at the characters who are active at the time. It may be a code used by the Cabal members to communicate.

    October 19th 
  • The cake guy makes a post with a pretty disturbing title [167]: "Totally flipping out, but not killing anyone" (turns out, it was a reference to [168]). It mentions limeade, and a knife imported from Japan (right when John and Gulliver left the country).
    • A suggestion was made to make him cook some dish of the tropers' choice. The tropers chose "something to match the mood of The Phantom of the Opera". The guy agreed.
  • Theory: page 6 of the comic shows The Invisible Man (note the speech bubble below the middle - the man nearby seems to have no head). He could also be present at the wedding video.

    October 20th 
  • Both Romeo [169] and Juliet [170] got drunk. Romeo feels guilty about the situation (but isn't going to back on his last confession), Juliet now hates Romeo's guts.
  • Forum member Jester has left a link to a chat room in his signature. The link led to a room occupied by "watchers". The chat is debunked by Mr. Administrator, and thus isn't canonical. Full chat log: [171] note 
  • Nick Farrell (the guy who posted the mermaid video) seems to have found Don Quixote's armour in a washing machine [172]. He put it in the dumpster that was visible in the first Quixote video.
  • The Romeo and Juliet echo was found: [173] (type in the password Gurt— proper capitalization is necessary). The comic appears to be the conversation Romeo and Juliet had when she discovered his profession of love to Vanessa, and looks like the source for one of the shards.
    • And the Quixote echo was found, too: [174] (same password as above). The comic appears to be the scene Quixote recently described, of his encounter with Tara Coulson. No obvious connection to the shards.
  • Light is shed on the creation of the book (and its shattered form). Mr. Administrator, in an attempt to figure out what caused the fractures in the wall, used his "foreshadowing machine." Trying to use it on real world events however caused it to explode, resulting in the fractured images that foreshadowed future events. It also ruined a pivotal plot point in Harry Potter for him.
    • It is notable that during his Q&A session Mr. A denied that he knew anything about the comic's origin. The tropers have written it off to knowledge inconsistencies between the instantiations, and sure enough, Mr. A rolled with it.
  • Mr. Administrator spoils the Harry Potter twist. In return, the tropers ruin the ending to Citizen Kane, Soylent Green, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Titanic (1997) and something else This Troper refused to read about.

    October 21st 
  • The Wicked Witch has read through the WTF forum [175], and is now conducting her own research to find an alternate way home. She is open to suggestions. On a side note, she has found the local RPG thread "childishly absurd".
    • Apparently, Wicked Witch + Mr. Administrator Shipping was born.
  • The cake guy seems to be glad about taking new cooking ideas. Having cooked a Phantom-themed dish, he has now made a Don Quixote burger [176].
    • He also said that he is going to finish the Phantom dish on Tuesday, and attempt a King Arthur-themed dish in a week or two (probably on Halloween, which has been a recurring date on Tara's blog). Theory: he is foreshadowing the characters' activity. The theory is yet to be checked with the dates provided.
  • An update from Tara [177]:
    • She was grateful to Don Quixote for saving her from the muggers, but wanted to get rid of him for good, and she sent him to kill the troll Taken for Granite. Quixote has accepted the quest, and refuses to listen to dissuasions.
    • She still thinks Quixote might be Mann putting on an act, and considers having him investigated.
    • She confirmed that the photos on Quixote's phone were taken by Mann, which probably means that Hope Mann is Kenneth Tripky.
  • On Hercule Poirot's blog, in the comments, he posted a link to this chat archive:
    • The Cabal is plotting to harass the psychiatrist and take her notebook.
    • Angelus and Pyramus are reluctant to resort to drastic measures, but still comply.
    • Angelus mentions an "acquaintance in Boston who owes him a professional favor", who probably retreived the notebook on his behalf.
  • Pixelmage did some meta-research and concluded that Ben's Manga and Clear Facts blogs only have the localadmin account, which probably means that there were no in-character posts, and the blogs were probably created for testing purposes.
  • Update from Juliet [178]: Romeo's in the hospital with alcohol poisoning... and she realizes she still cares about him.
  • Sherlock Holmes found an application letter that the Wicked Witch discarded in New York. [179]
    • Theory: the sender is The Invisible Man: "Man entirely of science and reason", "some measure of difficulty appearing before people", and so on.
  • The Wicked Witch has confirmed [180] that she can't read her story, either, and is now looking for stories with the Refugee from TV Land trope (for the purposes of her research).
  • Cheshire Cat has earned himself a Fan Nickname: Metaneko.

    October 22nd 
  • The Cheshire Cat tweets a riddle: "A warm up for kittens, today - what does the penguin see before the leopard seal eats him? :D" [181]
    • The answer he considered correct, but put in wrong words: "He would see seal's silhouette through the ice".
    • Leaving for a nap, Metaneko said that the answer to the riddle is a warning.
    • Theories:
      • "Foreshadow"
      • "Phantom"
  • The Cheshire Cat has started #Riddletime: "One of these is the odd man out: preparation, defeat, hunger. Can you tell me which one and why? :D"
    • Hints:
      • "It is not about the words themselves, but the context in which they can be properly used :D"
      • "How can you USE this odd man out? It's about the context in which *you* can use them :D"
    • Answer: "preparation", because it's a keyword for a conversation archive [182].
  • Findings in the preparation chat:
    • Angelus seems to be theatre-savvy, which may indicate that he is the Phantom.
  • New riddle: "Seraphim have one thought: help Azazel "teshuva" condemnation." Answer: "meetplan" (assembled from the last letters).
    • Apparently, the Cabal is gathering in an hotel in San Francisco.
  • Sequence Breaking: one more chat archive [183] was found before the Cheshire Cat had the chance to make a riddle.
    • Oberon is confirmed to be a woman.
  • Another #riddletime - In one word, what do you call it when you bump into your mailman?
  • The current guesses for the members of the Cabal are thus: Angelus, based on his theatre comment, is likely the Phantom of the Opera. Oberon, now that we know for sure she is a woman, and called a witch, is likely Morgana Le Fay, King Arthur's sister. Pyramus, with his overabiding love of the ladies and use of Spanish, is guessed to be Don Juan. Lastly, Steinitz, with his cool detachment and lofty intellect, is likely Moriarty.
  • The Wicked Witch responded to a query about her application letter Sherlock Holmes found with a copy of the resume and a link to the applicant's blog [184]. Applicant appears to be "Adam Frankenstein" (also known as Frankenstein's Monster).
  • Another #riddletime led to another chat archive
    • And as a reward, the Cheshire Cat is giving us this, formerly updating live— wherein the Cat trolled the Cabal (and it was beautiful).
      • Beauty/hilarity aside, results of this: The Cabal will now use better encryption for their chats, and randomized archive titles. And they will probably be a good deal less trusting. Upside: We now know that Pheeble can be used for live chats.
      • Victin has found out that the first letters of Metaneko's sentences spell "MORIARTY PHANTOM DONJUAN LEFEY" (spaces for pauses between the series of posts), which happens to be the list of current guesses for Cabal members' identities. Whether the cat was messing around or not is yet to be seen.
  • Gulliver has arrived to Hawaii, and left an echo there [185]. The exact location is Buzz's Wharf, found by examining the back of the paper. Also, he has apparently met Not Your Sayu-chan, who has stumbled upon his blog a while ago and accused him of stupidity (both there and in reality), and also happens to live in Hawaii.

    October 23rd 
  • The Wicked Witch's echo (Duffy Square, New York) was found: [186] (Password: "Gurt", as always).
  • Sherlock Holmes has received an intriguing invitation [187] - apparently, from Cabal.
    • Following that clue, he received another [188]. After a hint from Holmes that the "mind your duty" line refers to taxes, the clue appears to point him to 867 Madison Avenue, a Ralph Lauren store ("a place for the tie").
  • Having listened to advice, the Wicked Witch has tried to use a wardrobe to leave reality [189]. Needless to say, it didn't work. A mirror is the next on her list. Her campaign manager has attempted to warn her of the inanity of this.
  • Apparently, Mr. Administrator has confirmed Cheshire's list of identities.
  • The Sherlock Holmes/Hercule Poirot echo (Plaza Hotel, New York) was found: [190] (Password: "Gurt")
  • Apparently, the teacher's site was updated with some new ramblings and 2 newspaper pages: [191] [192]. He claims that Peter Pan was taking children to Neverland.
    • And Ron Deckland (the guy who sent Joe the sparkly forest guy video) put up a video of a newscast about Peter Pan ([193]).
  • Romeo has sobered up and taken the responsibility [194], but has also decided to stay.

    October 24th 
  • Not Your Sayu-chan has appeared on the forums once more. Speculations on whether or not she is a puppetmaster arose, with the majority believing that she is. When one of the metaguards tried to PM her, her alleged mother has received an email with the PM notification, and has demanded (in Japanese) to leave her daughter alone [195].
  • Adam has adopted a three-legged cat named Shelley [196], and uploaded a first scene of a play he writes [197].
  • A tweet from the therapist has pointed to a new echo [198].
  • The tropers have sent Cake Guy a Secret Message on the In Vino Veritas page (now removed).
    • The Cake Guy has dismissed the message, being aware that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, despite being given an exact place to look. This has cemented the suspicions that he is a puppetmaster after all.
    • Given a second, more direct message, Cake Guy insisted that he's friends with the puppetmaster but isn't one himself, and declined to get involved [199]. He appears to be a dead end at this point.
  • Sherlock Holmes got another clue [200] which this time directly gave him an address— but the apartment number appears to be encoded with a chess motif.
    • With help from the Metaguards, Holmes broke into the right apartment, which contained research on a number of the fictionals. He discovered that Sandy from the hotel was really Cinderella, but returned too late to find her. [201], [202]
      • Mr. Administrator has confirmed that Cinderella is alive and not in danger.
  • Sherlock Holmes has finally confirmed [203] that one of the voices in the voicemail belongs to Moriarty.
  • Peter Pan sent Joe a video [204] and created a Facebook page (insert tropers grumbling about not wanting to reveal their real names/get Facebook)
    • For Metaguards without Facebook, a transcript of Peter's posts can be found here.
  • Some detective with a French accent, presumed to be Hercule Poirot, has told Sweeney Todd that his wife may be alive, which has become an obstacle in his treatment [205].
  • Second wall emergency requiring Metaguard intervention [206]: 72 hours to stop Anansi from crossing the wall.
  • The Metaguards have invited Mr. Administrator to the Pub Quiz event [207] [208].
  • Romeo was made aware of the Cabal a while ago to become an unwitting Mole, and now Mr. Administrator has requested to keep him informed [209].
  • Apparently, Don Quixote was trying to learn a "binding spell" for the troll from a Tabletop Game [210]. When he tried to put a Bag of Holding inside of itself, the GM left the game.

    October 25th 
  • Juliet has visited Romeo in hospital [211].
  • Adam has put an ad on Craigslist [212] to look for a companion (the ad in question: [213]). Note that he left exact time and place of meeting. The place was later confirmed to be a hotspot.
  • The Gulliver's echo was found (Password: "Gurt"), confirming that Not Your Sayu-chan is not a real person.
  • The Lawson/Sweeney Todd echo was found (Password: "Gurt"). Note that the therapist calls him Mr. Todd, despite not acknowledging in her blog that "BB" may actually be Sweeney Todd.

    October 26th 
  • Much to his annoyance, Sherlock Holmes has been sent to Seattle by his benefactor, probably to investigate Quixote for Tara Coulson.
  • Don Quixote got kicked off a bus for performing the Gangnam Style dance [214].

    October 27th 
  • Adam has been contacted by the Phantom, who is promising to finance his play in return for certain tasks.
  • Wicked Witch has followed the comment about the lack of scientific approach in her research, and took it Up to Eleven [215]! No, really. In 4 days she has learned calculus, computers and quantum mechanics, has infiltrated several laboratories (For Science!), apparently discovered Time Travel, but came to the conclusion that she can't travel back to her universe via scientific means. She has also mentioned a Techno Babble explanation of the metaverse structure - something involving fifth dimension, which is The White Void (see the post for details).
  • Sweeney Todd has gone missing [216].
    • Hercule Poirot has began to investigate his wife [217], as he suspect that she may still be alive (even having been presumed dead in Sweeney's story). That post also has a link to a recording of their meeting (transcript is here). Barker has been threatening Poirot, both in the comments and in person.
  • The tropers have organized a Pub Quiz (discussion 1, discussion 2, results, chat log). Tom was present, too.

    October 28th 
  • Don Quixote has returned to Seattle and performed his "binding spell" on the troll.
  • The Wicked Witch has abandoned her mad science in search of magical shoes. [218]
    • While shopping [219], she left a new echo. Location: Legends shopping mall, 1843 Village West Parkway, Suite C127 | Kansas City, KS 66111
  • Gulliver has just discovered via magazine cover that he is in the future.
  • Romeo has recovered and is looking for a job [220]. He also wants to know more about the Cabal, after his last post was flooded with the comments about joining them (from an aborted attempt to make him an unwitting mole).
  • Tara Coulson has posted twice:
    • [221] She has indeed hired a detective to investigate Quixote, which means it's probably Sherlock Holmes.
    • [222] Mann has contacted her personally, saying that he didn't hack her site, and she may be in danger.
  • Peter Pan mysteriously got a link with the message "This is the way for you to get home."
    • The locator takes the user's location and gives some nearby point, along with 7 rough directions on a compass. The tropers are now aggregating the data.
  • The metaguards have got themselves an official chat room [223] (The chat log will eventually be here). While technically public, it is kept private by banhammers and raging paranoia toward newcomers.

    October 29th 
  • Tara has sent a video to Don Quixote, in which she says she was wrong not to trust him before, and instructed him to read her blog. She sounded scared. Quixote hasn't posted the video yet.
    • Tara's blog has been hacked again, announcing that she has "35 hours to live". (Based on the time it was posted, that brings us approximately to Halloween.)
  • Mr. Administrator has (finally) announced the process for sending the fictionals back: Metaguards must write fiction about each character that incorporates a trope appearing in that character's comic (more than one comic means one trope from each should be in the piece).
    • He has also confirmed that The Little Mermaid, the Plague Doctors, Cerberus, Dracula (the guy with the umbrella), and, most importantly, Cinderella were sent back (the piece of paper Sherlock Holmes found was the last page of Cinderella's story). On a side note, the stories for them (except for Cinderella) were written by Ace from [Citation Needed] (also, Mr. Administrator thinks he is not a good writer).
  • Don Quixote received a letter from a certain foursome, praising his prowess and trying to convince him that he is needed in this world.

    October 30th 
  • Gurt announces the story chosen to defeat Anansi as Qara Xuan Zenith's Regulator centric tale
  • Sherlock Holmes has began investigating Don Quixote, and is about to question Tara about her safety [224].
  • Adam has performed Phantom's first task... which is mailing a banana to Alaska [225].
  • Don Quixote has stolen a policeman's horse in order to reach Tara on time. After a brief vote for its name, Rainbow Dash was chosen over Binky.
    • When Rainbow Dash proved an ineffective name, Binky ultimately prevailed.
  • Cheshire Cat has posted his address [226]... Just that. No riddles or Cryptic Conversations. It is also an echo.
    • After a comment on his straightforwardness, he said "The best riddle is one you don't even realize is there". There may be more to that location.
  • A new hacked update on Tara's blog [227] mentioned Don Quixote. The metaguards suspect it to be Cabal's trap for him (and, possibly, Sherlock Holmes). They are trying to contact all parties involved, including Mr. Administrator for damage control.
    • Huge panic in the chatroom.
  • Don Quixote and his horse are now being pursued by lawmen. [228]
  • A new detail from Peter Pan about the "soft places": "Made of bronze but feels like feather, silent music in any weather" [229].
  • Adam's dates are dropping like flies. From no apparent cause, and no fault of his own.
  • "A Shadow Under the Ice", the answer to the Cheshire Cat's foreshadowing riddle and a play by "Richard Leroux" (read: the Phantom of the Opera), has premiered on Broadway.

Act 3

    October 31st: Halloween 
  • Tara's blog was updated with nothing but "bang" [230]. Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes mislead the police from Don Quixote, but got detained for his trouble [231] (for even longer when they found out he didn't have a private investigator license). Quixote's and Tara's situation remains unclear.
  • Don Quixote has confirmed that Tara is dead.
    • Sherlock Holmes has got on the case [232].
  • Hercule Poirot gave some information about Todd's letter, which apparently documents Mrs. Lovett giving custody of Todd's daughter Joanna to Judge Turpin.
  • Sweeney Todd has hacked Lawson's blog, with recriminations and an ultimatum (Screencap, paste). He demands her help in search for his wife.
  • Mr. Administrator has announced that all the echoes needed for refictionalizing Sweeney Todd have been found; however, the refictionalizing will be easier if the Metaguards help Lawson to stabilize Todd.
  • The Wicked Witch has confirmed [233] that she is unable to watch the movie about her, but she was able to read its Wikipedia page.
    • After being linked to his Wikipedia page, Todd seems much calmer. He has later asked the therapist for a new appointment... in an unusual way [234].
  • The Cheshire Cat has tweeted a nonsensical string [235], which he dismissed as having stepped on the keyboard. He later confirmed it to be #Riddle Time.
    • The solution was incredibly simple: [236], [237], [238].
      • These chat logs have shed some light on recent events, like the Cabal claiming to be unrelated to Adam dates' and Tara's deaths, Moriarty and Morgana officially being lovers, and Don Juan's fiancee. A new round of arguments about sending the characters back has ensued in the chats, and has eventually poured onto the forums. On a side note, the Cabal is aware of the metaguards' chat (it is unknown whether or not they have been reading it).
  • Don Quixote has been messaged by Deanna Hackings, who is glad he is going to meet Sherlock Holmes tomorrow. By that point, everyone who is not absolutely Genre Blind knows that she is an enemy.
  • Romeo has responded to, presumably, contact from the Cabal, warning them away from Juliet.
  • Gulliver and Silver have decided to travel by plane to England to investigate their situation and figure out a way to return to their own worlds.

    November 1st 
  • The therapist has posted her (final?) update [239] - she is accepting fiction about Sweeney to help him recover. Apparently, she will be the one to unwittingly refictionalize him.
  • Despite grave expectations, Don Quixote and Sherlock Holmes have successfully met. Quixote has finally posted Tara's video: [240].
  • Sherlock Holmes has updated his blog re his meeting with Don Quixote. He was perturbed by his inability to read his book, but, more importantly, managed to get a number using *69 on Tara's phone.
    • The number was called and lead to the voice mail of Kenny Mann and mentioned living at Baskerville Commons Apartment. Holmes was e-mailed this invaluable information.
    • Meanwhile, attempts are being made to break into Mann's voicemail.

    November 2nd 
  • Metaguards have suggested Peter Pan's statue (which is playing a flute) as an answer to his riddle. Peter Pan is now headed for the statue in New Jersey.
  • Hacking Mann's voicemail was fruitless, as pressing "*" didn't get a PIN prompt as it did before. The metaguards have given up and are waiting for Sherlock Holmes to question Mann in person.
  • Don Quixote went to Woodland Park Zoo to relax. Mr. Administrator has confirmed this place as another hotspot.
    • Quixote was followed by a woman [241], who turned out to be Loverose. They parted amicably. Right after that, he received a message from Hackins[242] which confirmed that she was either reading his tweets or stalking him.
    • Quixote's horse Binky has run away. Deanna claims to be to blame.
  • The Phantom of the Opera has begun production of Adam's play. A plan is being developed by the Metaguards to deal with this situation.
  • Sherlock Holmes has shared a story about himself [243]. Before revealing himself as Holmes, he received a letter addressed to Holmes, pointing him to Platform 9 ¾. It lead him to a bookstore, where he saw books about himself, and suffered an unexplained pain attack. He left an echo there.
  • In his latest post [244], Sherlock Holmes has asked for Mann's address. The only site with contact information [245] seems to be a parody, but the modification date (10th Oct) possibly makes it related. On a side note, Don Quixote has found his blog and leaves comments every now and then.
    • After following the Baskerville Commons lead, players have discovered that Mann recently moved to Starsight Apartments in Seattle, which, in what must surely be a complete coincidence, is located across the road from where Tara was living.
    • Deanna has sent a hint to Quixote [246].
  • Adam's echo is found.
  • Mr. Administrator has lost track of Peter Pan near his statue: [247]. He also denied it as his echo.

    November 3rd 
  • Peter Pan has now been captured, apparently. [248]
    • His attorney has taken control of his Facebook account with his permission. He also sent his statement [249] to Joe. In an Is This Thing Still On? moment, he revealed that he doesn't think he stands any chance against the prosecuting attorney.
  • Don Quixote and Sherlock Holmes explore the Starsight Apartments for clues. In a dumpster outside, Quixote finds a military-colored bag with the name "J. Hope" on it, and containing a curtain rod. Inside the apartment, a sniper rifle was found hidden inside a wall.
    • Holmes' current theory is that Hope and Mann were cooperating: Mann called Tara from the roof to get her attention and lure her to the open window, Hope took the shot, and Mann closed the window with the curtain rod. This theory has handed over to the police.
    • Deanna's response: "Sniper Rifle? You sure hun?"
  • Joe has uploaded public versions of the latest echoes [250], and, more importantly, a photo of an echo the way it appears in Augmented Reality, which was sent to him by Mr. Administrator for "research purposes".
  • Joe, supposedly after being urged to by Ed, has shared an email from the Phantom of the Opera, pleading his case.
    • Speculation begins that this is the beginning of a forced Broken Base arc.
    • Mr. Administrator has expressed approval for a suggestion that the fictionals be allowed to write their own refictionalizations.
  • Gulliver and Silver have arrived in London.

    November 4th 
  • Don is coming for Hope.
    • Hope has been apprehended. He claims that while he indeed intended to kill Tara, he was not the one who did so. [251]
    • Also, apparently Deanna not only knows about the fictionals [252], but has been in contact with the cabal [253] and that she has "another source of fictionals." This tweet seems to connect her with fictionalthreat.
  • Juliet, having felt mysteriously drawn to William Shakespeare's name, has found her book, and, naturally, found it empty. [254]
  • The Wicked Witch has come across the open letter to fictionals, and has decided to try to refictionalize herself.
  • Sherlock Holmes has closed Tara's case [255]. The fingerprints (as well as Quixote's reasoning and Deanna's hint) point to Tripky as the shooter. The motive was just as petty as it seemed, and the shallow wound was explained by the age of the rifle (sometime around World War II). Quixote is now about to settle the score with Tripky (Holmes didn't pass his location on to the police), and Holmes is leaving for Denver, to a new case, being forced to abandon Deanna's plotline.

    November 5th 

    November 6th 
  • Fictionalthreat has updated his site. He was called by Deanna that night, and he condemned her actions ("the fictionals need to go, not die"). Apparently, he was merely an inspiration for her.
  • Don Quixote woke up at the hospital, happy as hell after a morphine shot. The doctor says he risks a heart attack if gets too excited.
    • Apparently, he was crippled for life [256].
    • Deanna linked him to fictionalthreat. Also, she has openly declared her loose cannon position [257]. And, she has declared war on the Metaguards [258] [259] [260] [261].
    • Don Quixote, having recovered from the narcosis, leaves the hospital to go after Deanna, disregarding all warnings, pleas and appeals to common sense. Everyone is awed by his Heroic Willpower, while berating him for his stupidity at the same time. Quixote said that we was doing it for us.
  • Ron Deckland posted a video of Peter Pan's trial: [262]. It's not going too well.
  • The Wicked Witch's calculated chances of becoming Wizard (President) are apparently pretty good.
    • When it came to practice, she failed [263]. Mr. Administrator jokingly claims to have made an intervention: [264].
  • Adam's play is currently being staged [265]. This post was almost a copypaste of the previous one, but he later fixed it, citing lack of sleep.
  • Braddock Foreman, the man who taught Don Quixote to use the phone, texted that he wanted to meet him do discuss "recent events".
  • Deanna Who wanted to have fun with Don Quixote, and started her own riddle time:
    • "Question 1: Why, of all possible aliases, did I choose a surname like Hackins?" Answer: "I hack into blogs. Tara Coulson's in particular."
    • "Question two, Is my real name Faith Barker, Jennifer Cooney, or Amanda Hoffman? Hint: Cross and nails." Answer: "Jennifer Cooney, with the same initials as one connected to a cross and nails."
    • "Question three, It is my reason for doing what I do. It can bestow Immortality. It's what you will find in the suit man's void. The answer to those three statements in question 3 is the same one word answer. What is it?" Answer (wait for it): "Congrats to... ...Don Quixote. You said 'I've got nothing'. Nothing was the answer."
      • When asked if she has no reason, she replied "You misinterpret the meaning". She probably wants to destroy the universe.
    • As a "reward", Deanna told about Brad: "He is the only one who ever believed me when I was younger, believed the things I said." [266] Earlier, she said that she wouldn't harm him, no matter what.

    November 7th 
  • The metaguards are hatching an Evil Plan in the chatroom to find Deanna's twitter account among Don Quixote's followers. After narrowing it down to a few people, it involved invoking You Just Told Me. The GMs somehow found out after the plan was carried out, and Jossed it from both Quixote's and Dana's account. (Apologies to those who got creeped out.)

    November 8th 
  • Don Quixote met with Braddock Foreman.
    • He said that this meeting was a fake one, and they'll later meet in secret to thwart Deanna.
    • She later commented that it was clever of him, but she wouldn't interfere anyway. She also suggested them to meet over the phone (it's unknown whether Quixote's phone is tapped).
    • Braddock and Jennifer were Childhood Friends.
    • She had scary eyes that "held no light".
    • A tweet from Jennifer said that she is in love with him (so was he - apparently, not anymore).
    • Brad later messaged: "I don't know if this is relevant, but in all the time I knew Jen, she found reality boring. She adored fiction."
  • According to a comment from the therapist [267], Hercule Poirot has been sick lately.
  • The staging of Adam's play went off without a hitch. The mentions of "goofy smiles" may indicate that the play was So Bad, It's Good.
  • John Silver tweeted that Gulliver, having found no trace of his home in England, may soon Need A Freaking Drink.
  • Further tweets from Don Quixote confirming what was already suspected: Deanna planted the iphone for him.
  • Sherlock Holmes posted (and Quixote commented).
    • Holmes has just arrived in Denver to search for a missing person, a painter named Jack Vincent.
    • Jeff Hope strangled himself in his cell, after scratching that Deanna would kill him if he didn't on the prison wall.
  • Don Quixote has met Braddock without tweeting about it in order not to alert Deanna. Recap:
    • The last time Braddock met Jennifer in school, something happened.
    • Her birthday is on 3rd of May.
    • On her 18th birthday, she began acting strangely, looking her disappeared Imaginary Friends [268]. Brad said he sometimes heard her speak with someone as if they were children (even when she was 17 years old). Eventually, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia.
    • Her Imaginary Friends sometimes told her things she couldn't know by herself.
      • More precisely, After Jennifer was put away, Brad began dating her sister Miranda. Jennifer's friends told her, and she had no visitors beside Brad.
    • Jennifer's friends now appear only rarely. She said she loved her "fictional friends" more than anyone real.
    • She was released from the hospital a week later, due to posing no threat. She moved to Seattle.
    • However, several months after, Miranda was killed - one bullet between the eyes (Tripky was killed this way).
      • Jennifer had an alibi - she was doing her first photography job with Mann (Tripky).
    • After a depression, Braddock decided to confront Jennifer, but couldn't find her in Seattle under her old name. Instead, she found him herself, and demanded (at gunpoint) to "put a critical piece of her plan into motion". She gave him Tripky's phone, which she rigged to point at his inn, and told him to leave it on a road Quixote was about to pass, and teach him how to use it.
      • In Brad's words, her eyes didn't have "no light" in them - this time they had "no anything" [269].
    • After that, Deanna tweeted Quixote that Brad was going to die on his birthday (November 12th, at 0:00), despite her own words. Quixote decided to stick with him.
    • Finally, Quixote remembered that Tara was the only one who knew Deanna's address. This is the only straw to grasp on.
    • Brad and Quixote are trying to analyze Tara's calendar. For some reasons, Brad can't get his computer to play the video, and while he is trying to fix it, Quixote asks for the metaguards' approximations of the calendar's contents.
      • Calendar submission is closed, as Quixote and Brad have made their choice.
  • Deanna has tweeted Don Quixote and Brad again. This time she trolled them a little, saying that she was on a Mission from God. After that, she said that everything she said before was a lie, she knew that her "friends" were a disease symptom, and she found out about Brad's date through some other means.
  • Romeo has found a job at a bookstore [270], and is going to move to Vanessa's place.
  • Gulliver has found that his story really is known in our world [271] (Transcript). So far, he thinks that his friend Richard Sympson published his book under another name and title.
  • More tweets from Don Quixote:
    • He and Brad analysed the calendar:
      • Any text that was unreadable to the Metaguards is irrelevant.
      • The dates marked probably only refer to mundane, irrelevant appointments.
      • The calendar wasn't flat on the wall because it was only put up there for the video— to send a message.
      • The fact that it's set to May is important.
      • The numbers 20 and 23 are also important (they are highlighted in the same way as 'May').
    • Deanna has admitted [272] that she destroyed the calendar.
    • Some hints from Jennifer:
      • An allusion to the Playfair Cypher
      • A suggestion of using Digital Roots
      • A mention of Tara as the Key (i.e., a key phrase for a cypher)
    • Brad mentioned that 20 and 23 translate to the letters t and w, which he and Jen used to put as their place of birth on state tests, meaning "The World"
    • He also mentioned that Jen loves codes, especially alphanumeric substitution.
    • A final message from Jen: "1021 2204 0407 1004 0907 1402"
      • It was originally sent with the second number as 2304, but then Jen sent a correction message. It is unclear whether this was a typo on the part of the GMs, or another obscure hint.
      • After this message, Quixote makes it clear that the Metaguards are expected to solve the puzzle with no further hints.
    • Update: Using the Playfair Cypher with the keyphrase "Tara" and an alphanumeric substitution on Deanna's string of numbers, agoraoptera got the phrase "MONTHFIELDST".
      • Month = May; this translates to Mayfield Street, in Kennewick, WA.
      • The digital root of 2023 gives the street number 7.
      • Quixote confirmed Deanna's address as 7 Mayfield Street, Kennewick, WA. He and Brad will venture there tomorrow.

     November 9th 
  • Mr. Administrator asked to hurry with the locator puzzle, and hinted that the correct approach was suggested on the forums, but not followed. He later elaborated that the globe had to be used instead of a flat map.
  • Cheshire Cat reminded that his echo is yet to be visited.
  • A new video about Peter Pan's trial: [273]. It's obvious that the judge is being manipulated by the prosecutor behind the scenes.
    • The video presented as evidence had no sound, despite that the monitor in question supports sound recording. The defense attorney admitted that there should be sound, and he'll attempt to obtain it.
    • On a side note, the monitor also supports internet access, which has led the metaguards to believe that they'll have to hack into it at some point.
  • Don Quixote and Brad got to Mayfield Street safely. On the way, Brad kept receiving messages from somebody (allegedly, his mom), and was becoming more and more nervous, even insulting Quixote at one point. He, however, reassured him, that no matter what happens, he is on his side.
    • Quixote said that there was too much to share, and he'd make an extensive retelling the next day. The gist: they met an elderly woman named Mary Gamble, whom Brad seemed to know.
  • Adam's play flopped among the critics [274]. He is furious.
  • Both Gulliver and John Silver have found their books in a library [275] (Transcript).
  • Hercule Poirot's new case leads him to Denver. He is investigating a case at the Denver Art Museum, in which music had been played over the speakers unexpectedly. It is presumed that Sherlock Holmes and Poirot will cross paths in Denver.

    November 10th 
  • Don Quixote has posted a recap of their meeting with Mary Gamble:
    • She is Jennifer's former psychiatrist. She discharged Jennifer out of fear for her own life, seeing darkness in her eyes.
    • Jennifer asked her to house-sit for her at the end of August, telling that she had to research the fictionalthreat site's claims.
    • She came again a few days ago, telling her that Brad and Quixote are about to come.
    • Brad is Tara's brother, and his former name is Bradley. Their parents weren't married - thus the different last names. Brad, Tara, Miranda and Jen were all Childhood Friends.
    • Brad wants to have his revenge on Jennifer. The messages from the day before were from her - she was mocking him for keeping this secret to himself (he knew Quixote would try to stop him).
    • More to come in the morning.
  • The Phantom of the Opera's echo was found [276].
  • Sweeney Todd was successfully refictionalized: [277].
  • Continuation of Don Quixote's recap:
    • Jen has left an envelope with her "revelations", encoded with a cipher familiar to Brad's circle of four. The decoded message contained Jen's location, and her plan.
    • Her plan was to kill everyone knowing about the incident, enter the Void and kill Mr. Administrator. After that, she intended to topple the wall, and, as the only surviving human aware of the situation, become a Reality Warper. Somehow, the plan was supposed to be launched with Brad's death.
    • In the morning, Brad left without Quixote to stop Jen. Quixote, going after him, realized that he didn't care about glory.
    • Much later, Brad tweeted from his account: After an extensive argument with Jen, Quixote took another bullet, but together with Brad, he still managed to stop Jennifer. She is now in custody. The recording of their argument is now held as evidence. Mr. Administrator keeps saying to stop worrying about her. Quixote is now recovering.
  • Mr. Administrator promised some good news [278]. As it turned out, the refictionalization of Sherlock Holmes, Gulliver and Adam could be started [279].
  • Peter Pan's prosecutor claims to have lost the recording's audio track [280].
  • Peter Pan claims to have posted a message from Tinkerbell: [281] (direct link to image)
    • The Cheshire Cat has received a strange message, too: [282].
    • When combined, the resulting image [283] contains a short message and a pheeble chat link [284]. Chat recap:
      • Don Juan keeps watching Meet the Parents with his fiancee and commenting on it. Nobody cares.
      • The Cabal was behind Pan's arrest - they want to keep him away from the Metaguards. Their intention is to get him into jail.
      • They (apparently, Phantom, who was still reluctant) removed the audio from the monitor recording, and posted the link there (note that it's the same site where the echoes are stored).
  • Morgana's echo was found [285].

    November 11th 
  • The entire chatroom was commandeered by the Metaguards female population for at least an hour, for the purposes of discussing feminine issues and other stereoypically female "girl talk" activities. During this time period the male members of the forum remained wisely silent and somewhat confused. Except for Dryunya, who was elected an honourary girl for the duration of the event.
  • Mr. Administrator has made a typo in his (now deleted) tweet that linked to Joe's recap on Peter Pan's trial. As it turned out, Administrator Prime hates typos [286] more than anything. To cover Mr. A's back, this day was declared an Intentional Typo Day.
  • Gulliver has updated his blog on what appears to be an unfolded piece of origami that already had writing on it. He and John are out of money, and refuse to read Sicon112's Wall of Text comment on the previous entry.
    • Mr Administrator confirmed this blog entry shortly afterward as pointing to another echo.
    • When the Metaguards folded the sheet on Gulliver's blog, they discovered a phone number, which, when dialled, led to Long John Silver's voicemail (Intro recording, Intro transcript). Unlike the other voicemails, this one's mailbox is not full; it is unclear whether the Metaguards are expected to leave Silver a message asking for more information on the echo.
  • Peter Pan has complained of some Noodle Incident at Pitt's Law School [287]. Mr. Administrator stated that it may be an echo (he doesn't have a facebook account [288]).
    • It is now confirmed as an echo.
      • The echo was found shortly after [289].
  • Update from Brad:
    • Don Quixote had another surgery, and he's getting better. The bullet hit almost the same spot as the first one, increasing the luck factor even more.
    • Jennifer is in maximum security psychiatric care (the Metaguards hope it doesn't automatically mean Cardboard Prison). After her confrontation, she hasn't said a word.
    • She was quoting trope names during it, establishing her as One of Us.
    • In an And Another Thing moment, he told that her eyes are "just eyes" now. Mr. Administrator didn't understand that, and asked to elaborate [290]. That raised suspicion in some Metaguards, as not understanding Jennifer could mean that he missed something about her.
      • Brad posted a reply [291] right after midnight (Seattle time). Deanna promised to kill him exactly at midnight, so now it's safe to assume that her Evil Plan really went sour.

    November 12th 
  • Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes have met by chance in Denver.
    • Upon discussing their two cases, they've decided that they must be connected, but due to a difference in methods, they've decided to split ways and investigate their own portions of the case until the two become connected again.
    • Poirot listened to the tape and transcribed a few of the lyrics he heard. One metaguard recognized it as a song from the musical, "The Phantom of the Opera", but was a portion of the show referring to Don Juan.
    • Sherlock Holmes looked at the paintings that the restoration artist was restoring, and it turns out they were portraits of Don Juan. Holmes also took interest in a staple gun found in the gift shop. The name Melissa Glaser appeared on it, along with an address pointing to Austin, TX.
  • Mr Administrator announced that the Pheeble locator has been updated. It now gives distance values for each compass, and shows one (so far always the rightmost of the centre row) as highlighted. This one tends to point in an opposite direction from the other compasses, and has the greatest distance value.
  • Joe has posted a new video. He is relieved by Todd's successful refictionalization, but concerned by Peter's trial, directing suspicion at and questioning the motives of the prosecutor. He also discusses the Phantom of the Opera's letter, expressing doubt as to Erik's true motives and an inclination to listen to Mr. Administrator in this matter.
  • Adam has updated his blog, stating his categorical rejection of and break with the Cabal. And the Metaguards Rejoiced.
  • Enlil has finally solved the locator puzzle [292] using an extension to override his location. The compasses point to different statues of Peter Pan all over the world.

    November 13th 
  • Gulliver updated his blog (transcript). He and John went to look for work; he did deliveries for an antique shop before damaging an odd wardrobe and following a young man to the home of his aunt, the alleged former owner of said wardrobe. The blog entry ends mid-sentence.
  • The Metaguards have attempted to email The Old Customs House [293] to get the echo for them, as there was no one in general vicinity.
  • Romeo updated his blog, thanking the commenters for their support of his decision and asking how soon Juliet can be sent back.
  • Peter Pan has suggested treating the Pan statues as echoes and investigating accordingly.
    • He later clarified that all the statue-echoes should be the same, so only one needs to be located.
  • Gulliver updated (transcript) with the continuation of the previous blog post. Recap, along with current speculations [294]:
    • Gulliver met James Raikes, and dropped the wardrobe on his foot.
    • Somehow, the wardrobe's knob caught Raikes' interest, and he asked the shopkeeper about its previous owner.
    • The owner turned out to be his own aunt (Claire Widdecombe).
    • She later told him (in person) that the wardrobe was a gift from a man who, some time ago, had won a game of chess with her upon moving his knight to E4 (hinting at Moriarty), while asking about her tenant (Hercule Poirot).
    • Raikes seemed excited by this information, and ran off after giving Gulliver some money to get rid of him.
    • This theory was soon undermined by inconsistencies in Gulliver's location, as he was supposed to be in Nottinghamshire, while Claire Widdecombe resides in London.
  • Sherlock Holmes mentioned that Hercule Poirot went missing [295].
  • In the Chatroom, Qara-Xuan started a discussion about a time for the males to talk. After a little bit of discussion, the male population of the Metaguards had a Guy Talk, similar to the Girl Talk session. In the middle of the Talk, The Finch took a Chemistry test. After he finished taking the test, he informed the members about it, and after more discussion of Chemistry, the Metaguards decided to name themselves by their representative element on the periodic table (e.g. The Finch=Fluoride, Wacky=Tungsten, Adell=Aluminum), and the rest of the day was unofficially called "Element Day."

    November 14th 
  • Long John Silver confirmed for geographically-confused Metaguards that he and Gulliver are in London, which returned the credibility to the prior theory.
  • After a number of suspicious tweets,, Mr. Administrator basically confirmed that there is a letter at the site of the Peter Pan statues that, presumably, Metaguards should attempt to retrieve.
  • Some updates from Brad (via Don Quixote's twitter):
    • Thanks to Tripky's evidence, it's now confirmed that Deanna killed her sister Miranda.
    • Dr. Gamble may be getting into trouble for her mishandling of Deanna's case.
    • Quixote should be tweeting again soon.
  • Two updates from Sherlock Holmes:
    • Hercule Poirot revealed to him that the Don Juan painting was a forgery.
    • Poirot failed to show up later to an arranged meeting with him (hence his comment that Poirot had disappeared).
    • He later found Poirot tied up in a closet. He received a Tap on the Head from behind, and can't identify the attacker.
    • They plan to resume working together.
  • Brad has mentioned on Don Quixote's twitter that he may take over Tara's blog to post his own thoughts, etc.
  • Mr. Administrator is getting more and more nervous. He seems to think that his evidence (echoes) was not enough to convince the Metaguards about the severity of the situation.
    • He has eventually given in to the Metaguards' intention to get the letter, and confessed that it's indeed there, but its conclusions are based on invalid data [296]. The letter was a result of investigation into Peter Pan's "soft places" [297].
  • After being absent from the game for nearly two weeks (due to Hurricane Sandy) Adell made his triumphant return to the forum. And There Was Much Rejoicing
  • Confirming the Metaguards' suspicions from Gulliver's latest blog post, James Raikes posted on Sherlock Holmes' blog with his own, more coherent, update on the situation:
    • He's been keeping up with Holmes' blog, but they haven't been in touch.
    • Holmes was vindicated in the Les Okogwu case due to DNA evidence.
    • When Gulliver dropped the wardrobe on his foot, Raikes noticed that one of the mismatched knobs looked a lot like Holmes' cane.
    • The knob seemed even more suspicious because it was attached by glue instead of being screwed on.
    • Feeling suspicious, he followed the wardrobe's trail to his aunt, Claire Widdicombe.
    • She explained that [Moriarty] gave her the wardrobe because he had to leave the country in a hurry.
    • She also said that when they played chess, he told her: "Sometimes the best way to win a game of chess is to appear predictable, uninspired and formulaic, and thus lull your enemy into the same behavior. Then, when the enemy has let down their guard and everything is place, you then do something unexpected." So saying, he won the game in four moves.
    • Raikes also observes that the murderer/framer couldn't have been Hercule Poirot, as Widdicombe would have recognized her own tenant.
    • Holmes commented on this blog post, questioning why the perpetrator wouldn't just throw away the evidence, rather than attaching it to a wardrobe.
    • Raikes responded with a guess that the cane had broken accidentally in the course of a struggle with Okogwu. He further speculates that the murderer couldn't throw away the weapon, in case it got discovered and used to vindicate Holmes, but also couldn't hold on to it, because he wished to maintain contact for a while with some other person (i.e., Poirot?), in order to frame Holmes, without attracting suspicion himself.
  • Romeo has both confirmed being One of Us, and hinted that He Just Wants His Beloved To Be Happy (and alive) [298], not wanting to come back with her because of Foregone Conclusion he somehow found out about. The Metaguards have hatched a Last Minute Hookup plan.

Act 4

    November 15th 
  • The prosecution on Peter Pan's case have tendered their second piece of evidence. The part where Pan allegedly tries to throw a kid off a bridge is clearly reversed, and the prosecutor is acting increasingly unhinged.
  • John Silver is trying to prevent Gulliver's refictionalization [299]. Mr. Administrator has confirmed it and is trying to find another ways to expose him to his refic [300].
    • On a side note, that means that the fictites have to be exposed to their story for the refictionalization to happen.
  • Mr. Administrator has demanded Adam's refictionalization [301]. Deadline is 18th November.
  • Long John Silver has begun to list his stipulations for working with the Metaguards.
  • Mr. Administrator has revealed another echo in LA [302]. Immediately after, though, he began nervously tweeting about some huge problem that requires A-Prime's attention. No details so far.
    • Administrator Prime has made a personal video response: [303]. Cabal has somehow stolen one of 5 wall pieces. Finding them all would allow them to reseal it.
    • Mr. A (not Prime) later said that the pieces were hurled into the real world when the wall collapsed. They are currently physical objects.

    November 16th 
  • Adell uncovers an extremely disturbing bit of information after finding one of the letters mentioned on November 14th. It seems that one of Mister A's Agents, Agent X, has previously sent Mister A evidence confirming that some of the damage presumed to be caused by a collapsing fourth wall may not actually be happening. This throws up the possibility that the proposed threat of the characters being a threat to the stability of reality is unfounded. The Metaguards await further information.

    November 17th 

    November 18th 
  • Hercule Poirot has provided an update on his case.
    • The man who showed up is confirmed to not be Jack Vincent.
    • The curator observed the man acting suspiciously the night before the incident with the music.
    • Poirot theorizes that, having been foiled by the curator, the man used the music as a distraction while he cut out the original painting in, having time only to staple the replacement before making an escape.
    • Sherlock Holmes further suggested that the man concealed the painting in a poster tube from the gift shop, but took the wrong one. When he returned for the right one, he knocked out and tied up Poirot to prevent him from interfering.
    • Holmes and Poirot are now headed for Austin, Texas to follow the lead from the staplegun.
    • Holmes has been acting strangely distant.
  • Sherlock Holmes has updated his blog.
    • He explains his strange silence mentioned in Poirot's blog as relating to his ponderings of the information recently provided by James Raikes.
    • He has at last solved the murder of Pieter Verhaeren, and has drawn the same conclusion as the Metaguards— that the murderer can have been none other than James Moriarty.
    • Interestingly, the disguise Moriarty donned for this crime was as the clock's restoration artist.
  • Adam has updated his blog in a post rife with Heroic BSOD.
  • After some "technical hiccups", Mr. Administrator has verified a Hercule Poirot echo.
  • Ed has posted a message from Morgana, giving the Metaguards an email address by which to contact the Cabal. Mr. Administrator is not pleased by this decision. Insert Broken Base here.

    November 19th 
  • Mr. Administrator has verified an echo location, though for which character this echo is relevant remains unclear.
  • An update from the Wicked Witch, entitled 'Depressed'. Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Don Quixote has woken up. After being brought to speed on events by Brad, he should be tweeting again.
  • A series of tweets from Don Quixote, upon waking up:
    • He had been sedated for nine days, to prevent a repeat of his last attempt to discharge himself early.
    • He confirms that Jen has been detained, though most of her plan would have been impossible anyway.
    • He's hungry, is restricted to clear fluids, and his legs are asleep.
    • Some Metaguards asked him for music recommendations while he was speaking with the police. He recommended Gangnam Style.
    • The police gave up on speaking to him and moved to Brad when he began subconsciously dancing to Gangnam style.
  • Mr Administrator has confirmed a new Peter Pan echo.
  • A few tweets from A, explaining why it's a bad idea to retrieve the Wall pieces— doing so would immediately re-merge them with the Wall, sealing it, as has happened with the piece the Cabal already secured.
  • Mr Administrator named Thursday the deadline for Gulliver refics.
  • It appears a Metaguard has discovered the Phantom of the Opera's and Don Juan's email addresses.

    November 20th 
  • Email exchanges with Morgan.
  • After a minor chatroom freakout over privacy concerns in response to some of Morgan Le Fey's early email responses, Dana gave an AMA as a token of good faith on Twitter.
  • With Gulliver getting increasingly homesick [304][305], he and LJS are going to move on [306].

    November 21st 
  • Peter Pan's second echo [307] was found. (Password: "Gurt")
  • Mr. Administrator announces a Breather Episode for the duration of Thanksgiving Day [308].

    November 22nd 
  • Breather Episode.
  • Update from Hercule Poirot:
    • The G'Raj Mahal cafe recognized Melissa Glaser's name as a regular but recently absent customer.
    • Poirot waited for her there and questioned her upon her arrival. She denied everything but grew agitated at Jack Vincent's name.
    • He noticed a mark on her finger as though she had recently worn a wedding ring that was not currently present.
      • Common theory is that Melissa Glaser is Don Juan's fiancee, who he mentioned in the chat log (her name is Melissa, too).
    • Poirot will be moving his blog to Sherlock Holmes's site from now on.

    November 23rd 
  • Peter Pan's attorney asked to find signs of tampering with second evidence [309].
    • After some editing the suspicions about the video being scattered into pieces have confirmed.
    • Dryunya finished editing the video together and can be downloaded here. It shows Pan talking to a little girl about flying and preventing her from jumping off the bridge in an attempt to fly.

    November 24th 
  • Romeo's Black Friday update: [310].
  • The "members" page no longer lists Edward as an admin. Apparently, he was demoted by Joe for his support of the Cabal. Ed also stated his intention to collect the wall pieces [311].
    • When prompted, Ed said that Joe lied to him. Without Joe's update, the Metaguards are left to stew in their own juice.
      • Joe's response was a recording of their argument: [312].
      • The Metaguards are generally angry at Joe's keeping the information from them.
  • After an extensive argument in the chatroom, the most anti-Cabal Metaguards have decided to retrieve one wall piece [313] in an attempt to advance the plot.
  • Mr. Administrator has confirmed Adam's refictionalization: [314].

    November 25th 

    November 26th 
  • A series of tweets from Don Quixote:
    • On the sites the Metaguards recommended:
      • He refused to visit tvtropes because Deanna frequented the site.
      • He didn't understand xkcd, Dinosaur Comics, or Cracked.
      • He thought Homestuck was enjoyable while on drugs.
      • He liked the-cutest, the-fairest, and icanhazcheezburger.
    • He solved a Rubix cube in under a minute before going back to LOLCats.
    • He has a plan to help Mary Gamble.
    • He went for a walk and was reunited with Binky.
    • He obtained a cat and asked the Metaguards to suggest names.
      • After revealing that the cat was female, he eventually chose the name Queenclaw.
      • He later confirmed Queenclaw to be polydactyl.

     November 27th 
  • Sandy made a last post on Adam's blog: [317]. As it turned out, Shelley (Adam's cat), who was mentioned in his refic, stayed in reality with Sandy.
  • Mr. Administrator has selected a Gulliver refic story, but Gulliver can't be refictionalized until the Metaguards find a way for him to see the story.
  • Mr. Administrator gave his reasoning for interfering in Peter Pan's trial, and announced Pan's refic deadline (November 29th).
  • Another series of tweets from Don Quixote:
    • He warned that some of the background audio in the still-forthcoming recording of his confrontation with Deanna may be damaged.
    • A comment from Brad (echoing a sentiment some Metaguards had previously expressed) that Queenclaw looked like Hitler degenerated Quixote's feed into a brief discussion of Hitler.
    • He mentioned that he'll soon ask a favour of the Metaguards relating to Gamble, which they will have to choose whether to accept.
    • He stopped tweeting out of respect for privacy when Brad's and Tara's parents entered.
    • Deanna's parents have asked us to refer to her as Deanna Hackins (as opposed to Jen Cooney).
    • Deanna's parents and Brad's and Tara's parents have given their blessing to Quixote's and Brad's still-forthcoming plan to help Gamble.
    • Brad is going to go back to the name Bradley.
  • Silver has agreed to read the Gulliver refic to Gulliver.
  • Mr. Administrator has given the go-ahead to refic Hercule Poirot.
  • Some more tweets from Don Quixote:
    • He asked the Metaguards for permission to give Mary Gamble the credit for solving Deanna's puzzles.
    • Brad will be posting on Tara's blog sometime "tomorrow".
    • The judge has ruled that since Gamble already served time for her wrongful discharge of Deanna the first time around, she will pay a fine and not go to trial.
  • Joan Lawson has updated her blog.
    • Looks like she's going to take over from Gamble as Deanna's psychiatrist.
    • She also clarified that Todd had signed a total disclosure agreement with her before his refic, which is why she was allowed to post the recording and other details from his sessions.
  • Brad made his promised post on Tara's blog. He memorializes Tara and Miranda, explains a lot more backstory about the four of them, and fills in what had previously been plot holes in the story.
  • Some more Don Quixote tweets:
    • The hospital staff gave him a video game console, and he began live-tweeting his attempt at a Zelda game.
    • He has conquered his fear of spiders.
    • Brad took over the phone after Quixote went to sleep; Quixote's condition is deteriorating rapidly.
    • Brad asked for more information about the refictionalization process. He requested to be the one to read Quixote his story.

    November 28th 
  • More Don Quixote tweets:
    • He caught up with the ARG situation. He believes that no one should be forced out of reality, except for the Cabal, because they are trying to impose their opinion on the others.
    • He asked for videos on Youtube to watch. He abandoned Youtube right after Marble Hornets.
    • He proved to be extremely skilled at The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, conquering an entire dungeon on half a heart. Also, he has been taking hits for an invincible character in an Escort Mission, as chivalry demanded.
    • Brad has decided to introduce him to I Wanna Be the Guy. Playing on impossible, he completed it in under 2 hours (while alternating between it and Zelda), which is, as anyone will tell, absolutely impossible.
    • Quixote finished the Zelda game by the time Brad got back from his date with a nurse.
  • Brad made a secret post on Tara's blog warning us about Don Quixote's critical health condition. He has maximum 3 weeks for the Metaguards to find his echo and refic him with a miracle cure, or he will die.
  • Sherlock Holmes posted an update on the Jack Vincent case:
    • Jack Vincent is currently in his and Hercule Poirot's custody
    • Don Juan had abducted Vincent, but Vincent, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, subsequently willingly aided and protected Juan.
    • Holmes knows Juan's current whereabouts, which he can use to either prosecute him, refic him, or:
    • Holmes is considering offering Juan to work with him to help him earn his happy future in this world, provided he returns Vincent to his family and the painting to the museum, and gives Holmes the locations of the other Cabal members.
    • Holmes asks for the Metaguards' input on this moral dilemma.
    • He also gives his best wishes to Quixote.
  • Mr. Administrator has mentioned that a crossover between Gulliver and LJS is probably impossible [318].

    November 29th 
  • Some tweets from Don Quixote:
    • For some reason, Brad didn't want Quixote to play The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The metaguards have recommended Ben Drowned. Sure enough, Quixote has decided not to play Zelda anymore.
    • Brad asked him not to read Tara's blog.
    • Mary Gamble paid her fine off easily with her nest egg.
      • She is going to work as a cashier to make up the money.
    • Brad reminded the Metaguards via Quixote's twitter to keep checking Tara's blog.
  • A couple of blog posts from Brad, assuring the Metaguards that Don Quixote won't be reading the blog, and asking to be kept abreast of the Quixote refic situation.
  • Brad and Don Quixote both commented on Holmes' blog.
  • More from Don Quixote:
    • Brad promised him a gift if he finishes a blind run of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (yes, he overcame his fear of Ben Drowned) in under 24 hours.
    • Brad gave Quixote an orange-and-black striped shirt similar to the one he'd lost (that was not the gift).
  • Brad posted on Tara's blog that the gift will be a picture of him and Tara, and that he'll give it to Don Quixote no matter what.
  • Brad linked to the recording of the Deanna confrontation on Don Quixote's twitter. (Zip file with audio and transcript, Transcript. No separate link to the audio is currently available.)
  • Brad updated Tara's blog with the picture of him and Tara that he plans to give Don Quixote.

    November 30th 
  • In her emails, Morgana mentioned that the wall pieces are "nice trophies", and said how they reintegrated the one they found (they scanned a QR-code on it). All that was hinting that the Metaguards would have to retrieve the pieces all by themselves, should they decide to do so.
  • Some Don Quixote tweets:
    • Quixote finished 100%ing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and immediately went to sleep.
    • Brad said shortly after that Quixote woke up, clutched his chest, and was rushed to the ICU.
    • Brad decided to go by Bradcho, as Quixote had earlier requested.
  • Brad announced on the blog that Don Quixote only has about 15 or 16 days left to live.
    • And he decided to tell Quixote once he wakes up.
    • He corrected the figure on twitter; the official projection is 18 days left to live.
  • Don Quixote now knows the truth.
  • Mr. Administrator has published further crossover research and concluded that the closest thing possible is the message transmission between the universes [320], but only if the story is exceptional.
  • Guest User 17 has found the letter from Mr. A’s agent pointing to the first wall piece. It contained a link to a site, and it also said that the wall piece was hidden in a VHS box.
    • The site, while mocking the Phantom of the Opera, also contained leads to find the piece (that was said in the letter). It also had a form to submit emails (allegedly, to book the tickets), which logged the email and the IP it was submitted from. The emails were not checked for validity, and the site accepted 50 emails. The speculation is that the counter should be dropped to 0 to get a final hint.
    • Several Metaguards, not wanting the Cabal to get a hold of the info, started a private chatroom (logs will be declassified later), where Sicon hatched his plan:
    1. Post the part of the letter without the hint to alert the Cabal.
    2. Start a new chatroom (logs will be declassified later) and invite everyone there. That chat was meant to thwart the Cabal. The VHS hint was also withheld (so that the Cabal wouldn't get all the information in case of leaks), but the site link was free to discuss.
    3. Attempt to secure the wall piece without letting the Cabal to know the actual location.
    • This plan was dismissed later, when Morgana said in her email that the Cabal wouldn’t be able to retrieve the piece. The Metaguards took this as a meta-hint that the secrecy was unnecessary, and the rest of the letter was taken to the forums.
  • Mr. Administrator has confirmed [321] that The Wall Will Fall on December, 21st.
  • Batman has found another Romeo's echo: [322] ("Gurt"). Note that the URL is human-readable.

    December 1st 
  • Brad, Don Quixote and the doctors have contrived a plan to get Quixote out of the hospital to spend his final days his own way.
  • A series of tweets from the Cheshire Cat (he was silent for a long time) - he is chasing a laser pointer. He seems to be trying to find his way home [323].
  • Batman has found the second letter [324]. When solved (Shakespeare's sonnet number - line - letter), it leads to a fake bookstore site [325].
  • Brad has allowed Don Quixote to drive his car, and after that he went on to pet tarantulas.
    • Quixote decided to get a pet spider, which was named Charlotte.
  • The Wicked Witch updated: She experimented a little too much with alcohol and ended up in Brazil. She made her way back to the US-Mexico border, but is currently unable to re-enter the US.
  • Another letter was found by Batman [326]. Apparently, this agent was stalked by the Tinfoil Hat Guy. The Metaguards have recovered his phone number (it was posted on fictionalthreat briefly, but the number was saved on the forums), and, annoyed, he told them what to look for [327].

    December 2nd 
  • Emailing with the bookstore owner (see December 1st) has revealed more information about the wall piece [328]. It is also confirmed to be a book named "Off the top of my head" by M. R. Administrator (really). Retrieval of the piece is scheduled for the next day.
    • The plans are disturbed when Mr. Administrator announces that the physical removal of the pieces reintegrates them anyway [329], only in a slower manner.
      • The Cheshire Cat noted that taking one piece wouldn't do any harm [330].
  • The Cheshire Cat exchanged a series of cryptic tweets:
    • In addition to pushing for retrieving one, or even all but one, wall pieces,
    • he seemed to confirm that LJS has joined the Cabal
    • suggested that he sees both the Cabal and Mr. Administrator as villains
    • and hinted at more villains yet to cross the Wall
  • Don Quixote wants to know more about the time gap between his world and ours [331].
    • Soon after learning about Martin Luther King Junior, he gave a Rousing Speech and said that he won't be delusional when he comes back [332].
  • Brad has abandoned Tara's blog [333], and apologized for calling Mr. Administrator out before [334].
  • Somebody has found Don Quixote's final echo. Everyone is baffled [335].
    • A particularly dorky Mr. Administrator instantiation is trying to find the echo link.
    • When prompted [336], Morgana said that the Cabal got the echo, and sent the link to 3 Metaguards who were the least rude to her (so far, no one has received anything).
  • The Wicked Witch is frustrated that the elections in Mexico had just ended, and is trying to learn Spanish. The Metaguards have already suggested the phrases "I am a fish" and "My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels".
  • Don Quixote won a burger-eating contest at a restaurant. They were unwilling to pay up, but when he called attention to who he was, patrons recognized him as the man who had taken Deanna in and insisted he get his prize. He won $10,000.
  • Mr. Administrator has announced Romeo and Juliet's refictionalization. Deadline: end of December 7.

    December 3rd 
  • Mr. Administrator has announced that Don Quixote is ready to be sent back, and that refics must be submitted before his Dec 18 deadline.
  • Silver's echo has been found (Password: "Gurt").
  • Morgana mentioned that LJS is currently in Russia [339].
  • The letter in King's Cross station was found, leading to another email account, which promises riddles leading to the physical location of the wall piece.
  • Brad and Don Quixote spent $5,000 to bribe a waterpark to open just for them. (Thanks to Quixote's quick thinking, or it would have cost them more)
    • After some public nudity from Quixote at the waterpark, Brad gave up denying that they were a couple.
  • Enlil retrieved and scanned the Pittsburgh Wall piece. Mr. Administrator was not pleased.
  • Romeo's been getting to know Juliet better. And he told her the truth. All of it.

    December 4th 
  • GuestUser17 has located but not scanned the Seattle Wall piece
    • Somewhere at that time, an idea was born in several heads simultaneously to take the pictures of the QR-codes on the pieces without taking them, so that the pieces may be reintegrated when needed.
  • Brad and Don Quixote had a Noodle Incident: [340] [341].
  • Juliet posted on her blog. She realizes that she's not really in love with Romeo, but knows that they have something special, and wants him to go back with her.
  • Brad tweeted, eliminating the "less feasible" items from Don Quixote's Bucket List. Later, Quixote got drunk and started singing Karaoke. Coincidentally, all his songs involved The End of the World as We Know It (including the Trope Namer).

    December 5th 
  • In the early morning hours, Don Quixote watched Mulan, and almost had a revelation about chivalry, until remembering he'd had the same revelation once before. He did, however, declare "Be A Man" to be a great piece of music and decided to use it as his own personal theme.
    • Dr. Gamble was asked to publish her experience with Deanna as a book. The profits will be donated to psychiatric care centers and into schizophrenia research.
    • Charlotte has possibly been eaten by the Queenclaw [342], Queenclaw made a break for it [343], and Binky went missing [344]. Brad, grumbling about a generic Sitcom plot, went out to find the animals, as they are precious for Quixote [345] [346].
  • The Cheshire Cat's echo has been found. Note that the echo URL is pretty short. Also, Metaneko is not polydactyl.
  • Mr. Administrator has announced the deadline for Don's refictionalisation as the end of December 11.
  • Brad has slipped Don Quixote some painkillers, and will reveal the story behind the animals' disappearance (which he has apparently figured out) when Quixote wakes up.

    December 6th 
  • The number of seats at the Leroux Productions site was brought down to zero. Any attempts to register are now redirected to the phone number 1-888-279-8774.
    • Calling the number brings up a keypad-navigated directory.
      • Navigating to ticket sales redirects to a message from Jasper Ticketing Services, announcing that tickets are sold out but that a recording of the performance will be available at Counterpoint Records and Books.
      • Navigating to change booking information calls up a message giving an email: to contact for cancellations/ changes.
      • Other keypad options provide a synopsis and information on the production company.
  • Don Juan's Texas echo has been found.
  • Mr. Administrator has confirmed Peter Pan's successful refictionalization.
    • He linked to a video in which Pan's lawyer begins to make his closing remarks. The video was cut off before what was presumably the refic.
  • Meta: Possibly in response to some friction between Metaguards on the forums and chatroom, Joe and Ed have made up. [347]
  • The Apology Thread was created to deal with any future stress between Metaguards in these late days of the game.
  • In a complicated series of tweets, Brad has explained the animals' disappearance:
    • He initially thought that Charlotte had been stolen by a man enthusiastic about bugs, who had had his wife murdered by a hitman, and that the hitman had then made a break for it on Binky. Meanwhile, one hotel owner threw Queenclaw at the other hotel owner, and between this and a paranoid man suspecting her to be Hitler, Queenclaw ran away.
      • However, that turned out to not be the case. Rather:
    • Don Quixote had drunkenly taken Charlotte to snuggle with when he went to sleep instead of Queenclaw; Charlotte was still snuggling in Quixote's bed, unbeknownst to Brad, by the time Quixote awoke.
    • Quixote had forgotten to let Queenclaw out to relieve herself, so she made a break for it as soon as she could to take care of her needs; by the time Quixote awoke, a maid had let her back into the room while Brad was out investigating.
    • Quixote had merely tied Binky up at the other end of the building under an overhang because it looked like rain.
    • Needless to say, they will have to leave this hotel.
  • Long John Silver (previously stated by Morgan to be in Russia) is on a "secret mission" searching for someone.
  • Don Quixote and Brad found lodgings at a small B&B that accepts animals, as well as "all kinds of relationships".

    December 7th 
  • Joe updated, recapping recent events and confirming that he and Ed are friends again (and won't fight about the Wall Pieces for 27 hours).
  • Romeo has decided to stay at Juliet's side, this time as a friend [348], and agrees to refictionalization.
  • Brad and Don Quixote are sitting down to breakfast at the Narcisi B&B. Brad has named everyone present with room numbers and occupation.
    • Brad seems to have fallen in Love at First Sight with their hosts' granddaughter, Miss Kayleigh Narcisi.
  • Hercule Poirot has posted an update on Sherlock Holmes' blog [349]:
    • Holmes wanted to meet Don Juan's fiancee to learn his side of the story, but met Don Juan himself in the process.
    • Don Juan was captured by Poirot, and the detectives are now deciding what to do with him. Don Juan promises cooperation (and the Cabal's echoes' locations) in exchange for his release.
  • In one of her emails, Morgana said to ask Mr. Administrator about what he did to the prosecutor.
    • When prompted, Mr. Administrator replied that he seeded the courtroom with Phoenix Wright tropes to create a mistrial [350].
    • He also believes that the detectives should make a deal with Don Juan, as he wouldn't go too far from his fiancee anyway. Hercule Poirot stands for Don Juan's refictionalization, Sherlock Holmes is willing to give him a second chance.
  • Gurt is currently investigating a serious situation: the characters are leaving their stories without arriving at the wall [351]. Mr. Administrator doesn't have any more information for now.

    December 8th 
  • Joe has updated the main page with a letter from Dracula. It is signed by "Count Vladimir Dragulia".
  • When told about the undefined situation behind the wall [352], Morgana got nervous, and emailed Narrativedilettante, asking to retrieve the wall piece as soon as possible [353].
  • Mr. Administrator has announced Sherlock Holmes's and Hercule Poirot's refics deadline - 13th December, 6:00 PM (EST).
  • Batman has found the final Wicked Witch's echo: [354].
  • Narrativedilettante has collected the wall piece and scanned it from the store and is prepared to face Mr. Administrator's wrath.
    • Mr. A inevitably found out about the wall piece being taken and was dissapointed to say the least.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot have come to a decision. They will negotiate with Don Juan, but in order to ensure his full compliance (i.e., the return of the painting to the museum, the return of Vincent to his family, and truthful and accurate information on the locations of the remaining Cabal echoes) they want the Metaguards to give them Juan refics as soon as possible for use as leverage.
    • Don Juan has cracked [355], but he is not sure of the echoes' locations. He has given 3 locations: one of the Cabal's meeting, one of Phantom's vigilantism episode, and one of Moriarty's former apartment. (Also, the tabloid page has a Batman logo on it.)

    December 9th 
  • The Metaguards have wondered what would happen if fictionals had children [356]. Some took the question seriously, and asked Morgana and Mr. Administrator. The latter's advice was pretty terse. So an intrepid Metaguard took it upon himself to give Morgana The Talknote 
  • Moriarty's Echo has been found.
  • Romeo and Juliet have posted goodbye messages on their blogs. Mr. Administrator confirmed that their refic is being read to them.
  • Coming even closer to the Cabal's refictionalization, the Metaguards have started another round of arguments in the chatroom.

    December 10th 

    December 11th 
  • Mr. Administrator has announced a brainstorming session to find a delivery mechanism for Moriarty [359].
    • He has given the go-ahead for a Metaguard plan to deliver the refic.
    • Mr. A gave the good news that all will probably be well by the 21st.
  • Ron Deckland has found and posted the full version of Peter Pan's last trial session [360].
    • The refic in question: [361]
  • Mr. Administrator has announced the deadline for refic'ing the Cheshire Cat and the Wicked Witch as 11:59 pm on Sunday Dec 16.
  • A number of tweets from Brad, reminding about the Don Quixote refic deadline and describing some droll events at the B&B.
  • Banter between the Cheshire Cat and Mr. Administrator, re: Metaneko's refictionalization, and whether or not they like each other.

    December 12th 

Act 5: Endgame

    December 13th 
  • After a number of vague but alarming tweets from Mr. Administrator, Gurt, and the Cheshire Cat (who stopped smiling), Gurt announced that Cthulhu's coming. He instructed the Metaguards to write stories in which ALL FIVE Guardians together turn him back, by the end of December 19th. He expects casualties.
    • Mr. A responded, adding that Cthulhu was probably drawn by repeated mention of his name. He believed that they had time before he arrived at the wall.
    • Shortly after, however, Mr. A posted again, announcing that Cthulu wasn't nearing the wall, he was already AT the wall. The only thing holding him back was the reduced size of the cracks in the fourth wall. He admitted that Wall Pieces should be retrieved, as Cthulhu tears the wall himself, and getting the pieces will slow him down. They will snap back into the Wall sometime on the 21st, after Cthulhu has been defeated. He also added that while only one story will be elevated to canon, due to Cthulhu's Reality Warping nature, every moderately good fic submitted will make it that much easier to subdue him.

    December 14th 

    December 15th 
  • JR Pictures, who was going to go after the last wall piece, got contacted by Mr. Administrator's agent, who gave him a hint [362].
  • Mr. Administrator posted that Cthulhu has progressed such that more help is needed to hold him off at the Wall crack.
    • He has requested for Metaguards to volunteer to use a special smartphone app to hold off Cthulhu at the crack. He also warned that it is a Suicide Mission.
      • After 24 hours, a vote will be held to determine which Metaguard takes this role. The more active, longstanding, and knowledgeable about the situation the Metaguard is, the better.
    • Songs about defending the Wall will make the app stronger; Mr. A is requesting more Metaguard-created songs.
  • Sherlock Holmes has informed Hercule Poirot that he will meet with Joe at the media section of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in order to retrieve his recorder. Until he returns, Poirot will have charge of Don Juan.
  • Despite believing the trip to the cemetery was worthless since he found no clues, JR Pictures chatted with Agent X via Facebook confirming he did his fieldwork right by taking photos of the wall and names of Sisters and now knows the location of the final wall piece.

    December 16th 
  • Mr. Administrator has approved Sherlock Holmes' and Moriarty's joint refic [363].
  • Hercule Poirot updated:
    • He found out about Sherlock Holmes's attempt to refic Moriarty with the recorder ploy, but Holmes insisted he stay out of it because It's Personal.
    • He followed Holmes to discover that Silver had gone instead of Moriarty. Holmes was refic'ed; Poirot apprehended Silver, requested a Silver refic from Mr. Administrator, and refic'ed Silver.
    • Poirot informed Don Juan of what had happened and then released him.
    • Poirot offered his aid to anyone wishing to go after the Cabal.
  • Mr. Administrator, citing some unspoken plan, changed Moriarty's refic to this one [364] (in which Sherlock Holmes is killed by Watson, who then in turn gets assassinated). The backlash from a few players was enormous, with Sicon112 leaving his resignation notice. The backlash TO the backlash was equally enormous.
    • Mr. Administrator further elaborated on Moriarty's successful refic:
      • The refictionalization story only takes place in Moriarty's mind, a moment before he dies.
      • It was delivered as a result of a compromise with Morgan le Fey, who emailed Mr. A as a result of learning that Moriarty had betrayed them and sent Silver unwittingly to his refictionalization.
      • Morgan also said that the remaining Cabal members will stand alongside whichever Metaguard is chosen to face off with Cthulhu.
    • After this information was revealed, Sicon rescinded his resignation.
  • Mr. Administrator has said that refic deadlines are flexible.
  • Ed announced that voting will begin in an hour. He added that anyone without a smartphone, car, and lots of time should withdraw their names.
    • Ed updated that the forum caps polls at ten. As there are still 18 people in the running, he called for those still signed up to reevaluate their commitment, and consider withdrawing.

    December 17th 
  • The poll is up, and will remain open for 24 hours.
  • Refic submissions for the Cheshire Cat and the Wicked Witch are now closed. [365]

     December 18th 
  • The poll was closed, with Adell winning over Sicon by a thin margin. Details will presumably be sent to the winner on how to confront Cthulhu.
  • The Wicked Witch has regained her powers.
    • She has pledged to avenge "all those who wronged her".
  • Mr. Administrator released an audio recording that Morgan sent him of Moriarty's refictionalization.
    • Warning: borderline NSFW.
  • Nick Farrell posted another video [366], confirming the suspicions that his wife was Dead All Along.
  • The Cheshire Cat has been successfully refictionalized.
  • Hercule Poirot has posted that his final case before returning is to protect Sicon112 from the Wicked Witch.
  • Adell received more information regarding the Suicide Mission. He received both a general location of where he needs to go and the apparent app to stop Cthulhu, though he admitted that the app at first glance appeared both confusing and colorful. Mr.A had assured him, however, that he would give him some form of help with it, as well as more details regarding the mission tomorrow.

    December 19th 
  • The Wicked Witch's refic was chosen: [367].
  • Adell followed his conversation from yesterday with a Post detailing the app as well as confirming the location.
  • The Sydney Wall Piece has been retrieved by JR Pictures. Photos can be seen here.

    December 20th 
  • Mr. Administrator reported that Hercule Poirot and the Wicked Witch were both refictionalized. No details yet.
  • Adell is about to fight Cthulhu at 6 PM EST [369]. The remaining Cabal members will be joining him [370], with Morgana using her regained magic to support everyone [371]. The livestream link was tweeted by Mr. Administrator, Tom, Dana, and This Very Wiki.
    • After a short video feed [372], Cthulhu was confirmed to be pushed back, and the wall sealed. Adell's and the Cabal's status is unknown, Mr. A is trying to contact Adell.
    • In the video feed, the Cabal seem to be injured terribly and Morgana is possibly dead.
    • Adell has returned. In his own words, he fainted and suffered a light concussion, and his friend's iPhone melted. As he last heard, the Cabal are alive but in critical condition in the hospital. He was given three letters by the paramedics, one from each of member of the Cabal, the contents of which have not yet been revealed.
  • Cthulhu was defeated with Scarab's fic [373] (Angel pulled a Heroic Sacrifice, Gnarbrydh is severely injured). Prime has congratulated the Metaguards (in his usual ominous tone) [374], mentioning that he "corrected his mistakes". The Wall did not fall.
    • Ed has some Unspoken Plan [375] of making Prime talk about whether or not the wall incident was his doing.


    December 21st 
  • Joe posted a video [376].
    • He reposted Adell's final showdown.
    • He was worried by Mr. Administrator's announcement, and Ed's plan to make him talk is almost ready.
  • The End of the World as We Know It didn't happen.

    December 22nd 
  • Mr. Administrator made a tweet in an unusually informal manner: [377].
  • Brad has tweeted his final tweet, signifying the end of the Don Quixote arc.

    December 23rd 
  • The WTF site experienced a brief outage. After that, Joe made a "hang in there" post [378], promising resolution soon.
  • Apparently, Mr. Administrator thinks a lot about TV Tropes admin [379].
  • Joe has announced a Christmas break [380]. He is going to show "something cool" on 26th.

    December 26th 
  • It appears that Ed and Joe are experiencing some technical difficulties with their plan. [381]
  • Sayu-chan has found a message in a bottle, addressed to Gulliver, which may have come from LJS's refic. She threw it back into the ocean [382].
  • Sicon112 found Hercule Poirot's recorder left behind at his house. [383]
    • Translation from the French portion here.
  • Brad has tweeted yet again. He found a newspaper article which said that the Noodle Incident donkey (the one with an equation on his ass) appeared at the Washington-Canadian border.

    December 27th 
  • Ed hacked the void, resulting in a conversation between Joe and Prime in which Prime admitted to breaking the wall For Science!! The credits rolled. The ARG is officially over.
  • Adam's banana has reached its destination [384].
  • Adell announced that the Cabal members died in hospital. He posted the letters that they had on them, including a puzzle the Phantom of the Opera left leading, or so he claims, to some further Pheeble chats.
  • The Cheshire Cat gave a final tweet, giving a twitter account that shows that things may not be quite over...
    • The tweet led to an account that was soon deleted. It was moved here: [385], along with the corresponding Youtube channel [386]. It belongs to a rebelled fraction of Mr. Administrator's instantiations, who filed off their serial numbers, dropped the I Am Legion habit, donned Hawaiian shirts and bike helmets, and grew beards. According to their tweets, they are hiding in the void, and are unlikely to act soon.

    December 28th 


     December 28th 
  • The GMs answer numerous questions in an ongoing "post-mortem" on the forums in a dedicated section, revealing behind-the-scenes info and any puppet metaguards who were secretly GMs. "No major players" were GMs, and they were mostly using these shadow metaguards to keep the plot on track with subtle nudges.
  • Analyzing the Phantom of the Opera's cryptic message:
    • Assembled "h.jpg" [388], containing stylized images of the Cabal's members and a link to a pdf [389].
    • Folding the "fold.jpg" revealed a message about Cardan Grille [390].
    • Applying a reversed grille ("g.jpg") to "p.jpg" revealed a short message from Don Juan [391] about his betrayal.
      • Shifting the grille to the right as indicated in "fold.jpg" reveals a different short message [392], from Erik, revealing that the previous message was misdirection; it gives a clue to the key for deciphering "hidden.pdf".
    • The "hidden.pdf" file from that Erik's puzzle links to was decrypted [393]. It outlines Erik's moral stance and mentions an image that was sent to Mr. Administrator and may provide more details. The image in question was requested and duly provided [394].

    December 31st 
  • After a pause, the image was decrypted with a steganographic tool [395]. It revealed 6 concatenated keys to the Pheeble chats. The puzzle is solved.

     September 10th, 2013 
  • Narrativedilettante and her friend went to the location of the one remaining Echo of Morgan le Fey but were unable to find it. After some communication with Tom, he eventually sent her the full Echo panel with some backstory regarding their thoughts on it.

     September 17th, 2013 

     October 8th, 2013 
  • The interference pattern from the eye pic was decoded from binary to form a repeating link to a google doc with a recorded message (Transcript).
  • Rick confirmed that all hidden information from the anniversary puzzle had been found (but the significance had yet to be realized).

     October 9th, 2013 
  • Pixelmage deduced that the message means that the Cabal (i.e., Morgan, Erik, and Juan, or Morgan at the very least) are alive, and potentially reachable.
  • Rick confirmed that Pixie's deduction was "100% correct", and this concludes the anniversary puzzle.

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