This is a timeline of ''ARG/TheWallWillFall'' ARG. [[labelnote:*]]Her name is Susie. [[CargoShip Don't ask.]][[/labelnote]] It follows the events leading up to and following the [[AC:[[ Grave Announcement]]]] from Mr. Administrator.

Timeline originally started by @/{{Anura}}, expanded by @/{{Dryunya}}. Continued by a lot of other {{Troper}}s and [[FanNickname Metaguards]].

All dates are 2012 unless otherwise stated. To keep the date and time inconsistensies to minimum, the '''EST''' time (GMT-5), 24-hour format is used. EST is the time Mr Administrator uses when he announces refictionalization stories.

[[CargoShip Also, the timeline has taken out a restraining order against]] @/{{Dryunya}}. (Don't worry, it MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext.)

After abandoning her (and the ARG in general) for the longest time, Anura finally showed up to spend more time with his daughter. He detailed this using an LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/PrincessMaker'', viewable [[ here]].


!! Setting the board
* June 12th, 1987: President Reagan observes in his speech that graffiti'd on the Berlin Wall are the words "This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality." [[!]], [[]]
* [[color:blue:May 14th, 2011: Echo Chamber begins. [[]]]]
* [[color:blue:June 26th, 2011: Zack's first tweet.]] [[]]
* '''October 3rd, 2011: Mr. Administrator's first tweet.''' [[]]
* [[color:blue:July 12th: ''"Mind Screw"'' episode of Echo Chamber airs. [[]]]]
** The code numbers of the Mr. Administrators (more easily read during the credits, where they are in order) can be translated out to read "THE WALL WILL FALL". The number to letter system is repeatedly used throughout the rest of the ARG.
* [[color:blue:July 17th: Zack's wanted poster posted on EC's Facebook.]] [[]]
* [[color:red:August 5th: [[ Joe]] posts ''"Cat Video on the Internet"''. [[]]]]
* [[color:red:September 5th: Date in Park [[]], Chainmail Dude [[]] and Mermaid(?) [[]] videos posted.]]
* September 9th
** [[color:red:''"WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 1"''. [[]] (Don Quixote and Sparkly Figure)]]
** [[color:blue:Linked to from EC's Facebook.]]
* [[color:green:September 10th: Cheshire Cat's first tweet (not discovered yet).]] [[]]
* September 12th
** [[color:red:''"WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 2"''. [[]] (The mermaid)]]
** [[color:red:High-contrast mermaid video. [[]]]]
** [[color:blue:Linked to from Zack's twitter.]]
* [[color:red:September 15th:''"WTF: Watch The Footage - Episode 3"''. [[]] (A man in a suit)]].
* [[color:green:September 16th: Hercule Poirot's first blog post (not discovered yet). [[]]]]

* Recap/TheWallWillFallAct1 (September 17th - September 28th)
* Recap/TheWallWillFallAct2 (September 29th - October 30th)
* Recap/TheWallWillFallAct3 (October 31st - November 14th)
* Recap/TheWallWillFallAct4 (November 15th - December 12th)
* Recap/TheWallWillFallAct5Endgame (December 13th - December 20th)
* Recap/TheWallWillFallEpilogue (December 21st - December 28th)
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