Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers S 3 E 6 Remembrance

The sixth episode is a very big Wham Episode that sets the tone for Season 3, and finally gives the fans the idea that the show has become very dark...

...well, it did, but certain things got in the way. The Warner Music Group deleted the sound for this episode, since it contained one of their songs. The audio was returned at a later date... before the episode was deleted by Richie because, we quote: "WMG SUCKS!" However...

Thanks to several YouTube users who downloaded the episode before it was taken down, the episode still exists (albeit in inferior quality).

Mario's memories return to him and know he know what happened in the Orchard. Just as Wario was going to kill him with the Saber, a mysterious rage came over Mario and a fight scene ensued. After the rage wore off, Wario tried and failed to kill Mario. Meanwhile, Link is still lost in the forest and has begun to believe that the coconut he found has been talking to him.

Finally, we see Nilrem being confronted by the voice that talked to Wario earlier. The two get in a argument, with the voice temporarily forming an arm to grab Nilrem. Nilrem tells the voice to stay out of his plans and to leave Wario alone, as that now that the voice's master is dead, Nilrem has no need to worry about the voice. When the voice expresses confusion on Nilrem's plans, Nilrem further explains that his plans are already in motion, and there is nothing the voice can do. When the voice threatens to kill him, Nilrem reveals to the voice that he is Merlin, and that he can easily kill the voice. Terrified, the voice... runs (?) away from Merlin, leaving the thousand-year old man to hope that "two men will learn that the world depends on them".

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