Recap / Star Trek S2 E18 "The Immunity Syndrome"
What the hell is that.
Kirk and the Enterprise are due to go on shore leave soon, but are interrupted when they get a hail from Starfleet asking them to investigate the disappearance of solar system Gamma 7A. They also get a garbled message from the Vulcan science vessel the Intrepid consisting only of the ship's name and co-ordinates. After they lose contact with the Intrepid, Spock feels as if 400 Vulcans suddenly cried out in terror, then were suddenly silenced.

It is soon revealed that the Intrepid and the missing solar system were all devoured by a giant space amoeba. This amoeba is likened to an infection upon the universe and the Enterprise are the anti-bodies to take it out. Just one question: Who's going to fly a shuttle straight into the maw of an energy devouring mass?

The Fan Nickname for this episode, as immortalized in Melonpoolnote , is "The One with... the Giant Space Amoeba".

Tropes for this episode include: