Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 05 E 24 Empok Nor

When Chief O'Brien needs special parts to repair the station, he decides to get them from Empok Nor, an abandoned Cardassian station built on the same design as DS9. The Cardassians are known for booby-trapping installations that they leave behind, so Sisko enlists Garak to go along with Chief, Nog, and a crew of red-shirt engineers and security personnel as the booby-trap expert.

Exploring the station, they discover two recently-emptied stasis chambers. It appears that two Cardassian soldiers were left behind, and triggered to awaken when the station was boarded, and now they are stalking the visitors. As they pick off the red-shirts one by one, Garak goes in search of them, seeming to turn from his usual sly and urbane self to a violent hunter.


  • Black Dude Dies First: Stolzoff, the only black and only female crew member is the first to get killed.
  • Not Himself: Garak is turned Ax-Crazy by the experimental compound the Cardassians left on Empok Nor.
  • Reckless Gun Usage: Stolzoff despite a trained security guard, points her phaser rifle at another crewmember who asks her not to with Stolzoff's only response that the safety is on.
  • Red Shirt: The uniform color may have changed, but...
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Crazy!Garak taunts O'Brien for no longer being a soldier. Subverted when O'Brien says "You're right. I'm an engineer." and uses an improvised bomb to stop him.