Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 05 E 23 Blaze Of Glory

A fleet of cloaked missiles are headed for Cardassia, a desperate revenge strike by the Maquis. And only one person can help Sisko stop them. Michael Eddington.


  • Bus Crash: Cal Hudson is mentioned to have died in a random skirmish sometime after his defection.
  • Fighting for a Homeland: Eddington mentions that with the Cardassians on the run, the Maquis were going to declare the DMZ an independent nation.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Eddington, as lampshaded by Sisko.
    Eddington: They died because I wasn't there when they needed me most. Because you put me in jail.
    Sisko: They died because you filled their heads with false hopes. Sold them dreams of a military victory when what they needed was a negotiated peace.
    Eddington: We had the Cardassians on the run.
    Sisko: And they ran right into the arms of the Dominion! End of story!