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Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 04 E 17 Accession
A 200 year old Bajorian flies through the wormhole, claiming to be the chosen Emissary. Meanwhile, O'Brien finds out Keiko's pregnant again.

This episode contains examples of:

  • A God Am I: When Akorem wakes up in the infirmary, he introduces himself as the Emissary.
  • Book Ends: The episode begins with Sisko uncomfortably performing a Bajoran marriage blessing. It ends with him happy to attend a Bajoran girl's birthday party.
  • Call Back: When Quark tells Worf that Keiko's going to have a baby, Worf exclaims "Now?!?". In the Next Gen episode "Disaster", Worf delivered the O'Briens first child Molly during an emergency.
  • Character Development: This is when Sisko starts to accept his role as Emissary.
  • Fantastic Caste System: This episode reveals that Bajor had one of these before the Cardassian Occupation. Akorem tries to bring it back, but the results are less than pleasant until Sisko puts a stop to it.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Worf makes some preemptive plans to be far away from DS9 when the O'Brien's baby #2 is due.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Sandwich: Bashir and O'Brien never finish any of the beers they order.
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