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Recap: South Park S 16 E 8 Sarcastaball
Randy gets upset when the schools are concerned about kids getting concussed playing football. He attends a meeting and sarcastically suggests that they wear bras and compliment each other. It's taken seriously, and the new rules go into effect for the kids' new Sarcastaball team. The phenomenon picks up steam and soon professional football leagues swap to Sarcastaball. Randy initially coaches South Park's kid team, but he moves on to coach the big leagues. Butters picks up in his place, being the nicest kid in town. He gives a speech and keeps everyone going. However, Cartman has some issues. He asks Butters for help, so Butters shows him his "Creamy Goo". Since Mr. Stotch is dishonest with Butters about what semen is he tells him that his morning emissions are just good feelings, something Butters has been hoarding. He gives Cartman some goo. Everyone starts taking Butters' Creamy Goo like it's a sports drink. Randy becomes nearly incapable of speaking sincerely, and he bursts onto the school Sarcastaball show to tell everyone. He's told that the kids actually like Sarcastaball sincerely, not as a joke like Randy thinks. It's heartwarming, but all that changes when Randy tries some Creamy Goo and discovers that it's semen. Butters is grounded and everyone gets grossed out, apparently having no clue what semen looks or tastes like. Sarcastaball ends forever.
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