Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 02 E 06 Ring Of Terror

Films watched: The Phantom Creeps (Film Serial) Chapter 3 and Ring of Terror

The Segments:

  • Tom and Crow enlist Cambot's help to trigger movie sign early just to mess with Joel. Granted, it makes hitting the commercial sign buzzer more difficult for them.

Segment 1/Invention Exchange
  • The Mads have created a giant life-sized version of Operation which uses a "willing" subject. Meanwhile, Joel appropriates an X-ray fluoroscope and uses his own internal organs and a lump of barium to play "Pin-Bolus". Don't ask where the ball exits.

Segment 2
  • Inspired by the film, the SOL crew pitch the "Old School for Old Students", where the elderly can return to get their degrees... ostensibly, though the offered curriculum might not lend itself to doing so.

Segment 3
  • The 'Bots aren't terribly pleased when Joel performs an autopsy on a Hoover vacuum.

Segment 4
  • Joel tries to motivate Tom and Crow to say some nice things about the movie. They have no shortage of grievances, at least.

Segment 5
  • Frank takes a stab at singing with his original song "If Chauffeurs Ruled the World".

The MST3K treatment provides examples of: