Recap / Lost S 01 E 06 Houseof The Rising Sun

Season 1, Episode 5:

House of the Rising Sun

It's been seven days since the crash. Jack, Kate, Locke and Charlie head off to the caves to get drinking water for the other survivors, and Sun watches them go.

FLASHBACK! Years ago in Seoul, Sun is a young socialite, daughter of a wealthy businessman, while Jin is a poor waiter. Despite their class differences, they have fallen in love and plan to marry. Sun wants to elope to America, but Jin insists on following traditions and getting her father's permission. As a token of love, Jin gives Sun a single flower, wishing he could afford a diamond instead.

On the beach, Jin suddenly attacks Michael, almost killing him for seemingly no reason. Sayid and Sawyer arrive, subdue Jin and chain him to a piece of the wreckage using the Marshal's handcuffs. Sayid asks what happened, but Sun is unable to answer. At the caves, Jack and Kate get water while Locke searches through the luggage. Charlie sneaks away for a fix and accidentally stands on a beehive; Locke tells him not to move or he'll split the hive and the bees will attack. On the beach, Michael explains that he did nothing to provoke Jin's attack, but since Jin can't speak English and therefore cannot explain his actions, the survivors decide he must stay cuffed to the wreckage, even in the extreme heat.

FLASHBACK! In exchange for taking a job at Paik Industries (the company owned by Sun's father), Jin gets permission to marry Sun. He proposes with a diamond ring and Sun accepts, though she isn't happy that Jin will be working for her father.

At the caves, Jack tries to cover the beehive with a suitcase so they can't attack, but Charlie panics and splits the hive. The bees swarm: Jack and Kate run into the caves and strip off their shirts to help drive the bees away. Kate stumbles onto a pair of skeletons in a cave, and Jack guesses that they died of (relatively) natural causes and were laid to rest about 40 or 50 years ago. They also find a pair of small stones, one black and one white. When Locke and Charlie return, Jack tells them that one skeleton is a female, and Locke nicknames the pair "Adam and Eve".

Kate: Where would they come from?
Jack: Didn't you guys shoot a polar bear last week?
Kate: Yeah.
Jack: Where'd that come from?

FLASHBACK! Sun comes home to her large apartment and finds that Jin has bought her a puppy, to keep her company while he works long hours. Despite their financial security, Sun feels as though the passion has gone out of their relationship.

At the caves, Jack realizes that carrying water from the caves every day is impractical, and suggests moving there permenantly. On the beach, Walt asks what Michael did to provoke Jin, and Michael swears that he didn't do anything. They talk, and Walt admits that he doesn't really know anything about his father. Sun wants to try and explain the misunderstanding to the other survivors, but Jin demands that she stay by his side, and that they will not explains themselves to "a thief".

FLASHBACK! One night, Jin comes home in a rush, his hands and shirt covered with blood. Sun demands to know what happens, but all Jin will say is that he was working for her father.

As Jack and Kate walk back to the beach, he continues making plans to move into the caves, but Kate seems reserved. At the caves, Charlie tries to sneak away again for another fix, but Locke says it's too dangerous to risk breaking line of sight. He also reveals that he's recognized Charlie as part of the one-hit wonder rockband Drive Shaft, and thinks that Charlie is looking for his guitar. In the jungle, Jack and Kate come across Sayid chopping wood and learn about the situation with Jin. They discuss Jack's plan to move everyone to the caves: Sayid thinks that moving off the beach means giving up on being rescued, while Jack thinks that staying on the beach with no fresh water is suicide. When they return to the beach, Jack tries to talk people into the idea, but only convinces about half. Sawyer asks Kate what she's doing, and neither admit what they've decided. When Michael goes into the jungle to chop wood, Sun follows.

FLASHBACK! With a friend, Sun discusses her plan to run away from Jin while she accompanies him on a business trip to Sydney. She is instructed to meet a car outside Sydney Airport on the morning of their flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.

Sun approaches Michael and speaks to him. In fluent English. She tells Michael that the gold watch he's been wearing for several days belonged to Sun's father and that Jin was entrusted with protecting it: for Jin, it's a matter of honour, and that's why he tried to kill Michael. At the caves, Charlie tries to sneak away again, but Locke corners him and demands that he turn over the heroin stash. At first, Charlie refuses.

Locke: Do you want your guitar? More than your drug?
Charlie: More than you know.
Locke: What I know is that this island might just give you what you're looking for, but you have to give the island something.
[a pause, then Charlie gives Locke the drugs]
Charlie: You really think you can find my guitar?
Locke: Look up, Charlie.
Charlie: You're not going to ask me to pray or something.
Locke: I want you to look up.

Charlie looks up, and sees his perfectly intact guitar case hanging from a tree root. On the beach, Jack prepares to leave, but Kate decides to stay on the beach. As Sun watches, Michael frees Jin from the handcuffs, gives him back the watch and demands that he stay away from Michael and Walt from now on.

FLASHBACK! At Sydney Airport, Sun is about to leave for good when she sees that Jin has brought her a single flower, like he did before they were married. She decides to stay with him instead.

At the caves, Locke waits and Charlie is playing his guitar when Jack arrives with the "new tenants", including Hurley, Jin and Sun. On the beach, the other survivors sit around the large signal fire.