Recap / Lost S 01 E 03 Tabula Rasa

Season 1, Episode 3:

Tabula Rasa

As the survivors sort through luggage from the plane, Jack tends to the US Marshal, who warns him that "she" is dangerous and not to be trusted. Jack checks the Marshal's pockets and finds Kate's mugshots. Hurley asks Jack questions, some stupid (could "the Monster" be a dinosaur?) and some not (is the Marshal going to die?), and Jack answers "no" to both. While Jack is distracted, Hurley sees Kate's mugshots. On the high ground, Sayid decides that the group should make camp rather than travelling at night and risk running into the Monster. They decide not to tell the others about the Frenchwoman's message. As they sleep, Boone tries to take the handgun and the ammo. An argument breaks out over who should hold them, and everyone decides that it should be Kate.

FLASHBACK! In rural Australia, a farmer catches Kate sleeping in his sheep pen. He offers her some food. She says her name is "Annie" and that she's a Canadian graduate backpacking around Australia. The farmer offers her room and board in exchange for work around the farm.

The group return to the beach, and Sayid tells the other survivors that the transceiver didn't work. He asks them to gather cell phones and laptops so that he can try and boost the signal, and to start rationing supplies. Kate tells Jack what really happened; he prods her to admit that she's the fugitive but she doesn't, and he lies about whether the Marshal has said anything. Later, Jack goes looking for stronger antibiotics in the overhead compartments in the fuselage, where all the bodies are, and finds Sawyer looting the dead. They talk, and Sawyer questions whether it's worth using valuable supplies to try and save the Marshal. Charlie helps Claire to carry luggage by using an abandoned wheelchair; she admits to being unmarried. Jin tells Sun to take a break from looking for his luggage to go clean herself up. During a storm, Kate is able to get into the tent where the Marshal is recuperating.

FLASHBACK! Three months later, Kate tries to sneak off in the middle of the night but gets caught by the farmer. He offers to give her a ride to the train station the next morning. He also claims to "get it", and tells her that "everyone deserves a fresh start."

The Marshal wakes and tries to strangle Kate, but she's saved by Jack. The Marshal passes out and Jack admits that his injuries are too severe: he's going to die, and it's going to be a long, painful process. Kate asks if they can put him out of his misery and Jack replies by admitting that he saw her mugshots and won't murder the Marshal.

FLASHBACK! The farmer is giving Kate a ride to the train station, but she notices an SUV following them and realises that the farmer is turning her in to the authorities for the $23,000 reward. The SUV pulls alongside: its driver is the Marshal.

Michael asks Walt about the secret that Locke told him.

Walt: Mr. Locke said a miracle happened here.
Michael: A miracle happened to all of us. We survived a plane crash.

He forbids Walt from spending any more time with Locke, and promises to look for Vincent as soon as it stops raining: moments later, it stops raining. He searches through the jungle and stumbles onto Sun bathing. The Marshal spends all day screaming in pain and Sawyer asks Kate to use the handgun's last bullet for a Mercy Kill. As Jack tends to the Marshal, he tries to find out what Kate's crime was; the Marshal asks to speak with Kate alone.

FLASHBACK! Kate grabs the truck's steering wheel and runs it off the road. The engine catches fire and Kate pulls the farmer out of harm's way, losing her chance to escape in the process.

The Marshal wants to know what favour Kate was going to ask for on the plane before it crashed: she wanted to make sure the farmer got his reward money. Knowing that he's dying, the Marshal asks Kate to put him out of his misery. Hurley warns Jack that Kate has a gun; he runs to the tent and sees her emerge a few seconds before a gunshot goes off. Sawyer leaves the tent with the gun, telling Jack that he did what needed to be done, only to discover that Sawyer's shot missed the heard and the Marshal will spend the next few hours dying of a collapsed lung. After Sawyer leaves the tent, the screaming stops and Jack exits in a cold sweat. The next morning, Locke uses a whistle he's spend the episode crafting to call Vincent to the beach, then tethers him up and lets Michael know so that he can return the dog to Walt. Kate talks with Jack and says she will reveal what her crime was; Jack says he doesn't care and that everyone on the Island is entitled to a fresh start. In a Medley Exit, we see Jin watching over Sun while she sleeps, Boone finding Shannon's sunglasses, Sayid offering Sawyer some food and Michael bringing Vincent to Walt, watched silently by Locke.


  • Shout-Out: The episode title, Tabula Rasa is a philosophical term coined by the English seventeenth Century philosopher - John Locke.