Recap / Leverage S 02 E 01 The Beantown Bailout Job

"There are wolves in the world. But sometimes they're the good guys, I guess."
Zoe Kerrigan

Nathan Ford is at Boston Assurance looking for a job. Seeing how bored and unhappy the employees are, he bails.

Matt Kerrigan and his daughter Zoe are driving, Zoe encouraging him to tell the cops about his problem. Without warning, the car speeds up, the doors lock, and the brakes stop responding. Losing control of the vehicle, Kerrigan crashes, flipping the car and landing in the middle of the street. Luckily, Nate is there and manages to save Zoe. Nate sees a guy, and tells him to save Matt but instead the man steals his briefcase. Nate manages to save Matt just before the car explodes.

At a nearby hospital, Nate is greeted by Glenn Leary, the head of the bank that Matt works at, and Lieutenant Bonanno of the State Police, who thank Nate for saving him. Nate finds it curious that the State Police would be involved since the accident happened downtown, but Matt had apparently called them and wanted to talk about something. Bonnanno leaves, and Leary tells Nate that Matt had been drinking as the bank is going to be closed due to their bad assets and he's taking it pretty hard. But as they leave, Zoe, who's in the hospital while Matt's in surgery, tells Nate there was something wrong with the car.

That night the Leverage team run into each other at the theater where Sophie is starring in the lead role of Maria in The Sound of Music. Later Sophie is in McRory's Pub (where Nate is staying at the condo upstairs) depressed over the scathing reviews she got. The crew begs Nate to put the team together again since they're bored and miserable but Nate refuses. However, when gets to his condo, the same thug who stole the briefcase tries to kill him. He and Sophie drive him off, though she unintentionally knocks Nate out in the process. The next morning, he awakes to loud smacking noises from Parker, wearing a nun outfit, and finds his former team is in his apartment making a plan after finding out Nate saved the Kerrigans. The crew manages to track down the hitman who seems to be working with Leary. Nate, however, tells them to get out of his place.

Parker and Hardison go to Leary's safety deposit box to find out what he has in it, and find a bunch of files.

Nate returns to his apartment to find Hardison going through them. Unamused, Nate begins to tell him to get out when he recognizes Brandon O'Hare. Turns out, O'Hare owns all the businesses that the bank has been working with lately, all of whom have been taking out extensive and high-interest loans.

Eliot is at one of the mob's "offices", which turns out to be little more than a warehouse full of old chairs and trash from the 80's. Some thugs manage to sneak up on them, but Eliot is able to deal with them and leaves in one piece.

Nate is not happy that the crew have taken over his kitchen for their plans, but nevertheless explains that O'Hare opened up a fake businesses to launder the money from the bank that's being closed down in a few days since their businesses are clean on the outside, dirty in the inside. Nate then has a change of heart and decides to do one final job. After Nate gives them their roles and tasks, Sophie comments he misses them.

Dressed as two state police, Hardison and Parker talk to Leary about the incident with Matt Kerrigan. Eliot lets Leary see him pass menacingly in the background, then plants a few small detonators on a nearby wall. Hardison gives Leary his number and tells him to call if anything happens.

Nate, on the other hand, is being beaten up by O'Hare's thugs who are about to dump him on the harbor when Sophie shows up. She explains to O'Hare that she's a money launderer from across the pond and is looking for a stateside partner. She tells him that they want to get in with 30% of their business to their 'more solid funds'. O'Hare seems interested, but the bailout's in three days and Sophie demands 250 grand as a good faith payment. O'Hare needs to talk to some people first.

Back at the bank, Eliot detonates the charges as Leary walks out, making him think someone's shooting at him, and prompting him to call Hardison.

Meanwhile, Nate visits Zoe and her dad and Zoe blames herself: she's the one who noticed Kerrigan was upset and encouraged him to call the cops. She quotes Matt, "Be careful, Zoe. There are wolves in the world." Nate tells her he's not wrong.

The next day, the team sets a plan to get Leary to the State Police and report that O'Hare tried to kill him by using the 250 grand money as a frame-up. Eliot, who's been following Leary, tells them that Leary is at the warehouse where Nate and O'Hare are making the deal and heading towards them. Leary begins arguing with O'Hare and Nate tells the crew (with the new ear-buds) that Leary's the boss and decides to make up the plan as they go. Leary notices Nate and tells them to kill him. Nate interrupts, telling him that he was suppose to bring the 'good-faith payment' under the assumption that O'Hare's in charge. Leary tells Nate that he's in charge and came up with the bailout plan to begin with and will make loads of cash. Just then, Eliot is captured by the thugs who find a state trooper badge when they search him.

Leary tells O'Hare to kill him but O'Hare refuses. While they argue, someone shoots Eliot in the chest. Stunned, they all turn to see Sophie with a smoking gun. She shoots Eliot again, and the hitter falls to the ground, dead. Nate checks him and finds a cellphone. Leary asks to see it. He doesn't find any speed dial number, but Sophie tells him to hit re-dial. It goes to O'Hare. It turns out that Nate used the phone he called O'Hare on earlier and only pretended to take it from Eliot's pocket.

Furious, Leary thinks that O'Hare is selling him out since he refused to shoot Eliot. Flustered and unable to answer, O'Hare runs away but is saved by Hardison and Parker who were waiting outside the office in their own vehicle. They drive away, but stop nearby the warehouse, telling O'Hare that the tactical forces are moving in that he needs to make a deal with them. O'Hare reveals the plan and Parker tasers him, knocking him out cold while Hardison plays back the recording of his confession.

Leary recognizes them from before, but he knows they don't have evidence against him and it would be just O'Hare's word against his. Nate tells him that if Matt wakes up, his bailout plan fails, so Leary decides to take care of that problem personally. After he leaves, Eliot gets up, having used the detonators and some ketchup under his shirt to fake his death.

Leary enters the hospital with the gun, intending to kill Matt, but is greeted by Lieutenant Bonanno when he pulls back the curtain. Bonanno checks the briefcase he's holding, finding a lot of money. The detective tells Leary that O'Hare has been cooperative (Parker and Hardison left him tied to Bonnano's car with the recording) and conclude that since O'Hare flipped, Leary robbed his own bank. A flashback reveals that while Hardison and Parker were retrieving the incriminating documents from Leary's bank, they used their duplicated skeleton key to steal all the money from several boxes. Furthermore Leary is carrying Matt's stolen briefcase. While Leary's being arrested, he denies and tells him that he's being set up. Bonnanno says he doubts anyone's smart enough to frame someone so completely.

Back at McRory's Pub, The Kerrigans thank Nate for helping them out as Nate gives them the check from the IRS as Matt was the first to figure out the tax fraud. Zoe comes up and gives Nate a hug.

Zoe: There are wolves in the world, but sometimes they're the good guys, I guess.

The team leaves Nate for him to drink himself alone after he finishes the job but jokes to them that until he finds a job he will continue working with them. Once Nate returns to his apartment, Nate is shocked to see Hardison setting up six monitors on the wall, while Parker brings in the painting of Old Nate from the previous season. Nate is horrified to learn that Hardison bought the whole apartment, which means he's Nate's landlord, and he's making a few renovations.

Tropes stolen in this episode:

  • Air Quotes: When posing as cops, Parker uses finger quotes when she tells Glenn Leary that she and Hardison are investigating Kerrigans "Car Accident." Leary doesn't get it, leaving Parker worriedly asking Hardison if she did it right.
  • Apologetic Attacker: Eliot apologizes to one of the mob thugs for hitting him in his already broken nose.
  • Briefcase Full of Money: Nate brings one to his meeting with O'Hare.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The gun imitating explosives enabled Eliot to make it look like Sophie had shot him.
  • Cop Killer: O'Hare is leery of becoming one.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Leary.
  • Enhance Button. Averted! Hardison's security footage is "not clear enough for facial recognition."
  • Good Feels Good: The reason the team is finding it hard to go back to their thieving ways.
  • Impersonating an Officer: Parker and Hardison while questioning Leary.
  • Let Me Get This Straight...: Lieutenant Bonnano says this, but one gets the feeling he knows someone is Framing the Guilty Party.
    Somebody tricked you into bringing a briefcase full of evidence of your own crimes straight to the police?
  • Man Behind the Man: Leary is the one pulling the strings.
  • Take That!: Leary points out how ridiculous it is that the Feds are obsessed with O'Hara's mobsters while someone like him - a proud instigator of the 2008 financial crisis - gets massive amounts of money from the government.
    What do you think these guys clear in a year? Stealing cigarettes, selling drugs, a couple hundred thousand, all in? And for that, the government hunts them down like dogs. People like me, we took billions from the banks. Billions. And what did the government do when they finally caught us? They wrote us a giant check and begged us to make it all better.