Recap / Haven S 1 E 1 Welcome To Haven

FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sleeping in when her boss Agent Howard enters her apartment and wakes her up. He scolds her for tackling bizarre cases instead of sticking to real police work, referring to an incident in Miami. She counters that her being open to all possibilities has served her well in the past. He assigns her to track down and capture Jonas Lester, who killed a guard and escaped prison, and was last seen headed to Haven, Maine. She agrees, but as she goes to get ready, Agent Howard steals a vampire romance novel called "Unstake My Heart" from her desk.

At night, Jonas Lester chases a man through the woods and to the edge of a cliff, threatening him with a gun. Suddenly, Lester is lifted up and launched off the cliff. The man he was chasing runs away.

Audrey drives to Haven but a huge crack opens in the road and she swerves to avoid it. Her car ends up dangling halfway off a cliff. A man walks up and offers to help. He opens her door and she gets out right before the car goes off the cliff. As Audrey explains that the car was a rental, the man notices she has a gun on her belt and draws his. She explains that she is an FBI agent looking for Jonas Lester and introduces herself. He introduces himself as Nathan Wuornos of the Haven PD and offers to give her a lift. When she gets in his truck, she accidentally slams the door on his fingers, but he doesn't seem to notice.

Nathan takes her to the beach, where Lester's body was found. Chief Garland Wuornos walks up and says Lester fell off the cliff, simple as that. Audrey points out that the body is way too far from the cliff for him to have simply fallen. The body also has a piece of paper with numbers on it. The Chief scoffs and leaves. Nathan explains that the Chief is his father. Audrey calls Agent Howard and reports that Lester is dead.

Audrey and Nathan go to the cliff, as Nathan explains that he doesn't get along with his father/boss, which is why he always calls him Chief instead of Dad. They find footprints indicating a chase, Lester's gun, several uprooted trees, and a hat. Nathan finds the uprooted trees unusual, since Haven hasn't had any storms or tornadoes recently.

They go into town, as Nathan explains that the hat belongs to Conrad Bauer, who had enlisted alongside Lester in the past. When they came back from the Middle East, Conrad became a repairman, but Lester stole from him and other veterans and fled the town a little while ago. They find Conrad fixing up a shop belonging to Marion Caldwell. Conrad thanks them for his hat, but freaks out a little. Nathan informs Audrey that the man has personal space issues. They back up and question him. He claims that he went to the cliff to watch the boats, but that he had nothing to do with Lester's death. Audrey decides to question Marion, but before she can, a massive fog rolls in. Conrad slips away as cars start crashing. Audrey knocks Nathan out of the way of a car, but he injures his shoulder on the concrete.

The local EMT, Eleanor Carr, treats Nathan. She explains to Audrey that Nathan has no sense of touch, which is why he doesn't react to his injuries. Audrey inquires about the fog, but Nathan dismisses it as normal. The owners of the local newspaper, the brothers Dave and Vince Teagues, walk up and ask to talk to Audrey later. Nathan decides to stick with Audrey rather than go to the hospital like Eleanor advised.

They talk to Marion and her boyfriend Ted Ford. Marion insists that Conrad didn't do anything wrong, he's the kindest, most gentle man she knows. Nathan gets a report that Lester's gun was traced to Duke Crocker, a local smuggler. They go to his boat at the docks, but he's not there. Nathan says that Duke is bad news and leaves to go find him.

As night falls, Marion warns Conrad that he's in trouble. They've been friends since they were kids, and she doesn't want to lose him. He says he will deal with the situation.

While Audrey searches the docks, a storm comes in. She tries to find cover, but lightning strikes a pole and the explosion knocks her unconscious into the water.

The next morning, Audrey wakes up in bed, naked, aboard Duke's boat. The only clothing available is a shirt that she puts on. She finds her gun and goes outside, where Duke is waiting. Duke explains that he pulled her out of the water and laundered her clothes, he didn't rape her or anything like that. She gets dressed (Duke peeks) and questions him. He says that Lester stole his gun, he didn't have anything to do with his death. She asks about the weather, and he claims it is normal. Audrey's cell phone has been ruined by the water, so Duke loans her a pink one, much to her annoyance.

Audrey goes to the police station and defends Duke from Nathan's claims of foul play. She examines satellite images of the town and finds that the weather formed from the center of town, which is not normal. Nathan realizes that the piece of paper came from a tide calendar. Audrey examines the tide calendar and realizes that a part of the beach that Conrad had claimed to have traveled on to get to the cliff was at high tide and completely underwater, so he must have been lying. She questions him again, and as he panics, Marion walks up. The wind suddenly knocks Audrey back, and it starts to snow. Marion tells Conrad to stay away from her and runs away. Conrad confesses to killing Lester, but that it was an accident.

Audrey takes Conrad to the station, but finds that Nathan has arrested Duke for the murder. Nathan refuses to believe Conrad did it, but Audrey asks Duke to explain what he knows. He refuses unless Nathan apologizes. After Nathan reluctantly does, Duke explains that Lester asked him to take him to Canada to escape the law, but he refused to help a felon. The number on the paper is a boat registration number. Nathan is asked to check it out. Audrey says something is wrong with the weather, and she intends to find out.

At the store, Ted gives Marion the key to the new shop that he's bought for them in Santa Barbara. She agrees to make the down payment with him and they embrace.

Vince and Dave visit Audrey and show her an old newspaper from 1983. It talks about the Colorado Kid, an unidentified and unsolved murder victim. The main photo shows people looking over the Colorado Kid's body, including a woman who looks exactly like Audrey except she's a brunette instead of blonde. Audrey is mystified and says that she grew up in an orphanage, but it is possible she has family in Haven. They check the archives and find that Marion's family moved to Haven after their previous homes were destroyed by freak storms. Marion's mother died recently and she's inherited her money.

Nathan finds the boat and finds Marion's financial records on it. He calls Audrey and informs her that Lester came back to Haven to get Marion's inheritance, and that Ted was his accomplice. Audrey calls Marion and tells her about Ted's treachery, and that they had been planning to kill her. Marion refuses to believe, but changes her mind when she checks her bank account and finds it empty. As she becomes enraged, a storm rolls in.

Audrey calls Nathan and tells him they need to find Ted asap.

Marion confronts Ted about his treachery as he feebly tries to explain. The angrier she gets, the worse the weather becomes. He pulls a gun on her, but the wind knocks it away. Audrey and Nathan arrive. Ted retrieves his gun and shoots Nathan in the shoulder, but he ignores it and takes Ted down. Audrey tells the disbelieving Marion that her bad mood is causing the storm, and she has to calm down. She is finally convinced, and breaks into tears as the storm dissipates.

Audrey finds Conrad and urges him to confess his feelings for Marion. He's shocked, but she says it was obvious. Marion needs someone to keep her happy and calm, since arresting her won't solve anything. Conrad walks up to Marion and confesses. She approaches him with hesitation, mindful of his personal space problem, but he happily takes her hand.

Audrey goes to the station and puts lilacs on Nathan's desk. Nathan had fallen asleep staring at the picture of Audrey's look-alike. He wakes up and she explains from Ted's confession that Lester had tried to kill him for trying to run away with his share of the money. Audrey wonders about Marion's power, but Nathan dismisses it. Nathan explains that the Chief was the cop on the Colorado Kid case. They speculate that the woman in the picture could have been Audrey's mother. Audrey says that she grew up in an orphanage and never met her parents, so it is possible.

Audrey goes to the spot of the Colorado Kid murder. She calls Agent Howard and says she would like some vacation time, and he agrees. Little does she know, that Agent Howard is watching her from a distance. He hangs up, then calls someone and says that Audrey is staying in Haven and that she can help them with their Troubles. As he drives away, more huge cracks appear in the road.