Recap / Haven S 1 E 2 Butterfly

Reverend Ed Driscoll scolds his daughter Hanna for hanging out and working at a bar called The Rust Bucket instead of working in a real job or spending time with her foster son, Bobby. The Rev badmouths Otis, the bar's owner. Otis comments that the Rev used to hang out there all the time.

The next morning, a huge bronze ball with a butterfly hovering over it rolls through the streets. The people look on in astonishment as the ball plows through The Rust Bucket.

Audrey asks Chief Wuornos about the Colorado Kid case, and he nervously agrees to get back to her on that. Nathan walks in and is surprised to see her still in Haven. She explains that she's on vacation from the FBI because she wants to learn more about the woman in the photo who could possibly be her mother. Nathan reports the incident at The Rust Bucket and Audrey decides to come with him.

The two survey the damage and Nathan explains that the ball was part of an art piece on Green Street. Otis recalls angering Driscoll, whose church is on Green Street. They go to Green Street and question a janitor, who is baffled at how the ball came loose, as it was securely fastened with chains. They go to the church. The Rev gives an angry sermon saying that Haven is full of the ungodly and to stay away from the Troubled. Nathan is disgusted and leaves. Nathan explains to Audrey that he and the Rev don't really get along and that the Rev has been an angry man ever since his wife died.

After the sermon, they question Driscoll in his office, which has a huge butterfly collection. The Rev says that he is glad that the bar was destroyed, but that he didn't do it. They ask him why he was arguing with Otis when Hanna and Bobby walk in. The Rev says that Hanna got a job at the bar without consulting him. Hanna and Bobby say they don't know anything about the bronze ball. Driscoll invites Audrey to join them for supper, but she declines. She says she can tell the Rev isn't telling them everything, but he says their conversation is over.

Outside, Nathan explains that he and Hanna dated when they were teens. He went with Hanna to their prom, and then they ended up having sex. Driscoll did not approve of their relationship and has hated him ever since, even though she broke up with him.

At her motel, Audrey gets out of the shower and finds a butterfly on her bed. She gently releases it out the window and calls Nathan on her cell phone. Suddenly, the blanket unravels, then wraps around her like a cocoon, immobilizing and gagging her.

Concerned, Nathan rushes over and frees her. Audrey suspects that the Rev may be involved with these incidents, based on his butterfly collection. Nathan says they don't have enough evidence, so they go to a food drive where Hanna and Bobby are working. Hanna explains that she adopted Bobby after he was the only survivor of a car crash.

Bobby insists that the Rev is a great guy. However, he admits that the Rev gets his "moods" sometimes and he and Hanna just take it.

Later, the Rev angrily orders the two to stop questioning his family. A butterfly lands on his shoulder and the two draw their guns. Suddenly, the Rev gets pinned by his medallion to a car. Another car almost hits him, but Audrey cuts him free and pulls him to safety as the cars collide.

Nathan and Audrey now suspect Hanna is the one involved. They ask Otis if Hanna has any reason to hate him. He says that he caught her stealing from the bar and had threatened to fire her.

Nathan does some digging and finds that Hanna has a bank account with $57,000 in Bangor, Maine. They go to the Driscoll home, where the Rev is drinking. He insists that Hanna isn't a thief, and says that she took Bobby to the high school science club. He mocks Nathan and says that The Lord has cast him out. Nathan shrugs and says that at least he's not a drunk.

At the science club, Hanna is worried about Bobby, who looks very tried. He explains that he was up all night working on his project. Audrey and Nathan arrive and question her. She says that she got the money from auditing books, and admits that she plans to run away. Audrey and Nathan realize that Bobby's project is about butterflies.

Bobby goes into the locker room where the coach finds him. He invites Bobby to join the team any time, and they miss him.

As they search the halls, a butterfly lands on Audrey's shoulder. The water pipes burst, covering the floor with water. An electric cable slithers toward the floor. They try to escape, but the doors are locked. They save themselves by getting on a wooden bench. They unlock the doors by triggering a fire alarm, as Bobby wakes up.

The coach explains that Bobby has had trouble sleeping ever since his parents died, and that Hanna took him home.

The two go to the Driscoll house, where the place is torn up and the Rev is passed out. In Bobby's room, they find a planetary model that resembles the bronze ball, magnets like what happened to the Rev's medallion, and photos of cocoons and electrical wiring. They realize that these are the things Bobby sees before he goes to sleep, and they are affecting his dreams.

They talk to the Rev, who explains that Hanna and Bobby went to a cabin called Miller's Crest. As they go, Driscoll says that Bobby is one of Nathan's people, and "they" killed his wife Penny and the Troubles are coming again. Nathan snaps at him and Audrey gets him out.

At the cabin, Bobby tries to stay awake with coffee.

As they drive to the cabin, Audrey asks Nathan what Driscoll was talking about. He refuses to talk about it, but thanks her for her interest.

Bobby tries to explain what is happening to him, and Hanna says all he needs is a good night's sleep.

Audrey calls Hanna and tells her to keep Bobby awake. The truck becomes filled with butterflies. They open the windows to let them out, but the accelerator pedal drops to the floor all by itself, sending them speeding out of control.

Hanna tries to wake Bobby up, but she can't.

Audrey realizes that if Bobby is causing this with his dreaming, then he can see them. She starts talking to him, and he materializes in the back of the truck. He sees Nathan and Audrey as his parents, and Audrey realizes that Bobby is reliving the car accident. Pretending to be his mother, she soothes him and convinces him that he's in a dream and that he can control it. The truck stops right before it goes off a cliff. The Bobby in the truck disappears as Audrey thanks him.

Later, Nathan and Audrey help Hanna and Bobby move out. Hanna apologizes to Nathan for dumping him all those years ago just because her father told her to. Audrey tells Bobby he's lucky he remembers his parents, because she never knew hers. She gives Hanna some drugs that prevent night terrors, explaining that this should keep Bobby's reality warping dreams in check.

At the station, the Chief hands Audrey a box containing the files and evidence of the Colorado Kid case, but it is empty. The Chief offers her a job with Haven PD, since she has a rare gift for seeing things for what they actually are. In time, she may find the answers she seeks.

Audrey tells Nathan about the job offer. He says that's great, and decides to explain about the Troubles. Roughly 27 years ago, in 1983, when he was seven, people started getting strange afflictions and powers. He discovered his Trouble when he got injured in a sledding accident and didn't feel a thing. Eventually, everything went back to normal and most people forgot about it, but he realized that the Troubles were back a few months ago when he lost his ability to feel again. Audrey says she'll have to stick around, and observes that her look-alike arrived in Haven around the same time the Troubles arrived. They go to get pancakes.