Recap / Haven S 1 E 3 Harmony

At the local psychiatric hospital, Ray McBreen is talking to his wife, Lilly, who is muttering over her piano and mostly unresponsive. Dr. Lucassi and Nurse Gail are working with two catatonic patients, Howard Sperry and William. The other nurse, Howard, goes out to the kitchen with Gail. They hear a crash and run to investigate, and find Lucassi standing over a spilled tray of medicine. He tosses an intern, Morgan, into a wall.

Nathan and Audrey discuss her first day as a member of Haven PD and her efforts to learn more about her look-alike. Audrey admits that her first day was kind of boring, helping an old lady find her cats and such. They receive a call about the psychiatric hospital and get to work. They arrive to find many the hospital's staff rampaging and smashing stuff. When they do not respond to Nathan and Audrey's words, Audrey uses a bottle of ether like a knockout-gas grenade to stop them.

As they call in help to restrain the hospital staff, they determine that three patients have escaped. Nathan scolds Audrey for liking weird cases like this one. They get a call that two men have stolen clothes from a house's hanging laundry and move to intercept. They find Howard and William, playing peacefully with some children.

Ray comes home and is amazed to find Lilly there. She seems completely normal and sane. With tears of relief and joy, he runs up and hugs her.

The two cops return the two patients to the facility, and Howard starts talking about flowers. Suddenly, they become catatonic again, while the doctors become lucid again. Dr. Lucassi offers to help figure out what is going on.

The three of them go to Ray's house. Ray thanks Lucassi for "curing" Lilly, but they find that Lilly has gone berserk and fled. Ray figures that she will seek a piano, so he and Nathan go to look for her. Audrey decides to assist Lucassi, who wants to test if the medicine he had spilled caused this. Ray tells Nathan that Lilly loved writing and playing music. But one day, he encouraged her to go to an audition, but their car crashed into a river. While he was unscathed, brain damage from near-drowning left her insane, and he's blamed himself ever since.

Dr. Lucassi talks about how he dreams of one day curing Alzheimer's Disease. He also talks about trying to reach his patient's souls. To protect Audrey, he locks himself into a room and spills the drugs, but nothing happens.

Nathan and Ray run into Duke, who is carrying a mounted fish. Nathan accuses him of stealing it, which he denies. Duke hints that Audrey doesn't know everything about Nathan. Duke taunts Nathan for "not being a real boy" and leaves. Nathan gets angry, but drops the matter when Ray spots Lilly walking into a bar.

Audrey and Dr. Lucassi review the hospital's security footage, noting that William and the other patients became sane before Lucassi spilled the drugs. Audrey calls Nathan, who reports that Lilly went into a bar and is trying to play its piano, badly. Ray tries to get through to her by playing alongside her. When Audrey and Lucassi arrive, they find the bar patrons on an insane rampage. A loopy Nathan holds an open flame to his arm and Audrey realizes that he's been affected too. Nathan storms past them and escapes.

The police mobilize to contain the insane townsfolk while Lucassi suggests that the common thread is Lilly. Audrey gets a call that Nathan was spotted around the docks.

Duke is working on his boat when Nathan arrives and attacks him, blaming him for everything wrong with his life, including his inability to feel. Audrey shows up and knocks Nathan out with a taser. She asks Duke to restrain him. She calls Lucassi and asks if Lilly was playing the piano when the first outbreak happened. He confirms it. She returns to the facility and examines her room.

Nathan wakes up to find Duke has chained him up. Nathan rants that Duke is nothing but a parasite, asking if he will use Audrey like he does everyone else. Duke punches him, and Nathan taunts him because he couldn't feel it. Duke leaves.

Audrey finds a photo of Lilly and Ray's boat, and figures they are there. Duke calls Audrey to report that Nathan has gone back to normal, so she goes to pick him up. She reports her theory that Lilly's music caused the outbreaks, but Nathan counters that the sanity switch at the bar didn't happen until Ray played the piano.

Ray prepares his boat to leave with the sane again Lilly. Lilly realizes that Ray caused all the people in the bar to become insane and insists that he can't do that anymore.

Duke knows where Ray's boat is docked, but insists on coming with Audrey and Nathan.

Lilly goes insane again, so Ray plays a guitar to return her to normal. Unfortunately, Dr. Lucassi, who was approaching the boat, hears the music and goes insane. He attacks Ray.

Nathan, Audrey, and Duke arrive at the boat. Lilly runs up and explains that Dr. Lucassi kidnapped Ray. The four of them drive back to the facility. The crazed doctor has strapped Ray down and is preparing to remove his brain, ranting that he will learn the secrets of Ray's ability. Audrey manages to get close enough and shock him unconscious with a defibrillator.

Later, Lilly warns Ray that she's losing her grip on her sanity again. He tries to find a musical instrument, but she tells him it's not worth the damage to others. He's sad, but she makes him promise not to cure her again. She sings to him, but she becomes insane again.

As Lilly is returned to the facility, Ray explains to Audrey that when he started the first outbreak was the first time he played music in years. His grandfather had made him promise to stay away from music, and he figures that his grandfather knew about his gift. Audrey gets an idea: if Ray and Lilly stay isolated, then Ray can keep her sane without hurting anyone.

After carefully making sure no one will hear, Ray plays music to cure Lilly, William, and Howard. Audrey helps sneak them out of the facility and they head to Ray's boat. As they pack to leave, Ray promises that one day they will return once he's worked out a way to maintain their sanity and not affect others. Howard says that Audrey looks exactly like a woman he once sold flowers to in 1983, and Audrey eagerly realizes he's talking about the woman in the photo. Howard doesn't remember much, but says that her name was Lucy. The boat sails away.

Later, Duke asks Audrey not to tell anyone that he helped them. He notes that the Troubles are back and Audrey agrees. Audrey meets Nathan and tells him what she learned, that the woman in the photo who is possibly her mother is named Lucy.