Recap / Eighth Doctor Adventures The Eight Doctors

"Doctor of what? Which Doctor? Doctor who?"
— The Doctor, having once again lost his memory

Immediately after the TV movie, the Eighth Doctor walks about his TARDIS and, less than one page in, manages to completely lose his memory. To complicate matters, the Master is freed in the process, Eight runs into a girl named Samantha Jones at Totter's Lane and accidentally becomes the owner of a bag of crack cocaine, the police don't believe his name is "Doctor John Smith", and Rassilon appears as a vision and tells him to go seek out all his old selves.

The Doctor proceeds to do exactly that, hoping to regain his memory. Each time he gets near a previous incarnation, time stops for just a few moments, allowing him to remember more and more. He stops the First Doctor from killing a caveman and convinces the Second Doctor to summon the Time Lords.

The Third Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier are still on the trail of the Master, and — after an elaborate car/helicopter chase — track him down to Devil's End. The Eighth Doctor shows up well after the action, and instead simply chats with the UNIT gang for a while. Three, however, does not cope well with seeing an older self with a fully operational TARDIS, and briefly considers a few very not-heroic solutions to the situation. The two part amicably after Eight promises that Three's life will soon get better. The Fourth Doctor and Romana manage get captured by some rogue vampires, and Four lets them drain his neck and wrists, giving Romana a chance to escape. She and Eight break into the manor, free Four, set the whole thing on fire and save Four's life with a blood transfusion.

In the middle of all that, Lady President Flavia takes an interest in the Doctor's unexplained meddling with the Web of Time, and gets a few Time Lords on the case. One of them considers this a perfect opportunity to secretly get in touch with the Celestial Intervention Agency and see if they can kill the Doctor together.

The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough try to have a cricket match on the Eye of Orion, and get rather rudely interrupted by a Raston Warrior Robot, an army of (very confused) Sontarans, and a Drashig, all sent by said vengeful Time Lord. Five and Eight manage to confuse the Raston Warrior Robot into submission and make it slaughter the Sontarans — after which they teleport the Drashig straight to Gallifrey, where it promptly eats the guy who sent it.

The Sixth Doctor, halfway through his trial, gets sentenced to death by the Valeyard and is saved in the nick of time by Eight — who is rather confused about the whole thing, since he definitely doesn't remember being executed. He deduces that the Valeyard is trying to force an alternate timeline. With some truly magnificent Bothering by the Book, the Doctors claim the legal power that comes with being an ex-President, and force an official inquiry into the Valeyard's actions. The long since deposed Lady President Flavia is very shocked to discover a political ploy that involves the Master, Sabalom Glitz, the Outsiders, and the current Lord President. While Six merges back into his proper timeline version and vanishes, Eight prevents the collapse of Gallifreyan society by simply walking into Rassilon's tomb and asking nicely if he can borrow Borusa for a bit. Borusa, revived by Rassilon, saunters into the Panopticon and reclaims his position as the Lord President.

In the aftermath, the Eighth Doctor rescues the Seventh from a rogue spider on Metebilis III, and Seven — realising that his regeneration is almost over — decides to simply let fate decide when and how his life will end, instead of despairing over being alone. The Master, meanwhile, has managed to secure himself a goosnake thing and vworps over to Skaro to intentionally get himself killed.

After a bit of prompting from Rassilon, Eight goes back to Totter's Lane, solves the loose ends of the cocaine plot thread without much effort, and picks up Sam as a companion.

Lady President Flavia is really very confused at the whole story. All she knows is that she was President, then Borusa came back for a bit, then she became President again, and suddenly — as if in a dream — the Doctor seems a lot more important in her life.

Tropes present in The Eight Doctors include: