Recap / Ed Eddn Eddy S 1 E 3 Pop Goes The Ed

Eddy: "People used to be cool, now it's hot! We're hot!"
Double D (To Ed) "Do you feel hot?"
Ed: "Eh, I'm half-baked."
— The Eds after they don their swimsuits.

Pop Goes The Ed is the third episode in the Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy series, first aired in 1999.

The episode starts with the Eds starting their "Hive-Bee-Gone" scam going horribly wrong, ending with Double D and Ed horribly swollen and stung. Soon after, a heat wave hits the Culdesac, and the Eds desperately try to find shade, to no avail. Fortunately, they hear about Nazz's sprinkler party, and Eddy decides to crash it, despite not being invited. He dresses the Ed's up in his brothers (incredibly tight fitting) swimsuits.

The trio reeks havoc on the party, until one stunt ends with their swimsuits snapping off, leaving them naked and forced to hide out in the kiddy pool for the rest of the day. When the kids have a sleepover, the Eds flee in the dark of the night, only to end up with the bees nest from earler falling onto them, beginning another bee chase.