Recap: Daria S 3 E 02

Helen pushes Daria to get contact lenses, since her glasses' frame partly obstructs her vision while driving. Daria is torn, as she thinks getting rid of her glasses will make her look better but doesn't want to admit that she wants to look better; furthermore, wearing contacts hurts her eyes. She eventually tries contacts out for a day, finding herself both appreciative and annoyed at people's changing opinions of her.

The next day her eyes hurt too much to wear the contacts, but she decides to go to school without her glasses anyway, and eventually succumbs to depression when she realizes how much she cares about her appearance. Some words of wisdom from Brittany, of all people, help perk her up, though she decides to wear her glasses from now on, saying that they make a better statement of who she is.

Tropes present in this episode:

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