Recap / Daria S 3 E 01
A hurricane is heading for Lawndale, forcing Ms. Li to evacuate the school in the middle of a pep rally. However, Daria and Jane were hanging out on the roof to escape said pep rally, and wind up locked up there with Kevin and Brittany. The four survive by squeezing into the rickety shed which houses the school's water heater.

Meanwhile, the other Morgendorffers invite Trent over to their house to wait out the storm. With Daria and Jane still missing, however, Jake and Trent decide to go out and look for them. They crash the car into a tree before even leaving the neighborhood, but are not injured. The hurricane passes and Daria and Jane arrive home. Everyone is happy to see that their loved ones made it through the crisis alright.

Also, everyone spends this whole episode singing and dancing for no explained reason.

The songs include:

  • "Morning in the Burbs"—The Morgendorffer family wakes up, with everyone but Daria cheerful at the start of a new day.
  • "What If the Town Blew Away"—News of the hurricane hits the school; Daria and Jane receive it joyfully, while everyone else worries.
  • "Helen"—A joke song, which Eric begins to sing to Helen before giving up.
  • "Don't They Know I Can't Leave Yet"—A Distant Duet between Helen and Quinn, as the hurricane forces them to leave work and the mall, respectively.
  • "Gah-Gah-Dammit!"—Jake drives home from work, worried and frustrated about his family's safety.
  • "They Must be Worried"—Daria, Jane, Kevin and Brittany ponder their families' reactions to their disappearances.
  • "Manly"—Despite Helen's warning of the danger, Jake and Trent decide to "man up" and go out into the storm to find Daria and Jane.
  • "Manly (Reprise)"—Daria, Jane and Brittany encourage Kevin to use his head (literally; the door to the shack is stuck).
  • "The Big Wet Rainstorm's Over"—Everyone reacts to the storm's uneventful passing.
  • "Morning in the Burbs (Reprise)"—Daria and the rest of the cast express their hopes for the future.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Aborted Declaration of Love: This seems to be what Eric's song to Helen was going to be about. This has provided an interesting Alternative Character Interpretation for the fanbase.
  • Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: During "They Must Be Worried," Daria comments that Quinn is probably more worried about her shoes than her sister's disappearance. Ironically, Quinn actually is worried about the whole situation, and shows relief when Daria turns out alright ("Dad you found my sis at last!")
  • Book Ends: The story begins with Jake looking out the window and seeing a little girl go by on her tricycle. The episode ends with her riding by again as the cast gives its final song.
  • Crowd Song: The first part of "What If the Town Blew Away," and the very end of "Morning in the Burbs (Reprise)."
  • Distant Duet: "Don't They Know I Can't Leave Yet," between Helen (at the office) and Quinn (at the mall).
  • Gag Boobs: Brittany, as always, but they're mentioned a couple of times in this episode.
  • Hammer Space: Trent spontaneously produces a guitar during "Manly." Maybe he brought it with him from home?
  • Large Ham: Kevin.
  • Letting the Air out of the Band: Eric begins to sing a song to Helen, looks at his watch and decides to e-mail her later instead.
  • Magical Realism: Not only do the characters sing, so do their pictures and reflections.
  • Massive Multiplayer Ensemble Number: "What If the Town Blew Away" features interjections from all the major recurring characters, including ones otherwise unimportant to this episode. Most of them come back again for "The Big Wet Rainstorm's Over."
  • Men Act, Women Are: One of the points in "Manly" is that Jake and Trent feel emasculated by the suggestion that they just sit around rather than trying to find Daria and Jane.
    Trent: I do nothing, but hey, I feel!
  • Musical Episode
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: "Great. Now we're not only going to die, the headline's going to read 'Quarterback and Others Perish.'"
    • During "They Must Be Worried:"
    Kevin: But by now they're catching ooon/that two well-liked kids are gooone—
    Brittany: (motioning to Daria and Jane) And I'll bet that someone's even missing you!
  • My Grandma Can Do Better Than You: "My great-aunt could do better, and she's dead."
  • Not So Different: The major point of "Don't They Know I Can't Leave Yet" is that Helen and Quinn both cover up their insecurities by obsessing over one thing they're good at (Helen's job and fashion, respectively).
  • Parental Love Song: "Gah-Gah-Dammit," "Manly" and the beginning of "Morning in the Burbs (Reprise)" all have aspects of this.
  • Plot Hole: Singing aside, it's never explained how Daria and the others got off the roof after the storm was over.
  • Setting Introduction Song: "Morning in the Burbs."
  • Solo Duet: During "Morning in the Burbs," Quinn's reflection comes to life and sings with her.
  • Spontaneous Choreography
  • Summon Backup Dancers: So apparently, right after noticing the storm was over, all the characters from school just decided to walk over to the Morgendorffers' house and help them in their last musical number.
  • The Song Before the Storm: "What If the Town Blew Away," literally.