Recap / Burn Notice S 2 E 15 Sins Of Omission

Just as Mike, Sam and Fi are preparing to try and get Victor to help Mike fight Carla, Mike's ex-fiancee Samantha shows up. She's a thief and recently stole dangerous military technology for Tyler Brennan who kidnapped her son Charlie.

Mike and Fi agree to help her get it back but when they go to trade Charlie for the chip, Brennan has strapped a bomb to Charlie's arm in a cast as an insurance policy.

The next attempt involves Mike and Fi trying to persuade Brennan that they are betraying Samantha by offering intel that she is going to steal the chip back. They tell him she took a small component out as insurance. Brennan doesn't appear to trust them and takes them to get the chip tested at the hangar where the chip will be sold to his buyers. The chip naturally is fine but before Brennan can shoot them Victor shows up to spy on Michael.

Michael comes up with a story that Victor is working for Samantha and so Brennan shoots at him. Victor fires back and then leaves but there's enough doubt for Brennan to agree to let Mike and Fi do the security for the exchange. Mike and Fi have sneaked Samantha and Sam into the hangar to help steal the truck. However when the exchange goes down Brennan simply locks the hangar ruining Mike and Fi's plan to steal the chip back.

Sam and Samantha manage to improvise an escape and scare off the buyers by shooting at them. Sam is careful to let Brennan see her driving them away. Mike tells Brennan that now his buyer is gone, the only safe thing to do is return the chip to the company it was stolen from. Brennan is clearly both suspicious and unhappy about this turn of events but ultimately gives up the chip.

Then Samantha and Mike do a kind of reverse heist and put the chip back so that she won't have to take Charlie and go on the run. They succeed and Mike warns Samantha to quit her life of crime while she's ahead. She leaves Miami.

Victor agrees to meet Michael in the county hall men's room. He offers Michael a deal. If Michael keeps his mouth shut about Victor being the bomber, Victor will leave him alone. Mike isn't satisfied and wants answers. He subdues Victor with a makeshift taser and carries him off unconscious in a wheelchair wondering if he can go through with betraying Victor to get his old job back.


  • Batman Gambit: Samantha leaves Charlie's parentage ambiguous enough to get Michael invested. He calls her on it later.
  • Nothing Personal: Victor was watching Michael and Fiona with Brennan. When the con was going south, Michael pointed to Victor and said he must be working on Samantha's behalf. Michael later explains himself and Victor finds the situation rather amusing.
  • Previously On: Given a unique twist. The episode opens with Michael Breaking the Fourth Wall and explaining some of the major events of the season. It's revealed he's been talking to Carla.
  • A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma: After Michael instigates a shootout between Brennan and Victor at the airport to cover for Victor spying on him, Victor remarks, "You are an enigma wrapped in a schizophrenic, Michael. First you don't shoot at me, and then you arrange a little firing squad."
  • Take a Third Option: Victor says Michael can either leave him alone or be killed. Michael instead subdues him.
  • We Will Meet Again: Brennan warns Michael that he'll be seeing him again.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Brennan's insurance is strapping a bomb to Charlie.