Recap / Burn Notice S 2 E 16 Lesser Evil

So Michael now has Victor as a captive. After trying to get Carla to back off Michael gets Victor to explain his actions. Victor was burned and had his family killed by Carla so he's been attacking the organisation from the inside.

Fi and Mike check out Victor's boat and find proof of his story. Meanwhile Victor warns Sam Carla is sure to find out he is working with Mike and rain down hell upon them all. Mike comes back and sends Sam to protect his Mum. He asks Fi to act normally to try and prevent Carla getting suspicious. Then he and Victor try and escape. They end up stealing a car and having Fi detonate several vehicles on a prearranged street to escape.

Meanwhile Sam isn't able to persuade Madeline to leave in time and they end up having to blow up her sun room to sneak past the men outside her house with guns. They sneak off in a borrowed Buick and Madeline persuades Sam to ditch her and go help Michael. Sam finds Fi after Michael has said goodbye to her and they decide to go back to the Marina and help Mike.

Then they steal Victor's evidence of Carla's dirty deeds from a fake utility box under the nose of Carla's security guards. They plan to head to Cuba using Victor's boat and then call in the higher ups of the Burn Notice organisation to deal with Carla. Unfortunately Carla is at the marina and shoots Victor in the chest. She warns Michael that he can either kill Victor and help her lie to Management or she'll blow the boat up. She's about to press the button when Fi kills her.

Victor then tells Michael his only shot is to pretend Victor and Carla were rogue operatives and he killed them. Michael doesn't want to give up on saving Victor but Victor points out either way he's finished. Michael shoots him in the chest and after a moment puts on his game face and heads out to the helicopter to meet Management (aka Martin Crane). Management asks what he wants and he says he wants to be left alone. Management opens the helicopter door and tells Michael that's the way out then.

Michael jumps and starts swimming back to Miami.