Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 065 The Juggernauts

The Sixth Doctor and Mel have to escape very quickly from an exploding space thing, so Mel hops aboard the nearest escape pod, which sets a course for the nearest inhabited space colony. The Doctor soon realises that he may be forced to commit a Heroic Sacrifice, but he's time-scooped out at the last moment by the group of grey Daleks who were last seen imprisoning Davros.

Three months later, Mel has found a job, a lot of friends and an almost-boyfriend named Geoff on the human colony of Lethe, where she happily waits for the Doctor to come find her. She's working as a robot programmer for the kind old crippled Professor Vaso. The group is working on advanced mining robots, and Mel is soon offered a permanent contract for her excellent work in programming them. She has to decline, because she knows the Doctor will come fetch her soon.

The Daleks, meanwhile, have got a deal for the Doctor: if he can get them Davros, who's tweaked the crew's mandatory arm implants so that they'll perceive him as the kind old crippled Professor Vaso, they let Mel live. Lethe's atmosphere isn't very healthy for Daleks, so the Doctor has to run errands for the Daleks down there. He (snarkily) agrees, is reunited with Mel, and tries to explain the concept of Daleks and Davros to her.

She won't have it at first, so Six goes off to confront Davros in person. His visit coincides with the arrival of a group of health & safety inspectors. One of them, Kryson, is able to see Davros' true form because he's a drug addict — his veins are too clogged with chemicals for Davros' mind-altering tweaking to have any effect. He's perfectly willing to work together with Davros, though. Six has a chat with both, thoroughly mocking both Davros and Kryson. He's very unimpressed with Davros' new pet project (a bunch of badly brain-damaged white Daleks who also survived his escape). However, he's fascinated by Davros' other project: the resurrection, and gradual enhancement, of aforementioned mining robots — the Juggernauts. Who turn out to be Mechanoids. Davros is making them into the ultimate Dalek killers, and claims that his intentions are pure: he now wants to rid the universe of his renegade Dalek creations. Six wearily explains that Mechanoids already are the ultimate Dalek killers.

Davros rather unceremoniously kills Kryson's superior, hoping that as the new team leader, his new lackey will convince health & safety to approve the Juggernaut program. Kryson, very freaked out, explains that a Klingon Promotion just doesn't work that way in health & safety, and that his entire team would object. Davros merrily murders the rest of the team as well, then calls Mel into his office. Mel's friends and the Doctor, meanwhile, discover that the Juggernauts aren't just enhanced Mechanoids... they're built with Human Resources. Living hearts and organs and semi-sentient brains are deep inside them, and Mel has been unknowingly programming them for months. Mel is intensely angry at Davros, and swiftly re-programs her Mechanoids to capture Davros while Six halts their hidden production line and Geoff sacrifices his own life to get the braindamaged white Daleks Thrown Out the Airlock. However, when Six radios the grey Daleks and tells them to come fetch Davros, the Daleks merrily admit that the whole thing was a setup. Not only that, but Mel feels even more betrayed now, realising that the Doctor worked together with Daleks all this time. In the end, they leave Davros to be dragged off by his own "Juggernauts", although they're painfully aware of his Joker Immunity.