Recap / Arrow S 1 E 8 Vendetta

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Helena runs out in the middle of her night with Oliver to take down China White and the Triad, but Oliver stops her in the process. The next day, Oliver takes her to Sara Lanceís grave, talking about his past and lecturing Helena about her chosen path.

Even though Tommy has been cut off from his fatherís money, he invites Laurel to an expensive restaurant. There, the two run into Oliver and Helena and double date. After Laurel publicly confronts Tommy for not asking Oliver for a job, Tommy leaves. He and Laurel have a falling out, but soon make up. Later, Oliver gives Tommy a general manager position.

Felicity Smoak comes to Walter with more information about Moiraís investments, including that someone else was looking into them, and she hands Walter a paper with the circular symbol on it. When Moira leaves for a meeting, Walter snoops around the house and finds a little booklet similar to Oliverís. Walter asks Felicity to find out everything she can about it. She shows him the names written inside.

Oliver bestows a crossbow and a purple-infused costume upon Helena. They interrupt a drug deal by people who work for her father and turn them over to the police. Solo, Helena murders a group of triads, telling the lone survivor that she was working for her father. The Triad invades the Bertinelli house, but Oliver thwarts them. Making a run for it, Bertinelli is shot down by Helena. Oliver stops her from killing her father, who shoots her back. She survives. Frank Bertinelli will be in jail for the rest of his life but Helena wants nothing further to do with Oliver and apparently leaves town.

Tropes applying to this Episode:

  • Geoff Johns: Co-wrote the episode along with the previous episode.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Tommy loses his cool when Laurel asks Oliver to give him a job, calling it Laurel running to her white knight. In parallel, Helena loses her cool that Oliver clearly still has feelings for Laurel.
  • The Missus and the Ex: The double date with Oliver, Tommy, Laurel, and Helena. Doubly complicated by the fact that both Ollie and Laurel are in this situation, and triply complicated by the fact that Ollie is Dating Catwoman with Helena.
  • Mob War: Helena's plan to wipe out her father's crime family is to weaken it by killing several key officers, then kill the head of Triad so they'll do the rest.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Oliver's penchant for super-spicy food pops up near the end like in the comics.
    • Helena asks Oliver whether her costume can come in purple, a reference to both the Huntress's real costume and to Batman Begins where Bruce Wayne asks if the Tumbler comes in black. In the Earth-2 continuity, Huntress is Batman's daughter.