Recap / Arrow S 1 E 17 The Huntress Returns

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On the island, Oliver and Slade work to stop Fyers and his missiles. Oliver, disguised as a man from Fyersí camp, escorts Slade onto the base. They plan to blow up a launcher, but Oliver decides instead to take the circuit board as leverage. They radio Fyers and ask for a way off the island in exchange for the circuit board.

Diggle shows Oliver camera footage of Helena murdering Gus Sabatoni, her fatherís attorney, after he failed to provider her fatherís whereabouts. Helena threatens Oliverís family to force him into helping her. While working, Thea offers Roy Harper a job at the club, Verdant, with Tommyís approval. After Thea scolds Roy for never showing up, she is surrounded by a group of guys intimidating her. Roy speeds to her rescue.

During the clubís booming opening, Helena takes Tommy hostage and harms him until Oliver takes her side. Since there is a decoy van when Bertinelli is being transported, Oliver and Helena split up the pursuit. The police catch on, and McKenna arrests Helena. Detective Lance and McKenna try to persuade her to give them the vigilanteís name. She outs Oliver. They donít believe her because she simultaneously taunts them. Oliver busts her out. He hands her a passport and plane ticket, but she sticks around.

While Oliver is busy apologizing to McKenna, Felicity leaves him a voicemail about a crossbow being stolen from a sporting goods store. Helena forces Felicity to give her her fatherís safe house address. Helena invades, but is halted by Oliver. McKenna arrives on scene and is shot by Helena. Recovering in the hospital, McKenna reveals sheís moving to Coast City for physical therapy.

Laurel invites her father to breakfast, failing to mention that her mother is also coming. Dinah suggests that Sarah could be on one of the numerous islands surrounding the island Oliver was on. Laurel believes they should look into it to be sure, but Quentin is initially hesitant. Later, Dinah meets Quentin at the station; heís ready to listen.

Tropes applying to this Episode:

  • Arrow Catch: How Helena avoids being killed by Oliver. She's been practicing that move just in case.
  • Cassandra Truth: Huntress, of all people. She flatly reveals his identity to the police, and they simply refuse to believe her... because Ollie was smart enough to get himself ruled out as the vigilante episodes before.
  • The Missus and the Ex: For Oliver, again, involving Helena, again. Only this time Helena is the ex, and Ollie is Dating Catwoman with Detective Hall, who is on the task force hunting the Hood.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • McKenna moves in with her sister in Coast City. Coast City is famous as the home of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.
    • Helena's stripper outfit at the beginning resembles Huntress's comic outfit with the cross on the chest.
    • Roy is Afraid of Needles, gee I wonder why?
    • An article about the assassination of the Bialyan president is seen on a screen at one point. Like Markovia and Corto Maltese, Bialya is a fictional country in the DCU.
  • Put on a Bus: McKenna, who moves in with her sister at Coast City for physical therapy after being shot and breaks up with Oliver.