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Recap: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
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    Turnabout Trump 

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Behind the Turnabout

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Day 1 Investigation

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Day 2 Trial Latter

Day 2 Investigation

Day 3 Trial

Behind the Turnabout

    Turnabout Serenade 

Day 1 Investigation

Day 2 Trial

Day 2 Investigation

Day 3 Trial Former

Day 3 Trial Latter

Behind the Turnabout

    Turnabout Succession 

Day 1 Investigation

Day 2 Trial Former

Day 2 Trial Latter

7 Years Ago Trial Former

7 Years Ago Trial Latter

MASON System Investigation

Day 3 Trial

Behind the Turnabout

The Troupe Gramarye was a group of Magicians organised by Magnifi Gramarye, known for an assortment of tricks. The show was put on by three magicians: Shadi Enigmar (with the stage name Zak Gramarye), Valant Gramarye, and Magnifi's daughter Thalassa Gramarye.

In addition to magic, the Gramarye bloodline had a unique trick: They were unconsciously hypersensitive to "tells", small twitches of the body whenever somebody was lying. To focus this trick, they had special armbands made which would react to their own unconscious detecting of a tell, so they'd know when to focus.

Thalassa left the troupe for a while, marrying a guest performer from one of their shows. She had a son, who was named Apollo. However her husband was killed in a stage accident, so she gave Apollo up for adoption, bequeathing him one of her armbands, and returned to the troupe. She eventually married Zak, and they had a daughter named Trucy.

One of the more exciting tricks of the troupe was "Zak & Valant's Quick Draw Shootem", wherein Zak and Valant would rapidly fire pistols at Thalassa. One day they try practising it with a new spin: Thalassa in mid air at the time. However the practise goes wrong, and Thalassa is shot, although it's unclear who fired the deadly shot. To preserve the reputation of the troupe, Magnifi told the others she was dead, and abandoned his daughter. Although she actually survived, she lost her sight and her memory, and took to singing under the stage name Lamiroir to make a living. During this time Zak meets Spark Bruschel, a reporter and licensed notary, who is snooping around the Troupe in the wake of the accident. He eventually befriends him.

A few years pass and Magnifi, diabetic and dying of liver cancer, is spending his final months in hospital. Determined not to succumb to his illness, he sends letters to both Zak and Valant, implying he knows who shot Thalassa, and ordering them to "fire one shot, in the forehead".

Zak arrives first as planned, and can't bring himself to shoot his mentor, so he shoots the nearby clown doll in the head. Magnifi wakes from his feigned sleep, as this was part of his plan, and writes a will bequeathing all the rights to the Gramarye tricks to Zak using a page from his journal. Valant arrives 15 minutes later with the intention of killing Magnifi and framing Zak, but cannot bring himself to shoot anything. Magnifi reveals the trick and asked Valant to support Zak. He then takes Valant's pistol and commits suicide.

However Valant, long envious of Zak's greater talent and determined not to spend the rest of his life in his shadow, tampers with the scene, making it look like Zak's gun fired the fatal shot, and changing the bag of insulin to obfuscate the estimated time of death. His plan works, and Zak is charged with Magnifi's murder. Although he has Magnifi's will which could potentially exonerate him, Zak doesn't show it to anyone so as to protect Valant.

Respected Defense Lawyer Kristoph Gavin sees the publicity surrounding the case, and surmises Zak's lawyer could get a lot of fame and respect from a successful defense, so offers his services to Zak and investigates the facts of the case. He notes the missing page in Magnifi's journal, and gets in contact with Drew Misham, artist and purported forger, to construct a "final" journal entry which shows that Magnifi survived his meeting with Zak, naturally implicating Valant. In truth, it's Misham's daughter Vera who is the forger; Misham is essentially her agent.

Kristoph is ready to go to court against his younger brother Klavier, who just became a prosecutor, when Zak calls him to the detention center to play a game of poker. Kristoph loses the game, but what's important is Zak gets a measure of his character, and doesn't like what he sees, so he dismisses him as his attorney and instead calls Phoenix Wright to represent him after another game.

Kristophe is infuriated at being snubbed for who he sees as a second rater, and is determined to punish both Zak and Phoenix. After planting the fake page on Zak's daughter Trucy to give to Phoenix, he meets with Klavier the night before the trial to warn him about the fake page, and gives Drew Misham's name as a witness. Sure enough, Phoenix uses the page in court and is implicated for using forged evidence. With Phoenix's theory of the crime utterly discredited it looks like Zak will be convicted.

Zak however has other plans: He doesn't want Valant implicated, so he's been planning to escape from court regardless of the verdict. As the judge is about to pass his verdict, he pulls off a magic trick and flees the courtroom, aided by Trucy. Kristoph didn't expect this, and becomes paranoid he will eventually be implicated in the forgery, so he starts keeping track of everyone involved in the case. He befriends Phoenix, being the only one to stick up for him at his disbarment hearing, although this is not enough to prevent Phoenix losing his license. While he cannot find Zak directly, he has his associate Spark Bruschel tracked.

He also sends Drew Misham an envelope and stamp to send back confirmation of payment received for the forgery, but the stamp is spiked with atroquinnine, a slow acting but lethal poison. Fortunately for Drew the stamp is a Troupe Gramarye commemorative stamp, so Vera takes it and has it framed. Kristoph has plans for her as well, however. During a visit to her, he notices she bites her fingernails as a nervous tic, so he gives her a bottle of poisoned nail varnish, telling her to wear it as a good luck charm if she has to go outside, which she is terrified of doing, so eventually she will bite her nails and die.

Seven years pass. Trucy, all alone now, has been adopted by Phoenix Wright, and actually becomes the breadwinner for the family since Phoenix's profession is closed off to him. Not that Phoenix is resting on his laurels. He spends a significant part of the next seven years investigating both Magnifi's death and the piece of forged evidence, a vague but as yet unconfirmed suspicion of Kristoph forming. Kristoph has a successful law office even without the publicity of the Gramarye case, and eventually hires an overeager new attorney called Apollo Justice.

Meanwhile Valant, implicated and held for Magnifi's death immediately after Zak's trial, is eventually released because of lack of evidence, and continues his career as a magician. However he is met with much less successful as before, a combination of the scandal and lacking access to either Zak's natural talent or Magnifi's tricks. He plans to hold out for seven years, after which Zak will be declared legally dead and, in the lack of a formal will, Valant will inherit the tricks and make use of them. However Zak is also aware of this law, and must act.

Phoenix is working a job as a pianist and poker player at a Borscht restaurant, and is surprised when Zak, under the name of Shadi Smith, turns up one night. Zak has brought Bruschel, who while a reporter is still a licensed notary, and has him draw up a note declaring Shadi Enigmar alive and bequeathing the rights to the Grammarye tricks to his daughter Trucy. However Kristoph, through Bruschel, has learned of Zak's reappearance, and after a poker game becomes an argument, he kills Zak to silence him, and for good measure tampers with the scene to implicate Phoenix. Phoenix is no stranger to being a murder suspect however, and is able to turn the subsequent trial around and have Kristoph convicted of the murder, and eventually hires Kristoph's protege Apollo as well.

From prison, Kristoph keeps in communication with Drew Misham. Misham, something of a recluse now, is running out of stamps, and to send off the final letter to Kristoph resorts to using Vera's framed Gramarye stamp. Seven years later than planned, Drew Misham dies from atroquinnine poisoning, and his daughter is implicated.

Phoenix, while barred from court, is still active in the legal system. In response to public sentiment that the Judge-only system of trials is closed off from wider society, he organises an experimental jurist system, using a computer program called MASON to allow the jurists to review the facts of the case. When he learns of the Misham case, he nominates it as the inaugral trial under this new system while asking Apollo to take the case, hoping the truth will finally be revealed...
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