Recap: A Certain Magical Index Arc 6 Hyouka Kazakiri

The sixth arc of A Certain Magical Index, consisting of volume 6 of the light novels, chapters 34-44 (volumes 7-8) of the manga, and episodes 21-24 of the anime.
It is the morning of September 1, the first day of the new school year. Apparently, Touma and Index were able to tidy their apartment up after they got back from dealing with Ouma Yamisaka's problem. Touma is annoyed that he barely got any sleep and lost his homework and now he has to go back to school. He makes breakfast for Index and himself. As they eat, she realizes that when he goes back to school, she'll be home alone and becomes depressed. He sadly says it is for the best that she stay inside, because he's worried that she would be in danger if she went out by herself. She asks him to come home as soon as he can. He promises he will and leaves for school. Index plays with Sphynx for a bit, then realizes with horror that Touma didn't prepare any lunch for her. They are out of junk food and snacks and she has no idea how to cook.

As Touma walks to school, he runs into Mikoto. He says he doesn't have time to deal with her, as he needs to get to class and yesterday's shenanigans left him exhausted. Insulted, she asks if going on a date with her yesterday was really so horrible, but he says he did far more than that. She starts blushing and stammering and angrily asks if he was going out with other girls on the same day. He says he did no such thing, and comments that she must have a dirty mind to suggest such a thing. She gets really embarrassed and angry as he walks off.

How are you doing that?

Touma makes it to his school. He gets a little nervous and muses that it's like he's a new student because of his amnesia. Komoe Tsukuyomi drives up and parks her car in a parking space. Confused, he asks how she can drive when her legs are definitely too short to reach the pedals. Instead of explaining how, she gets pissed and tells him to never doubt her. As they walk to the school together, he asks about the stack of papers she's carrying, worried that they are a pop quiz. She explains that one of her colleagues is doing a report on AIM (An Involuntary Movement) and asked her to help gather data. AIM is the energy that all espers emit when they use their powers. Normally, it can only be detected with special equipment. Touma muses that there might be an esper who can detect AIM. Komoe agrees that it is possible, and that such an esper would be able to detect the presence of other espers and even determine how strong they are. She goes to the faculty room while he goes to his classroom.

Thank you, my dear.

Meanwhile, Motoharu Tsuchimikado is brought into the Windowless Building by a red-haired girl who can teleport. The building has no entrances, so teleportation is the only apparent way in or out. The girl looks tired, and Motoharu thanks her for taking time out of her busy schedule to bring him in and out of the building so often. She smiles weakly and teleports away. He walks up to the glass tube holding Aleister Crowley and berates him. A magician has broken into Academy City, and Aleister did not make any effort to stop her even though he could have done so easily. Aleister says it will be alright, and his surveillance systems have already detected the intruder. Motoharu pulls out a picture of the intruder, Sherry Cromwell. Unlike rogues like Aureolus Izzard and Ouma Yamisaka, Sherry is a well respected member of Necessarius. She broke into Academy City without checking up with Necessarius, unlike Stiyl, Kaori, and himself. Motoharu speculates that Sherry has turned against them and plans to get into a conflict with an esper or Academy City's authorities to break the fragile truce and trigger a war between the Science and Magic sides. He says he will be able to take her down without any repercussions because he is a magician as well, but Aleister says there is no need. Touma Kamijou will defeat Sherry for them without them having to lift a finger. Aleister says Touma's actions will help accelerate his plans. Motoharu asks if these plans involve the Imaginary Number District, and Aleister gives a cryptic answer.

Note: In the light novel version, Motoharu decides to intervene with the situation despite Aleister's instructions, but realizes he can't leave the building without the girl's help, and he has no way of contacting her. After deciding that physically threatening Aleister is pointless, he sighs and waits for her to come back.

Touma and the other students settle in their seats while waiting for Komoe to enter. Motoharu isn't there, and nobody knows where he is. Pierce Aogami smugly reveals he deliberately didn't do his summer school homework so that he could enjoy being scolded by Komoe, and Touma is disgusted by his perversions. Komoe comes in and says they have a new transfer student, and the guys in class cheer when she says the student is a girl. She should be coming in any minute.

Note: In the light novel and manga versions, Touma decides to speculate on who the new student is. He first imagines Mikoto (having bumped up a few grades since she's a lot younger than them), then Kaori Kanzaki, then inexplicably Accelerator in a dress and claiming to be a girl named Yuriko Suzushina. He almost vomits from the horror of that mental image.

Index walks into the room, holding Sphynx. The class gets confused by her outfit, and Touma is incredibly shocked, but it turns out she just wandered into the school of her own accord. Komoe tells Index that since she's not a student, she can't just enter the school if she's not on official business. The teacher hands her some money for taxi fare and tells her to go home. As Index leaves, the real transfer student comes in. It's Aisa Himegami, now in a school uniform instead of her miko outfit.

Note: In the manga, since the Deep Blood arc was skipped, this is Himegami's introduction, and she seems to be an ordinary girl.

Hello, new friend.

Index wanders the halls annoyed, and claims she is hungry even though she just ate breakfast. She finds and enters the empty cafeteria. She happily puts the money Komoe gave her into a food vending machine, but then can't find any buttons to press. As she demands the machine at least give her the money back, a girl taps her on the shoulder and explains that the vending machine uses a touch screen. Index has no idea what that is, surprising her, but she patiently shows Index how to use it. Index is extremely grateful, and the girl introduces herself as Hyouka Kazakiri. They sit down and start chatting. Index talks about how she wanted to be with Touma, but the teacher wouldn't let her stay. Hyouka says that is standard policy: only students, official guests, and faculty are allowed in a school. Index comments that Hyouka seems to be an outsider too, but she says she is a transfer student. Index says she wants to be a transfer student as well. Hyouka says Index's outfit is too strange for her to blend in with the school, but there are some P.E. uniforms in the nurse's office.

Touma, knowing full well Index didn't go home, wanders the halls looking for her. He hears her voice coming from the nurse's office and enters, only to find Index and Hyouka in the middle of changing. The girls get embarrassed, and Index angrily bites him.

The three of them go back to the cafeteria, where Hyouka, who's really shy around Touma, introduces herself. After Index explains that she couldn't stand being separated from Touma for the whole day, he explains that on the first day of school, they get out early and he would have been home around noon. She gets angry that he didn't tell her, but he says it's common knowledge. Index retorts that Touma only knew it because he has been taught it his whole life. She starts spouting Magi Babble, like about how certain spells require a secondary spell to protect the user from the first one's effects, and Touma concedes to her point that there are topics people do not automatically know about. He starts talking to Hyouka, who explains that she is a transfer student, and Index tells him to stop bugging her because she is clearly nervous around him. She hands Hyouka Sphynx and tells her the cute cat will calm her down. She hugs the cat, and its head gets stuck between her massive breasts. Touma quickly looks away, and the girls ask what he is doing, while Sphynx narrowly breaks free and avoids suffocation.

Komoe shows up and yells at Touma for ditching the opening ceremony. She notices the others and gets jealous, asking rhetorically if Touma's esper power is to attract girls. Touma asks Hyouka to help him out, but they turn to her and she is gone.

I've got my eye on you.

As Index waits in the school yard for Touma to get back from the opening ceremony, Hyoka walks up and apologizes for leaving like that, but the teacher scared her. Index says its okay, and that Komoe is really nice. Hyouka notices Index looks sad and asks what is wrong, and Index says Touma was really annoyed with her for coming to his school, and she's worried that he doesn't like her. Hyouka says not to worry because friends who quarrel from time to time have really strong bonds formed when they forgive each other in the end. She says Touma really cares about her, and that he was angry because he was worried about her. Hyouka also comments that Touma is admirable because he didn't act like a pervert when he saw them half-naked. Touma walks up and says school is now over. He invites Hyouka to join them for lunch, and she accepts when Index insists. As they walk away, Himegami stares at them.

Touma tries to withdraw money from an ATM while Index and Hyouka chat in the distance. Himegami walks up and asks why he didn't greet her when she entered his class. He apologizes, saying he was distracted by Index. She sighs and says she is used to being ignored all the time. He tries to make up for it by inviting her to eat lunch with them, but she says she has to run a errand. She asks who the girl chatting with Index is, and he says she's Hyouka Kazakiri. Surprised, Himegami says there was a Hyouka Kazakiri at her old school, Kirigaoka Girl's Academy. However, although she was on the class roster, she never showed up to class, yet she would always appear near the top of the class test scores leaderboard. Himegami got a little suspicious of this and looked her up. Her esper power is the Level 4 Counter Stop, but the file doesn't explain what it does. More importantly, the file calls Hyouka "The Key to the Imaginary Number District". Touma is a little surprised and says that the Imaginary Number District was Academy City's first research facility, but nobody knows where it is now, so it has been relegated to urban legend. Himegami asks what such a special person is doing at their school. Touma says she is a transfer student too, but she says she was the only transfer student. She warns Touma to be careful and leaves.

Touma, Index, and Hyouka go to an underground mall. Touma tells Index they can't go to a restaurant that is too expensive. He asks Hyouka if she has any suggestions, but she gets scared and jerks away from him. Concerned, he asks if he did anything wrong, but she says no.

Back at the school, Komoe talks with her colleague Aiho Yomikawa, a member of Anti-Skill who works part-time as a teacher. Yomikawa laughs about the antics Komoe described today, and says she wishes her own class was as lively. She gets a call on her cellphone and leaves, saying it is official Anti-Skill business. Himegami walks in and hands Komoe the textbook she asked her to retrieve. She then asks her about Hyouka.

What are you grabbing!?

Meanwhile, Sherry Cromwell walks the streets of Academy City until she is spotted by Kuroko Shirai, a member of Judgment (a law enforcement agency similar to Anti-Skill). Kuroko shoots a flare gun into the air, making the crowd scatter. Kuroko introduces herself and says Sherry is under arrest for illegally entering Academy City. Annoyed, Sherry pulls a piece of chalk out of her pocket, but Kuroko suddenly teleports in front of her and knocks her down with a judo throw. She then teleports several needles to pin Sherry's clothes to the ground. Kuroko gloats about her easy victory, but Sherry managed to hold onto her chalk and uses it to write "Golem Ellis" on the ground in cursive. Suddenly, a massive giant made of dirt and concrete bursts of of the ground and grabs Kuroko. It squeezes, and she is unable to teleport away because she is in too much pain to concentrate. Fortunately, Mikoto arrives and destroys the golem with her Railgun attack. In the confusion, Sherry escapes. Mikoto and Kuroko are surprised that Sherry was an "esper" (they have no knowledge of the Magic Side's existence) and wonder how she could be one without going through Academy City's Power Curriculum. Mikoto berates Kuroko for going into battle without backup. She apologizes, then suddenly hugs her and buries her face into her bosom, thanking her for saving her life. Mikoto gets annoyed when Kuroko's hug degenerates to full-on groping.

I've really got my eyes on you.

Sherry walks around, chanting about how God formed man from the earth, making earth the source of all life. Angels taught the humans how to do this, but much of the knowledge was lost, so humans can only produce crude golems instead of real people. She writes on several surfaces with her chalk, then claps once and says, "Ellis". Everything she wrote on forms eyes out of their material. The eyes all roll away until they are out of sight. Sherry tells Ellis not to take too long to find her target. She smiles.

Note: In the light novel and manga, Sherry also performs a spell to determine the name of her target. She pulls out a black piece of paper and holds her white chalk to it. Her hand writes, "Hyouka Kazakiri" on the paper by itself. She comments that it's an unusual name, but shows it to the eyes and tells Ellis to find her.

Touma, Index, and Hyouka come out of a restaurant, stuffed. They pass by an arcade, and Index mistakes the games for multiple TV's, to Touma's chagrin. Touma gets a phone call and steps out of the arcade, but there is no reception and he can't understand what the caller is saying before the person hangs up. Index plays a game and then notices two girls wearing Playboy Bunny outfits going to a photo booth. It turns out the booth provides costumes so people can take pictures while cosplaying. Index finds costumes of characters from Magical Powered Kanamin and excitedly drags Hyouka into the photo booth to change. Touma comes back and asks where they are. He hears their voices coming from the booth and says he's willing to wait until they are done, but the girls accidentally step on the curtain and rip it down, revealing them half-naked to him once again. Index angrily bites him. He screams, while the passerby ignores his suffering.

Our memories.

After Touma pays the price for seeing them (even though it wasn't his fault), the girls finish dressing and take pictures. Index divides the pictures up and hands half to Hyouka. She blushes, but takes them and says she will cherish them. Index says school life is so much fun, but Touma reminds her that this was only possible because it was the first day of school. The rest of the time, he and Hyouka will be in class for most of the day. Suddenly, they look up and find that the mall is devoid of people. Index and Hyouka hear a girl's voice, but Touma says he doesn't hear anything. A girl from Judgment runs up and asks what they are still doing there. She sent a telepathic warning throughout the mall to evacuate. She starts thinking really hard at Touma, causing her face to turn red with effort, but he still doesn't hear anything, and he realizes it's because of Imagine Breaker. Frustrated, the girl verbally tells them that a terrorist has been spotted in the underground mall, so the metal shutters on the entrances will be closed. They need to get out before that happens. She then leaves. Touma agrees and the trio starts moving toward the exit.

Suddenly, Sherry's laugh echoes through the mall. One of her eyes appears on the wall. While Touma and Hyouka are shocked, Index calmly looks at it and recognizes the spell, making him realize the terrorist is a magician. Sherry's voice tells them to scream as loud as they want, for this place shall become their tomb. An explosion rocks the mall, shutting the power off and plunging the place into darkness. The metal gates shut, leaving several people, including the trio, trapped underground.

Touma tells Index to take Hyouka and hide somewhere while he finds and defeats the magician, but she insists that as a magician herself, it is her duty to defeat her while he hides with Hyouka. He incredulously asks how she's supposed to fight, and reminds her that he is the one who saves the day all the time. She mocks him and says that while he has a strange ability, he's won all his fights with dumb luck, not skill. He angrily reminds her that he has no luck. Hyouka timidly asks what are they talking about. They hear footsteps approaching and turn to face them, but Touma and Index bump into each other and fall over, with her on top of him.

Come along, you two.

The people approaching them turn out to be Mikoto and Kuroko. Mikoto gets angry and asks what they think they are doing, while Kuroko makes fun of them for acting so lewd in public. Index asks who these classless women are and if they are Touma's acquaintances, and Mikoto calls her out for calling someone she just met classless. Index jealously asks what Mikoto's relationship with Touma is. She is too embarrassed to answer and fires the question right back. Index says Touma saved her and she owes him everything. Surprised, Mikoto replies that Touma did the same thing for her. The two turn to Touma and start yelling at him, jealous that they weren't unique, that he saves many girls. Kuroko starts laughing about how badly Mikoto wants him, which she tries to deny. Touma says they don't have time for this and asks Kuroko what is going on. She explains that now that the terrorist has made her move, she is going to use her teleportation powers to evacuate everybody who is still trapped. He agrees and tells her to get everybody out while he buys them some time. The girls protest, but he reminds Kuroko that she can't teleport him. She says she remembers, and points out that she can only take up to two people with her when she teleports. He tells her to take Hyouka and Index to safety first, but Index protests that this would leave him alone with Mikoto. He then tells Kuroko to take Hyouka and Mikoto, but Mikoto protests that this would leave him alone with Index. The two jealous girls start arguing in spite of the fact that they are in a terrorist situation. Kuroko eventually has enough, grabs Index and Mikoto, and teleports away.

Touma sighs in relief and apologizes to Hyouka for the craziness. They hear gunfire in the distance and realize that Anti-Skill is fighting Sherry. He tells her to wait for Kuroko to come back while he deals with this, and runs toward the battle.

An Anti-Skill squad led by Aiho Yomikawa engages Ellis, while Sherry lurks nearby. The squad's bullets have no real effect on the golem's rocky body, and they are desperate to stall for time until the place is completely evacuated. One of the Anti-Skills foolishly lobs a grenade at Ellis despite the others' protests, and it goes off. Touma arrives to find Ellis unharmed and the Anti-Skills devastated by the explosion in the enclosed space. He runs to the bloody Yomikawa, and she asks what he is doing there. Ellis advances, and he stands in defense of the squad.

Oh My God!

Sherry comments on how she is facing Imagine Breaker instead of the Key to the Imaginary Number District, but it does not matter as he is a good target as well. She tells Ellis to attack, but Touma dodges his punch. She introduces herself and says that she is from the Anglican Church, but that information won't matter to him because he will be dead soon. He's surprised because that means she is from Necessarius and asks what she wants. She says it's simple, she wants a war. All she has to do is kill a valuable member of the Science Side and it and the Magic Side will clash at last. Touma dodges another punch from Ellis and he muses that at this rate, it may be difficult to touch Ellis with Imagine Breaker without getting squashed. Suddenly, they hear a voice and find that Hyouka had followed him. He calls her an idiot and asks why she didn't wait for Kuroko, but then says never mind and to get to safety. Ellis punches the ground so hard that it makes several shards of concrete fly through the air. Touma dodges, but one piece of debris hits Hyouka square in the head with a horrible noise. He runs to her, but is horrified to find that her head has been broken open. It is hollow, with no blood, and a glowing prism inside. She gets up and asks what he's staring at. She feels the abnormality on her face and sees her reflection in a store's window. He tries to console her, but it is too late. She gives a blood-curdling scream and runs away... in Ellis' direction. Before Touma can do anything, Ellis hits her, knocking her further down the tunnel. She gets up and keeps running. Sherry and Ellis pursue, and Ellis collapses the tunnel to stop Touma from following them.

Kuroko comes back but is unable to find Touma or Hyouka. She decides to evacuate everybody else instead.

Touma runs through another tunnel trying to figure out what is going on. Komoe calls him on his cellphone, saying Himegami had been trying to reach him but her calls wouldn't go through. She says that this morning, Hyouka Kazakiri didn't show up on the school's security cameras. She has done some research on her, and has concluded that Hyouka is an artificial being formed from the combined AIM fields of all the espers in Academy City. Each power, like electricity, air control, etc combined in a unique way to simulate life. He says that's crazy, but she says it is the truth. He says he believes her, but it seems Hyouka was unaware of this fact. She asks what he thinks of her now. He digests this and says it doesn't matter that she's not human, she's in trouble and needs help. Komoe says she's proud of him and to do his best to help her.

I am here, my friend.

Hyouka leans against a wall in horrible pain. Slowly, all of her injuries heal good as new, and even her glasses reappear. She calms down and wonders what is happening to her. Sherry and Ellis catch up to her, to her horror. Sherry mocks her, saying she expected the Key to the Imaginary Number District would have a more fantastic form, perhaps like the descriptions of angels in the Bible where they have several heads, limbs, and wings, instead of that of a boring human. Hyouka asks why she's trying to kill her, but Sherry says she is nothing but a monster and does not deserve to say she is afraid to die. Sherry orders Ellis to break his own fist, and they watch as the fist regenerates. Sherry says Hyouka and Ellis are exactly the same, and nobody would care if a monster or an inanimate object were destroyed. Hyouka has a flashback of the good times she had with Touma and Index today. She starts to cry, and Sherry is disgusted, saying she looks absolutely pathetic. She orders Ellis to attack. Hyouka closes her eyes and waits for the end, but is surprised when nothing happens. She opens her eyes to see an amazing sight: Touma holding back Ellis' fist with one hand, showing no signs of strain. He says he's glad he finally found her. He tells her not to worry anymore, everything will be all right.

I'm not out yet!

After holding Ellis back for a few more seconds, the golem crumbles to pieces, having been negated by Imagine Breaker. Undeterred, Sherry quickly draws a large symbol on the wall, and a new Ellis is formed from the concrete. Sherry laughs and says she can't understand why an idiot would want to protect a monster and take on her and Ellis all alone. Touma says she is mistaken, because he is not alone. The Anti-Skill squad led by Yomikawa show up, battered and bruised, but ready to defend the two teens. Hyouka asks why they are trying to help her, and Touma tells her not to be silly, she is his friend, and even if she wasn't, he would still save her. After the Anti-Skill squad patched themselves up, he told them she was in trouble, and they agreed to help without hesitation. Sherry says she's had enough of their stupidity and orders Ellis to kill them all. The Anti-Skills lock their riot shields into a phalanx formation to shield Touma and Hyouka. Showing flawless teamwork, half of the squad members defend while the other half opens fire. Sherry is forced to take cover, while Ellis gets so saturated with bullets that parts of him start breaking off. Sherry quickly draws another symbol, and Ellis absorbs material from the surroundings to regenerate bigger and more armored. Yomikawa asks if Touma is really going to do his crazy plan, and he says they saw what he did to the first golem. It will work.

Hyouka asks what he is planning to do, and he says he's going to stop Sherry. She says it's too dangerous and reaches for him, but he warns her to stop. He's figured out why she was so shy and fearful around him earlier. It was because she subconsciously sensed his Imagine Breaker, and her survival instincts warned her to avoid him, even if she didn't understand why. He explains how his right hand destroys anything supernatural on contact, and if she touches it, she will disappear as well. He assures that they are still friends, even if they can never touch. They will all make it out of this, and they will have more fun times with Index. He counts down from three, and when he reaches zero, the Anti-Skills cease fire. Touma jumps over the shield wall and charges. Sherry asks if he's gone mad, and Ellis punches the ground, making him fall over, but he gets up and continues his charge. Ellis prepares to punch him, but he baseball slides between his legs and ends up face-to-face with Sherry, just as he planned. Now that Ellis is between them and Touma, the Anti-Skills resume firing on the golem. Scared, Sherry tries a spell, but Touma tells her to shut up and go to sleep, then punches her in the face, sending her flying. As soon as he does, Ellis stops moving. Touma turns around and prepares to destroy Ellis with Imagine Breaker, but Sherry laughs and draws another symbol on the floor. Shocked, he asks if she's going to summon another golem, but she says she's only powerful enough to summon one at a time. The symbol activates and the ground under her collapses, making her fall into a deeper level. Once she is gone, Ellis falls apart into a pile of rubble. Yomikawa calls a cease fire to avoid hitting Touma. He looks into the hole, but it is too dark to see anything. He ponders her motives, remembering that she wanted to trigger a war by killing someone important, and realizes with horror that she has a third viable target: Index.

Meanwhile, Index and Mikoto stand in the streets, bored and complaining about the heat. Kuroko is busy evacuating everybody, but Touma and Hyouka have not been found. Mikoto asks Index what's up with her outfit, and why it is held together with safety pins. Index remembers how Touma had destroyed her outfit the first time they met and says she doesn't want to talk about it. Index wonders what the enemy magician wanted, and Mikoto gets confused about what she means, but drops the matter. Mikoto asks who the girl with them was, and Index says she was her friend Hyouka, and "this time", she met her first, not Touma. Mikoto gets jealous hearing that, as it means Touma regularly meets with girls. Index starts worrying if Hyouka is okay. Mikoto asks why she's not worried about Touma, and she answers that he's tough and always comes back to her in the end. Mikoto gets even more jealous upon hearing that. Suddenly, Sphynx jumps out of Index's arms and runs off. She gives chase, while Mikoto shrugs and stays where she is. The manhole cover near her trembles, piquing her curiosity.

Come on, let us out!

Touma asks Yomikawa to open the metal gates, but she says she has no way of doing that. They have to wait until someone opens them from the outside. He gets really frustrated, but calms down and asks Hyouka if she is okay. She says she is and thanks him for driving Sherry away. He says he didn't drive her away, she merely decided to switch targets. She is going after Index now. Horrified, Hyouka asks him to call the Anti-Skills above ground to protect her, but he says he can't. He wanted the gates to be opened to he could get to Index faster, but it looks like he'll have no choice but to follow Sherry's path down the hole. She says she has a better idea: she'll follow Sherry down the hole instead. After all, it takes a monster to beat a monster. He protests that just because she is artificial doesn't mean she is a monster, but she is adamant and jumps into the hole. He tries to grab her arm to stop her, but stops, realizing he almost grabbed her with his right hand. He reaches with his left arm, but it is too late and she disappears into the darkness.

Hyouka hits the bottom of the tunnel hard, but finds she is all right, remarking that a normal person would have probably shattered her ankles. She finds Ellis' massive footprints and follows them.

As she runs, she starts remembering her origins. Ten years ago, she just woke up in Academy City, the same age as she is now. She had an ID card on her person which named her Hyouka Kazakiri. She was apparently in another dimension overlayed on top of the normal one, because she was invisible, inaudible, and intangible to everybody. For ten years she was lonely, unable to figure out how she got into this situation, but was able to educate herself by observing everyone around her. Then a few hours ago, she saw Index struggling with the vending machine and was compelled to help her. She was overjoyed when Index and then the others were able to see, hear, and touch her. Today was the first time she spoke with someone, the first time she wore a gym uniform, the first time a boy saw her body, the first time she went to an arcade, and most importantly, the first time she had friends. Once Index learns what she is, she will hate her, but it doesn't matter. She will save her.

I have safety pins and I'm not afraid to use them!

Index manages to catch up to Sphynx and grabs her, asking her why she ran off like that. She starts scolding the cat like a mother would scold a child. Suddenly, Ellis appears, alone, and attacks, but she dodges. She looks the golem over and analyzes it. According to the grimoires in her head, the spell that created it is based on the Jewish tale of the Golem, an effigy of rock and dirt that was given life, but is dependent on the instructions of its master. Ellis attacks again, but Index uses the spell Spell Intercept to disrupt the instructions that Sherry is giving it remotely. She starts making Ellis do things like trip, punch himself in the face, and run into a wall, but the golem regenerates and attacks again. She removes some of the safety pins holding her skirt together (exposing her legs) and throws them into Ellis' joints, further damaging him. She smiles and says she can win, but finds that Spell Intercept is no longer working, and she gets knocked back when Ellis punches the ground. Scared, she realizes that Ellis is now on automatic, so he no longer needs instructions. Ellis stands over her and prepares to squash her flat. She can do nothing but whisper Touma's name.

Touma lowers himself down the hole with a fire hose and runs through the tunnel, calling for Hyouka. Suddenly, a pillar falls toward him, but he dodges it. Sherry appears and compliments his reflexes. She explains that she sent Ellis ahead and stayed here to keep him busy. Hyouka ran through here earlier, but she let her pass because she highly doubts she will be able to do anything.

Sherry is defeated.

He asks why she's trying to start a war. She tells him to think: when an esper tries to use magic, his body will destroy itself, but how do they know this? Twenty years ago, an organization from the Science Side and an organization from the Magic Side joined forces to try to create a magician/esper hybrid. In this experiment, she met her best friend, an esper boy named Ellis. She was assigned to teach him spells, but when he tried to use them, his blood vessels burst. Then the Knights of England burst into the facility, saying this experiment was blasphemy. The Knights slaughtered everybody, but the heavily injured Ellis sacrificed himself to buy her enough time to escape. Suddenly shouting in rage and grief, she declares that this experience taught her that the Science and Magic Sides can never truly coexist, and she must separate them forever to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. Disgusted, Touma says she has to be out of her mind. Doesn't she realize that a war will cause many more tragedies? Sherry says he has no right to judge her and reveals that she drew symbols all over the tunnel with her chalk. She boasts that she controls earth itself, so she is invincible underground. She activates the symbols, and they start exploding, making the tunnel start to collapse. Touma flashes back to when Index talked about how certain spells require a secondary spell to protect the user from the first one's effects, and realizes that the symbol next to Sherry serves that purpose. He runs up and destroys the symbol with Imagine Breaker. Sherry looks on in horror as the ceiling above her falls, but she charges her chalk with magic and slices the falling piece of concrete in half with it. He quickly uses the opening to get in front of her and punch her in the face so hard that she makes a crater in the concrete wall. Sherry gets up and wearily tries to get away, muttering that she won't be stopped. Academy City has grown complacent lately, and Necessarius allowed Index Librorum Prohibitorum to live in the city of Science. If she doesn't do something soon, the same fate that happened to Ellis will happen again. Touma says that's enough. She claims she doesn't want something like what happened to Ellis to happen to anyone else, but her plan is inexcusable. Besides, he, Index, and Hyouka have already proved that people from the Science and Magic Sides can live together in peace. He can understand her being angry for losing her friend, but she has no right to try to kill his friends. Enraged, Sherry declares her magic name: Intimus115 - I Offer Everything To My Lost Friend. She lunges and swings her razor sharp chalk, screaming, "DIE, esper!" He punches the chalk with his right hand and destroys it. She throws a punch, but he throws one as well, winning the Cross Counter and finally knocking her out.

Note: In the light novel, Touma ties Sherry up with some electrical cables before continuing down the tunnel. In the anime, he just leaves her there.

It turns out that knocking Sherry out was what caused the golem Ellis to switch to automatic mode. Right before he can kill Index, Hyouka arrives and nails him with a flying kick so powerful that it knocks him back and caves his chest in. The impact also broke her leg, but it quickly heals up. Index is shocked by this turn of events, but Hyouka tells her to run as it's not over. Case in point, Ellis gets up and absorbs material from the surroundings to regenerate. Index says they have to escape, but Hyouka says she will stay behind and hold Ellis off. It is okay, she is a monster just like Ellis and she won't die very easily. She's sorry she didn't tell her earlier, but she just learned it herself. Ellis attacks, and she catches his punch and holds it in place. The impact makes her arms crack, but they heal up. She roars and starts shoving Ellis back with incredible strength. However, Ellis raises his other fist and throws a punch. Since she's using both hands to hold one fist, she can't block it. She prepares for the end, but Touma arrives and intercepts Ellis' fist with a flying punch, destroying him once and for all. Hyouka sighs and muses that it is over, so it is time for her to disappear.

Mikoto arrives, having just missed the battle. Seeing the massive pile of rubble that was once Ellis and the incredible property damage, she asks what kind of trouble Touma had gotten himself into. Meanwhile, Index looks around, but finds Hyouka is nowhere to be seen. Mikoto realizes she's standing really close to Touma and starts blushing. Kuroko arrives and asks if Mikoto caused all this damage, but she denies it. Noticing they are standing really close to each other, Kuroko glares at Touma and jealously teleports Mikoto away, ignoring her protests.

Cry until you're done.

Touma notices Hyouka is sitting on top of an under construction building, and climbs up to her. She sadly looks over the pictures Index gave her and says it is over for her. She had to reveal she was a monster to save her, and now they can't be friends anymore. She says it's not fair and cries against his chest. He hugs her with his left arm, careful to keep his right arm extended and away from her. After patiently waiting for her to calm down a little, he asks if she feels sorrow, fear, pain, and happiness. She's surprised, and he says that if she feels these emotions, then she is no monster. It doesn't matter if she is an artificial being, she is human in every way that matters. Index arrives, and Hyouka is surprised. She remembers when she told Index about how people get angry when they are worried, and realizes Index is looking at her that way. Index runs into her arms and hugs her, glad that she is okay.

Back in the Windowless Building, Motoharu asks Aleister if he is happy with what has happened. Their talk reveals that the Imaginary Number District is another dimension formed from the combined AIM of every esper in Academy City. Aleister's machinations caused it to develop a consciousness, which became Hyouka Kazakiri. Motoharu becomes a little fearful, as he realizes that the Imaginary Number District can be considered an artificial Heaven, while Hyouka can be considered an angel. Aleister scolds him, saying he is a man of science and does not like terms like Heaven and angel, but Motoharu tells him to cut the crap. He knows who he truly is, Aleister Crowley, one of the greatest magicians of all time before he went AWOL and founded Academy City. He doesn't know what he is up to, but he has his eye on him. As the red-haired girl comes to take him away, he adds that if he continues to use Touma as a pawn, Touma will eventually destroy him. Aleister retorts that he was destroyed a long time ago.

Note: The light novel reveals the machination that created Hyouka. Aleister arranged for Touma to be sent to Academy City as a child. As soon as he arrived in the city 10 years ago, Hyouka was born, because the Imaginary Number District sensed Imagine Breaker could destroy it and became afraid. A being must fear death to be alive.

Touma goes to the hospital to greet Heaven Canceler, and comments on how he finally made it through an adventure without being hospitalized (even though he already went through two adventures in the Three Stories arc without being injured). Suddenly, Komoe and Himegami appear and hit him. They berate him for getting involved in other people's problems again and putting himself in danger.

Until we meet again.

Index and Hyouka sit in the hospital's waiting room and talk. Hyouka comments on Index's ruined skirt and she gets embarrassed. Hyouka explains her origins to her. Just like Touma said, Index doesn't think any less of her. Hyouka starts to turn transparent, and she explains that she is reverting to her previous state of invisibility. Index is distraught, and wonders if she is being destroyed by Imagine Breaker, but she assures that she is not being destroyed. She comments that she can tell that Imagine Breaker is not an esper power. In fact, it doesn't make any sense from a scientific perspective. Shocked, Index says Imagine Breaker doesn't make any sense from a magical perspective either, so what could it be? Hyouka says that even if Index can't see, hear, or feel her, she will always be with her. Crying, Index asks if they will ever see each other and play together again. Right before she disappears, Hyouka smiles and says, "Of course!"

The anime adds a few extra ending scenes.

The next day, Index is bored because Touma is now at school for the whole day. Maika Tsuchimikado meets her but is unable to console her.

At their school, Aisa Himegami copies a pose from Magical Powered Kanamin at Pierce Aogami's request, and he celebrates at how hot it makes her look. Komoe walks in and takes attendance, and finds that Motoharu is absent yet again. Meanwhile, Motoharu talks to someone on his cellphone about his next job as a double agent.

In the hospital, Kikyou Yoshikawa watches over the sleeping Accelerator and Last Order. His bullet wound has healed, and he's wearing a collar of Heaven Canceler's design to link his mind to the Sister's Network. Aiho Yomikawa walks up and says that since the three of them are currently homeless, they will be moving in with her once they have fully recovered.

At the Tokiwadai Middle School dorms, Mikoto takes a shower when Kuroko drops her ribbon into her stall, using it as an excuse to enter her stall and try to grope her. Mikoto angrily punches her out.

In England, Stiyl Magnus meets the head of Necessarius, Archbishop Laura Stuart. She talks about how the situation with Sherry Cromwell was taken care of and she has been handed over to them for punishment. She tells Stiyl there is a new situation in Japan he needs to take care of. He may need Index's help, because she's been unable to contact Kaori Kanzaki.

Such Misfortune!

After school, Touma walks home and is met halfway by Index, who is angry that he forgot to prepare lunch for her again. He tries to apologize, but she bites him, with Sphynx joining in as well. He screams and complains about his luck.
  • Bottomless Magazines: While the Anti-Skills are shown reloading a few times, they fire a lot more bullets than their guns can hold.
  • Chekhov's Classroom: What Index said about secondary spells came in handy for Touma.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Index and Mikoto, the two most important girls in Touma's life, finally meet. It's not pretty. Kuroko also does not like Touma because of Mikoto's interest in him.
  • Golem: Sherry's creation Ellis.
  • Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance/Locked Out of the Loop: This arc fully demonstrates that pretty much nobody in Academy City is aware of the Magic Side, to the point that they assume Sherry must be an esper after seeing her powers.
  • Marshmallow Hell: Hyouka inflicts this on Sphynx without noticing.
  • Shout-Out: Komoe jokingly imitates the iconic scene from Dragon Ball Z where Vegeta yells, "It's over 9,000!" (though she says 70,000 instead) while talking about if someone could detect AIM.
  • Skewed Priorities: Index and Mikoto think their love lives are more important than a terrorist attack.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Hyouka didn't know she wasn't human.
  • The Unreveal: Komoe won't explain how she can drive.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Aleister claims every heroic act Touma does plays into his hands. He's also been keeping tabs on him since he was a small child.
  • We Have Become Complacent: Sherry claims this about both the Science and Magic Sides.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Even though Hyouka is clearly a sentient being, Sherry dismisses her as a creature similar to her golem. Hyouka even starts to believe it. Fortunately, Touma and Index don't feel the same way.
  • Your Size May Vary: Mikoto and Kuroko are the same height in a few scenes, when Kuroko is normally a head shorter than her.