Recap: A Certain Magical Index Arc 5 Three Stories

The fifth arc of A Certain Magical Index, consisting of volume 5 of the light novels, chapters 22-33 of the manga, episodes 18-20 of the anime's first season and episode 1 of the anime's second season.

Short Summary

Within the span of a single day, three noteworthy events occur.

The first two stories involve Touma. One of which involves him protecting Misaka from a mysterious stalker, Unabara Mitsuki, while the other story has Touma going after Yamisaka Ouma, a magician who is after one of the grimoires inside Index.

The third story centers around Accelerator who, for the first time in the protagonist role, deals with the remnants of the Level 6 Shift project. Seeking redemption for his role in the Level 6 project, Accelerator decides to become the protector of Last Order, the final Misaka clone that is the command center for the entire Misaka clone network. As a result, Accelerator is left to deal with Amai Ao, a Level 6 project researcher who implanted a virus within Last Order in an attempt to infect said network. Accelerator ends up suffering permanent brain damage during the event.

Long Summary

Story 1

This is awkward...

It is revealed that Touma lets Index sleep in his bed while he sleeps in the bathtub. One night, he wakes up to find he's suffering a nosebleed from the heat and humidity. He tries to find tissues in the bathroom, but there are none (one wonders why he didn't just use the toilet paper). He enters the main room looking for tissues. He gasps when he sees the sleeping Index is wearing nothing but one of his shirts. He finally finds the tissue box, but she wakes up and asks what he is doing. Trying hard not to stare at her exposed body, he says he was just getting some tissues. She frowns and asks if her body tempted him. He says it did not. Wrong thing to say; she angrily bites him, screaming that she is a woman and he's just insulted her looks and femininity. As he thrashes around in pain, he admits that he was attracted to her, but she says it's too late. While Index continues to bite him, Touma notices a stack of books and papers. He suddenly remembers that tomorrow is August 31, the last day of summer vacation. His crazy adventures have caused him to forget to do his summer school homework, and he now has one day to do it. He laments his bad luck.

The next morning, Mikoto Misaka has breakfast in the Tokiwadai Middle School cafeteria, and is greeted by Maika Tsuchimikado. Mikoto comments that since Maika is a maid-in-training, she should remember not to talk to others as equals, but as superiors. Maika ignores this advice and asks if Mikoto is going shopping after breakfast. When she says yes, Maika asks if she can buy some manga for her. Mikoto asks if she likes stories involving gay men, but Maika says she prefers stories where brothers and sisters fall in love with each other. Mikoto agrees to buy some and walks out.

Even more awkward.

As she walks down the street, she groans as a boy named Mitsuki Unabara walks up and tries to ask her out. She inwardly comments that he has been asking her out every day for the past week, and hasn't taken the hint that she's not interested. She says she's going shopping, and he insists on coming with her. She then says she will be buying lingerie, and he still insists on coming with her, much to her dismay. She desperately looks around and sees Touma walking with Motoharu Tsuchimikado and Pierce Aogami. Touma begs his friends to help him with his homework, but the conversation degenerates into Pierce listing his various fetishes. Mikoto gets an idea and calls out to Touma, but the three walk past her and Mitsuki without noticing them. Angered, she charges up and tackles Touma to the ground. As Motoharu, Pierce, and Mitsuki stare in shock, she tells Touma he is going on a date with her, right now. She then looks up to find that pretty much everybody in Tokiwadai is staring out the windows and gossiping about them. The Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor expresses admiration for Mikoto being so bold, while Kuroko Shirai is beside herself with jealousy. Incredibly embarrassed, Mikoto grabs Touma's arm and runs.

The date.

The two eventually stop to catch their breaths, and Touma asks what just happened. She tells him to shut up, as she was making everything up as she went along and now has to think. Later, they get hotdogs and sit in the park while Mikoto explains how Mitsuki has been stalking her. Since he is the Tokwadai Superintendent's grandson, she can't just kick his ass like she would normally do in this situation because she is afraid of getting in trouble. Her plan is for the two of them to pretend to be a couple for the whole day, which should be enough to throw Mitsuki off and get him to leave her alone. He tells her she has some mustard on her face. Embarrassed, she tries to wipe it off, but accidentally gets some in her nose, which is quite painful. He asks if she is okay, and she says yes. She finds that they both put their hotdogs down, and now she can't tell them apart. Touma says it doesn't matter because they ordered the same thing, but she says this is serious business. He shrugs, grabs one at random, and bites into it. She's horrified, but takes the other one and bites into it (an astute viewer would notice that they indeed switched hotdogs).

Touma inquires about the Sisters, and Mikoto says ten of them stayed in the city, while the rest have moved to institutions around the world to get treatments that would allow them to live normal lifespans. He's pleased. She says this is not something couples normally talk about, but he shrugs and pulls out his homework, remembering he still needs to do it. Curious, she looks it over and starts answering the questions with ease. He gets embarrassed that someone younger than him is answering the homework so easily when he can barely make heads or tails of it. She stops and says she'll go get some drinks. He offers to do it, but she insists and leaves to the nearest store.

While Touma waits, he sees a kid chasing his runaway dog. Mitsuki shows up and helps the kid get the dog back. Mitsuki sees him and they start to chat. They talk about Mikoto and Mitsuki helps him with his homework. Mikoto comes back with the drinks and orders Touma to come with her.

After moving away from Mitsuki, Mikoto angrily asks Touma why he's gotten so chummy with Mitsuki, given that she's trying to stay away from him. Touma says Mitsuki is really nice, and asks if she even knew anything about him before deciding to blow him off. Defeated, she agrees that maybe she should have given him a chance. She says Touma doesn't have to pretend to be her boyfriend anymore. She says that she'll buy him a burger to reward him. Confused, he points out they just ate, but she runs off.

The "nice guy's" true colors.

Mikoto runs into a burger joint and Touma waits outside. Mitsuki catches up to him and they chat some more. Touma looks up to see a boy who looks just like Mitsuki enter the building. Confused, he asks Mitsuki if he has a brother, but he says no. In the store, the other Mitsuki, who has bandages over his arm, pushes his way through the crowd and collapses at Mikoto's feet, telling her she is in danger and needs to run. Outside, Mitsuki says there are espers who can alter their appearance, and he fears someone is impersonating him. Touma turns to enter the store, and Mitsuki suddenly punches him in the back, knocking the wind out of him. He reveals that he was the imposter all along, and he's displeased that the real Mitsuki managed to escape captivity, blowing his cover. He draws an obsidian dagger and fires a laser beam from it, which Touma barely manages to dodge, totaling a car in the process. Touma realizes he is a magician and runs away as the imposter gives chase and fires more beams.

Back in Touma's apartment, Index is fascinated by a Magical Girl anime called Magical Powered Kanamin. Touma calls her and asks if she is all right, worrying that magicians are after her again. She says she is all right and asks about his situation. While running, he describes everything he can about the imposter. Based on his description, she says the obsidian blade must be a replica of the Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, and she starts talking about its significance in Aztec Mythology. Annoyed, Touma says her Magi Babble doesn't make any sense and asks her to cut to the important parts like how to beat him. Index gets angry, but explains that the blade's laser comes from reflecting the light of Venus, and that the imposter likely used the blade to cut skin from the real Mitsuki to create the spell that borrowed his appearance.

Take that, imposter!

Touma runs into an empty construction site. When the imposter follows, Touma suddenly grabs a shovel and uses it to fling cement powder at his opponent, temporarily blinding him. He then throws the shovel at him. The imposter ducks and tries his laser attack, but nothing happens and he realizes with horror that the obsidian blade is covered with cement powder, preventing it from reflecting the light of Venus. Touma closes the gap and punches him in the face with his right hand, knocking him down. His fake Mitsuki Unabara face cracks apart, revealing his true face, that of a dark-skinned Latino with glowing yellow eyes.

Note: In the light novel, the imposter changes to his natural voice after his disguise is destroyed. In the anime, he continues speaking in Mitsuki's voice.

Touma demands answers. Why did he imitate Mitsuki and try to get close to Mikoto? She has nothing to do with the Magic Side. The man says Touma has been gathering powerful allies from both the Science and Magic Sides. There's Index Librorum Prohibitorum - the holder of the 103,000 grimoires, Aisa Himegami - Deep Blood, various members of Necessarius, and now Mikoto Misaka - the 3rd Level 5. The two sides are supposed to be separate, so what Touma has done is unprecedented. Various Magic Side factions, including his superiors, have concluded that Touma must be gathering an army to destabilize and then take over both sides, calling this "army" the Kamijou Faction (Kamijou Forces in the English dub). Of course, Touma thinks this speculation is ridiculous and he never had any intention of doing such a thing. The man continues that he was assigned to observe the Kamijou Faction and terminate them if he determined his superiors' speculations were correct, and he has concluded they are.

Note: In the light novel, the man also talks about how he kidnapped Mitsuki a week ago to take some of his flesh and impersonate him. He would have preferred to kill him, but Mitsuki used his esper ability to go into a state of suspended animation that left him nigh-invulnerable, so he just left him tied up in his apartment.

The man suddenly wipes the cement powder off his weapon and says Touma must die, firing his laser. Touma dodges and the beam destroys part of the unfinished building. As the building starts to fall apart, Touma rushes up and throws a punch with his right hand. The man tries to block with his weapon, but Imagine Breaker shatters it. The two fight hand-to-hand, roughly evenly matched, but are forced to separate to avoid a falling steel girder. Touma comments that he enjoyed their chat earlier and thought they could have been friends, but the man mocks him and says he didn't feel the same way. Touma asks if what he said about Mikoto was a lie as well. The man becomes enraged and says it is all Touma's fault. If he had never come along, never started forming his faction, then he would have never have been forced to lie to such a wonderful girl and been assigned to kill her as well. Touma realizes that the man is truly in love with her. The man confirms this, but says he is Touma's enemy and will kill him. They continue their fight. Suddenly, Touma looks up and sees a steel girder is about to fall on the man. He yells at him to dodge, but he doesn't and gets crushed.

What brought this reaction?

Touma checks on the man, who is pinned under the girder. The man says he's slightly glad that he lost, because that means he won't have to kill Mikoto or anyone else. He warns Touma that it is not over. More operatives from his organization and other Magic Side factions will come, with similar missions. Touma, Mikoto, and the rest of the Kamijou Faction will continue to be targeted. He asks Touma if he can protect her. Touma says something that is not revealed to the audience. The man replies that has to be the worst possible answer and passes out. Hiding behind a column, Mikoto listened to their conversation. She blushes and says Touma is so irresponsible and says things without thinking. She looks to the sky and says his words are so misleading. There is no way she is anything special to him.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: The various Magic Side factions think the Touma is assembling an army to take over the world, just because he has so many powerful friends.
  • Incest Subtext: Tsuchimikado's sister notes that she likes incest fiction.
  • Indirect Kiss: Touma and Mikoto accidentally mix up their hot dogs, leading Mikoto to freak out and spend some time trying to figure out which is which before giving up. Sharp-eyed viewers will note that they did end up switching.
  • In Love with the Mark: The imposter was assigned to kill Touma and everyone close to him, but fell in love with Mikoto.
  • Long List: Pierce Aogami's list of fetishes. Here's the light novel version:
    Pierce Aogami: Ha, you're too na´ve, Kami-yan. I have a wide range of acceptance when it comes to women: not just heroines that fall from the sky, but also step sisters both younger and older, step mothers, step daughters, twins, widows, upperclassmen, underclassmen, classmates, female teachers, childhood friends, rich girls, blonde hair, black hair, brown hair, silver hair, long hair, semi-long hair, short hair, bobs, drill hair, straight hair, pigtails, ponytails, braided hair, wavy hair, messy hair, ahoges, sailor uniforms, blazer uniforms, PE uniforms, judo uniforms, archery uniforms, kindergarten teachers, nurses, maids, policewomen, shrine maidens, nuns, military officers, secretaries, lolis, shotas, tsunderes, cheerleaders, stewardesses, waitresses, white gothic, black gothic, china dresses, weak albinos, crazy day dreamers, girls with multiple personalities, dominatrices, princesses, kneesocks, garterbelts, crossdressing beauties, glasses, eyepatches, bandages, school swimsuits, one piece swimsuits, bikini swimsuits, slingshot swimsuits, ridiculous swimsuits, non-human girls, ghosts, animal ears, etc.- any female is within my area of acceptance.
  • The Unreveal: Whatever Touma said to the imposter at the end. It certainly made Mikoto blush, but we don't get to hear it.
    Mikoto: I know he doesn't mean anything by it. I know I'm nothing special. But he makes it really hard!

Story 2

Some idiots bite the dust.

One night, Accelerator goes to a store and buys several cans of coffee. As he walks down the street, several street thugs attack him with a combination of fists and weapons like knifes, crowbars, and baseball bats, but their blows all get reflected and they all collapse with broken bones. He walks away, and one of the delinquents tries to shoot him in the back with a fireball, but it just gets reflected back and he fries himself. Accelerator sighs and has an internal monologue about how ever since he lost against Touma and the Level 6 Shift Project was cancelled, he's lost all respect. Even though his power has not changed, nobody seems to be afraid of him anymore, and all the losers and idiots Academy City has to offer keep attacking him, thinking they can beat him and claim his title of #1 esper. He's gotten so weary of it that he's just using his automatic reflection to make them defeat themselves and is not even bothering to kill them, hoping they will finally learn something.

Who is this?

Accelerator passes by an apartment and overhears a couple arguing (it's the same scene from Story 1 where Index angrily bites Touma after he foolishly said he wasn't tempted by her body). Annoyed that the couple is so loud, he uses his powers to reflect sound away from him, making him unable to hear anything. He continues walking, and a small girl wrapped in a ragged blanket runs up behind him, trying to get his attention, but he can't hear her. She finally runs into his line of sight to get him to notice her. He remembers that he is reflecting sound and turns it off, only to be annoyed when the girl talks a mile a minute. However, he notices she's narrating herself while speaking in the third person, twice. For example, "Hello, Misaka is here! exclaims Misaka as Misaka tries her best to emphasize her existence but was completely ignored!?" Curious that she said, "Misaka", he asks her to remove that blanket and show him her face. She protests that he can't just ask a girl to take her clothes off in the middle of the street, but he loses patience and pulls it off. She looks like a ten-year-old version of Mikoto Misaka, but more importantly, she's completely naked. As Accelerator freezes up and basically goes, "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!", the girl covers herself with her arms and screams.

Idiots strike again.

After he gives the blanket back, the girl says she is Misaka 20001, codenamed Last Order. She says that because the Sisters Project was cancelled, she was released from her incubation pod prematurely, which is why she looks so young compared to the other Misaka clones. She asks for his help because she is out of the lab and has no where else to go. He says he doesn't care, but eventually softens and says she can sleep in his apartment tonight. They go to the apartment building, and he tricks her by saying he lives in Room 304, then Room 307, but finally leads her to his residence, Room 311. Inside, they find that it is completely trashed and burned. Annoyed, he realizes some of those stupid thugs who keep attacking him must have done it. She asks if he's going to call the authorities, but he says it doesn't matter, and the vandals are long gone. He tells her she must be scared and not want to hang out with someone like him who is constantly threatened, but she says she is staying and she doesn't want to be alone. After finding that the couch and bed are still intact, he takes the couch while she takes the bed.

Quit spying, Amai.

The next morning, Accelerator wakes up to find Last Order is still there, saying she is hungry. She is disappointed when he says he doesn't cook, but he takes her to a restaurant for breakfast. For some reason, nobody comments on her attire. While they wait for their order, she asks why he's albino. He says that he can reflect anything, even ultraviolet light, so his body didn't bother to produce pigment. Next, she asks if he is a guy or a girl, because he's so effeminate-looking that she can't tell. He gets annoyed and looks out the window, and is shocked when he sees Ao Amai, one of the former researchers involved in the Level 6 experiment, in the parking lot. When Amai notices him, he quickly gets in his car and drives away.

Their food arrives and they start eating. He asks why she wants to hang out with him, and if she knows he's killed so many of her sisters. She says of course she knows, she shares her memories with the rest of the Sisters Network, after all. She adds that if it wasn't for him, the Misaka Sisters would never have been born, and for that she is grateful. He says she's nuts, and that he enjoyed killing them just to get stronger. However, she says she can tell he's lying. Based on her shared memories, before every experiment, he would talk to the Misaka Sisters, always trying to get some kind of emotional response out of them. Each time, it failed, but she asks what he would have done if any of them had shown emotion.

Accelerator becomes disturbed by this question and gets up. Last Order asks if he's going to finish his food, but he says no. Her head droops down and she says she's very tired. Accelerator pays the bill and leaves the restaurant, leaving Last Order sleeping at the table.

Accelerator's mom, sort of.

Accelerator finds a research facility. In a messy room with several computer monitors, a woman in a lab coat works. Accelerator enters and the woman happily greets him, but points out he didn't have to break down the front entrance, as his access card was still valid. He asks the woman, Kikyou Yoshikawa, where the experimental body adjustment manual for the Misaka Sisters is, saying it will be his payment for his part in the Level 6 experiment now that it has been cancelled. However, Kikyou suddenly asks Accelerator an unusual question: "How did you find out?" She continues by saying that she had only noticed the "problem" a few hours ago, and is still trying to debug "their" personality files. This confuses Accelerator, however, Kikyou continues to speak. She states that the "problem" is more accurate if one calls it a virus.

He says he doesn't understand what she is saying, so she starts talking about Last Order. As the 20001st Misaka clone, she was not part of the Level 6 experiment. Instead, she is the system administrator of the Sisters Network, with the ability to control the other clones. A few days ago, a computer virus was uploaded into her brain, which resulted in her breaking out of her pod and escaping the lab she was being held in. Today is August 31. The virus is programmed to go off at midnight. Once it does, it will use Last Order to spread to the rest of the clones, and cause them to attack everyone indiscriminately. The clones are scattered around the world, so it would be a worldwide disaster.

Make your choice.

Accelerator suddenly laughs and says this situation has just gotten interesting. He asks if there are any suspects, and Kikyou says the most likely one is Ao Amai. He replies that he saw him earlier, and asks how the virus can be stopped. She says she's still trying to figure that out, and if they can't think of anything, the only other option would be to kill Last Order before the virus spreads. She asks for his help, but he says he is a killer, so how can he save anyone? She says she and the other researchers were the ones who put him up to do the experiment, so it wasn't his fault. She says he has two options. He can either find and capture Amai to force him to reveal how to stop the virus, or he can find Last Order and put her back in a pod to stabilize her until the virus can be removed. She then holds up a file on Amai in one hand and a copy of Last Order's personality files in the other. As he reaches for one, she acknowledges that his powers are more suited for destruction than protection.

Accelerator runs out into the streets, carrying Last Order's personality files. He says the choice was so obvious: he will save her.

One unhappy childhood.

Accelerator has a flashback to when he was a child. He used to have a real, ordinary name, but he was called Accelerator after his power and he's been using it for so long that he's forgotten what his real name is. Ever since he discovered his power, everybody has been attacking him. First it was bullies and delinquents, then armed men, then whole armies. No matter what they tried, he would always be completely unharmed, and his automatic reflection would make them destroy themselves.

As night falls, he runs back to the restaurant, but Last Order is not there. He curses himself for not bringing her with him when he met with Kikyou. He questions a waitress, who says a man picked Last Order up, claiming to be her father. He immediately deduces the man was Ao Amai.

Note: In the light novel and manga versions, when Accelerator walks up to the restaurant, there is a huge explosion. Accelerator is shocked when he sees Touma run out the building chasing a burly man in a business suit who can turn invisible, while several of the restaurant's staff angrily chase Touma (more on this in Story 3). Accelerator then decides it is not important and enters to find Last Order is not there. In the anime, this scene is omitted.

Accelerator calls Kikyou and tells her the bad news. If Amai has escaped the city, then they are screwed. She says he couldn't have left the city because someone apparently breached the city's security earlier and broke in. Academy City is now in Code Red, meaning traffic flow in and out of the city is frozen. He asks if Amai has any allies in the city who would give him asylum, but she says he was very anti-social and has no friends. Plus, he invested very heavily in the Level 6 experiment, so when it was cancelled, he went bankrupt. Accelerator smiles and says human actions before simplistic when they lose their comfort zones and options. He is sure he can find him now.

Last Order suffers.

Amai parks his car somewhere in an empty parking lot. He pounds on the steering wheel in frustration and says it's not fair; why did the city have to go into Code Red right now? In the back is Last Order, unconscious and breathing heavily. She has electrodes attached to her head and connected to an open laptop. He talks about how because Last Order escaped from her pod prematurely, she is dying, and he hopes she'll stay alive long enough for the virus to activate.

Suddenly, he sees Accelerator walking up. Terrified, he floors it and tries to run him over. Accelerator simply stands still and the front end of the car crumples around him without making him budge. Amazingly, the impact doesn't jostle Last Order at all. Amai tries to escape, but Accelerator slams the car door on him. Amai faints.

Accelerator examines the laptop, which is monitoring Last Order's brainwaves. He calls Kikyou and asks what B.C. Operating Rate stands for, and she says it means Brain Cell Operating Rate. He asks if he can use the laptop to purge the virus, but she says he'll need an incubation pod to stabilize her and a Testament machine to overwrite her mind. She has these devices and is driving to his location. Accelerator complains about how much trouble he had to go through.

Suddenly, Last Order starts screaming, "Misaka!" and gibberish over and over again, and several "Warning!" signs start popping up on the screen, while the B.C. Operating Rate counter skyrockets. Horrified, Accelerator asks what is going on. Kikyou listens to the gibberish and realizes it is computer code, and the virus is about to activate. Accelerator complains that it is only about 8:00 PM, but she says the leaked information that claimed it would activate at midnight must have been fake. She estimates that she won't be able to make it in time, and tells him to kill Last Order before it is too late.

Accelerator says he won't do that, and laments that all his power is good for is killing. He gets a sudden idea. He can control vectors, so he should be able to manipulate the electrical impulses in Last Order's brain to eliminate the virus. Kikyou warns that such a task would be too complex, even for him, but he hangs up on her. He reads Last Order's personality files (a massive page of computer code), and comments that memorizing it was easy. He puts his hand on Last Order's forehead and concentrates. He sees Last Order's mind, in the form of computer code, and starts deleting anything that doesn't match what was on the files. The B.C. Operation Rate counter starts to drop and the "Warning!" signs start to disappear. Accelerator ponders with a bit of regret that since the personality files were from one week ago, then Last Order won't remember him once he is finished. He decides it is for the best, as a child like her shouldn't be associated with a monster like him.

He took one for the team.

Suddenly, Amai wakes up and orders him to stop interfering, and pulls out a gun. Shocked, Accelerator ponders that he's devoting so much concentration to purging Last Order's brain of the virus that he can't do that and use his reflection at the same time. However, he decides not to stop, as her brain might get wrecked if he stops the process before it is finished. Right before he gets shot in the forehead, he laments that he was so naive to think that he could start over and become a good guy for a change.

Accelerator falls, with blood streaming from his forehead. Amai laughs in shock, amazed that his bullet somehow actually worked, and he starts celebrating that he has taken down the #1 Level 5 esper. He checks on Last Order, but finds that although not all of the virus was deleted, it was deleted in a certain spot to create an "Error: Break code". In other words, the virus won't go off. Enraged, Amai points his gun at her and fires, but Accelerator suddenly gets up and blocks the bullet with his hand, reflecting it back at the gun, destroying it and injuring Amai's hand. Accelerator clutches his hand to his head wound. Amai incredulously asks why he is acting like a hero, saying he has no right to do so when he has done so many horrible things. Accelerator admits that he is a hypocrite, that he had killed over 10,000 Sisters, but even so, he can't just leave her to die. He lunges, but Amai easily sidesteps. Accelerator then falls on his face, unconscious.

Amai laughs at his second stroke of good fortune. He pulls out another gun and aims at Accelerator, mocking him and saying he failed in the end. Suddenly, Kikyou shows up and shoots him just in time. She carries Last Order to her van and puts her in the incubation pod inside. She then stands over Amai, prepared to finish him off. He asks why she would work against him. She is a scientist like him. She says they are nothing alike. She wanted to be a teacher, but she got pulled into being a researcher and got caught up in the horrible Level 6 experiment. As she prepares to fire, he points his gun at her as well, creating a Mexican Standoff. She asks if he is afraid of dying alone, and they both pull the trigger at the same time.

Get well soon.

Kikyou Yoshikawa wakes up in the hospital and is greeted by Heaven Canceler, who says that he saved her life. Confused, she remembers she was shot in the heart, but he brags that he can fix pretty much any injury. However, she should really be thanking Accelerator for saving her life. Despite his bullet wound, he managed to carry her and Last Order to the hospital through sheer determination, even using his powers to stop her from bleeding out. Unfortunately, the brain damage he suffered has greatly reduced his language and computational ability. From now on, he won't be able to speak, walk, or use his powers on his own. She becomes sad, but he says he has an idea. Although he can't normally fix brain damage, he figures he can rig up a device that can connect Accelerator's mind to the Sisters Network, using their brain power to compensate for his. She asks about Last Order, and he says he's treating her as well.

He then tells her that her superiors were not pleased about what she had done and fired her. She becomes sad that she's lost her source of income, but he tells her there are other paths in life and starts walking out of the room. She tells him he had better save Accelerator or she will never forgive him. He asks who she thinks he is. Saving people is what he does.

Now alone, Kikyou remembers how she and Accelerator talked about how his powers are more suited to destruction than protection. She smiles and says she knew Accelerator would be able to save someone if he tried.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Everybody who keeps attacking Accelerator, no matter how many times he effortlessly kicks their asses.
  • Call Back: Accelerator's adventure parallels Touma's from the Index arc. He runs afoul of bullies, then meets a mysterious and annoying girl, sees her naked, decides to save her, uses his powers to save her from something affecting her mind, and suffers brain damage for it.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Accelerator decides to do the right thing for a change.
  • Hero of Another Story: Accelerator's adventure happens around the same time as Touma's in both Story 1 and Story 3.
  • Shooting Superman: Everybody keeps attacking Accelerator no matter how many times they see everything get reflected.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Seriously, nobody in the restaurant bats an eyelash at Last Order wearing nothing but a blanket. Does the restaurant not have a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy?

Story 3

Sucks to be you!

Note: This starts a short time after Story 1.

After dealing with the Mitsuki Unabara imposter, Touma goes back to his apartment and toils over the rest of his homework. Index, completely unsympathetic to his plight, watches Magical Powered Kanamin and turns the volume all the way up, disrupting his concentration and making him knock the papers off his desk. To make matters worse, Index says she is hungry.

Meanwhile, a burly man in a business suit walks through the city, muttering about Index.

Index finds his homework and expects to be rewarded, but he says she ate all the snacks already. Eventually, Index decides to be useful for a change, massages his head, and points out that he's so grumpy and can't concentrate because it's about dinner time and he's hungry. He reluctantly agrees to take a break.

Touma's not going to like this.

The man arrives at the apartment building. He draws his magic crossbow, the Azusayumi, and attaches it to his right hand. Instead of arrows, it fires wind. He points the crossbow down and fires, launching himself up to the balcony of Touma's apartment. As soon as he lands, he fires a massive gust into the apartment, completely trashing it. However, there is no one inside.

Note: In the anime, the man in the suit is never named. The light novel and manga's narrative gives his name as Ouma Yamisaka.

Touma has a bad feeling as he takes Index and Sphynx to a restaurant (the same one Accelerator took Last Order to in Story 2). It allows pets and even provides meals for them. To his dismay, she chooses the most expensive item on the menu. While they wait for their food, Touma pulls out his homework and starts working on it. A waitress trips and drops food all over him, causing him to complain about his bad luck once again.

Note: In the light novel and manga versions, one of Touma's assignments was to do a book report on Momotaro. When he starts working on it, Index looks the book over and says it is wildly inaccurate. Momotaro was based on real events that are well known in the Magic Side. She starts explaining what really happened, but Touma complains that he can't understand her Magi Babble and besides, he can't use that information because it doesn't match the book.

Touma stops the wind.

Touma looks out the window and sees Ouma pointing his crossbow right at him. He quickly shoves Index back as the man fires, creating a tremendous gust of wind that shatters the window and tears up the place. Touma holds Imagine Breaker up and the wind dies down, much to Ouma's surprise. However, Ouma recovers from his shock and demonstrates his insane speed by getting behind Touma without him seeing him move. He tells Touma to surrender if he doesn't want to get hurt, but Touma looks down and finds that his homework was completely shredded by the wind attack. Enraged, he tells Ouma to apologize, but he says he doesn't care and doesn't have time for games. Ouma suddenly speeds up to Index, grabs her, and uses a spell to turn them both invisible. Touma tries to find them and accidentally grabs Index's boob with his left hand, making her shriek. Ouma's hand carrying the crossbow reappears and Touma ducks as it creates another massive gust that blows a hole in the wall. Still invisible, Ouma takes Index and runs out, knocking Aisa Himegami, who was walking down the street, over. Touma attempts to give chase, but is confronted by the restaurant's staff, who somehow didn't notice Ouma and think Touma was the one who trashed their place. He is forced to run from them.

As night falls, Touma finally manages to escape the angry workers while carrying Sphynx. As he tries to figure out where Ouma took Index, the cat jumps out of his arms, sniffs around, and runs in a certain direction. Touma follows her, thinking she is leading him to Index, but Sphynx runs to a hotel's trash bin and starts eating. Touma roars that Sphynx is stupid and ungrateful to Index, the one who rescued her from the streets. He picks her up and runs, trying to find a clue.

I do this for you.

Unbeknownst to Touma, Ouma took Index to the roof of the hotel Sphynx led him to. He ties her up, then pulls a picture of a girl out of his pocket and stares at it for a bit. Index asks what he wants, and he says he wants information out of the 103,000 grimoires in her head.

As Touma runs around, he accidentally bumps into Mikoto. She remembers what he said to the Mitsuki imposter and starts blushing and stammering. Touma ignores her and continues on his way. Angered, she blasts a security robot and destroys it.

Mikoto manages to catch up to Touma, but he screams that he is in a hurry and asks what she wants. She tries to say something, but freezes up. He has enough and leaves her in the dust.

Ouma produces an array of ropes and amulets and arranges them in a way that, combined with the water tower, makes the roof look like a Shinto temple. Index manages to call Touma on her cellphone and put it on speaker phone, hoping it will help him find out where they are. Ouma explains that the temple will amplify the Azusayumi's ability to grant its wielder the power to read minds. Index worriedly warns him not to read her mind, that he won't be able to handle the knowledge in the grimoires, but he says he knows the risks.

Note: In the light novel, a member of Anti-Skill tries to apprehend Touma, saying the restaurant reported him as a vandal and that he had been spotted around the under-construction building that collapsed (in Story 1). Touma resists arrest and manages to escape.

Ouma charges the temple and the Azusayumi with magic and he starts reading Index's mind. He envisions himself in a dark void surrounded by the 103,000 grimoires. He explains that he only needs one, The Baopuzi, a magical text that explains how to cure ailments and gain immortality. He starts to read it, and screams in agony as he starts coughing up blood and shedding Tears of Blood. Index begs him to stop, but he refuses and keeps reading, commenting that Index is amazing for having all this knowledge and not being harmed by it.

The temple glows with power.

Index finds that the mind-reading spell works both ways, so she can see into his mind. Some time ago, Ouma visited a hospital and saw a girl, the girl in the photo. She was terribly ill, but the doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with her. He realized she was suffering from a curse, but the doctors and the girl didn't know this because they had no knowledge of the Magic Side. Even though they didn't know each other, he decided to try to break the curse and cure her. Index says she understands him wanting to save the woman he loves, but he can't go and kill himself over her. He roars that he doesn't care about the girl; he just wants to save her to prove his skill. She says she knows the truth: he claims he doesn't care about her and only wants to prove he can save her, because he's afraid that she would be punished for his sins if he admitted he was doing it for her.

Touma finally arrives and grabs one of the ropes with his right hand, destroying them all and ending the mind-reading spell. Ouma angrily tells him not to interfere and blasts him with wind, but Touma dispels it with Imagine Breaker. Touma explains that he heard everything on the phone and he won't let anyone die tonight. Ouma tries to attack again, but collapses from his injuries. He laments that he is nothing but a failure and will now welcome death.

Annoyed, Touma has Sphynx scratch Ouma's face, waking him up and making him clutch his face in pain. Touma says it is payback for destroying his homework. He then asks where the ill woman is. Ouma is shocked, and Touma explains about his Imagine Breaker and how it can destroy anything supernatural, so he can use it to break the curse on the girl. If they hurry now, they can leave Academy City and save her with enough time for Touma to make it back to school. Now that the means to save her is finally in his grasp, Ouma breaks down in tears and agrees.

Touma and Ouma sneak out of Academy City together and save the girl off-screen.

Note: In the light novel and manga, when Touma comes home after saving the girl, he suddenly remembers that he and Ouma left Index tied up. He frees her, and she angrily bites him for forgetting about her. In the anime, Touma quickly untied her after arriving on the roof, so this was omitted.
  • Blow You Away: The Azusayumi gives Ouma control over wind.
  • Could Have Avoided This Plot: Touma and Index would have gladly helped Ouma save the girl if he had just explained what he wanted instead of attacking them and kidnapping Index.
  • Skewed Priorities: Touma, when a guy is threatening you with a crossbow, now is not the time to be thinking about homework.
  • Weirdness Censor: Even though several of the restaurant's staff and customers were looking at the scene when Ouma attacked, they somehow don't notice him and think Touma did it.