Recap: A Certain Magical Index Arc 7 Orsola Aquinas Rescue

The seventh arc of A Certain Magical Index, consisting of volume 7 of the light novels, chapters 45-57 (volumes 9-10) of the manga, and episodes 2-5 of the anime's season 2.
Laura Stuart smiles at Stiyl Magnus.

In the streets of London, Archbishop Laura Stuart, the leader of Necessarius, talks to Stiyl Magnus. Stiyl interrupts her and asks why she's speaking in Japanese and why it sounds so weird (for example, bad grammar). Laura says she asked Motoharu Tsuchimikado to teach her Japanese so she would be able to better communicate with people from Japan like Academy City and now she's practicing. Annoyed, he informs her that Motoharu is definitely not the best source to learn a language from, especially since he lies all the time and enjoys screwing with people.

She gets a little upset, but hands him a paper talisman that allows them to speak telepathically. She gets down to business and asks if he knows about The Book of the Law aka Liber AL vel Legis. He has; it is a grimoire written by Edward Alexander (Aleister Crowley's real name), and kept in the library archives of Vatican City. It is rumored to be very, very powerful, but no one can decipher it. It is one of the many texts Index Librorum Prohibitorum memorized, but since she cannot understand it, it is of no use to her. However, Orsola Aquinas, a nun from the Roman Catholic Church, has apparently figured out how to decipher it through studying a few sample copied pages. Orsola and the book have both gone missing, and they suspect the Amakusa Catholics are involved somehow. They enter St. George's Cathedral to continue their conversation.

Note: In the light novel, they talk about how the Amakusa Catholics is a small magic cabal in Japan that combines Catholic teachings with aspects of Buddhism and Shinto. Kaori Kanzaki used to be their leader until she joined Necessarius. Kaori is missing as well, and Necessarius is worried that her loyalties lie with her old group. Laura orders Stiyl to go back to Academy City and recruit Index and Touma to help him find Orsola and The Book of the Law. He gets upset. She hands him a cross necklace and asks him to give it to Orsola when he meets her.

Sorry maid, but I'm borrowing her.

Index talks with Maika Tsuchimikado outside Touma's apartment. Index is annoyed that Touma, Komoe, and Himegami are at school and she can't hang out with them. She asks why Maika isn't at school. Maika reminds her that she is a maid in training, and she's supposed to travel around town cleaning things up and serving people. Index excitedly declares that if she becomes a maid herself, she will be able to visit Touma's school whenever she wants. Maika informs her that being a maid requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Suddenly, Stiyl appears, grabs Index, and leaves before Maika can react.

Touma walks home from school. The city is preparing for the upcoming Daihasei Festival aka Daihaseisai, and he and his class had to help set things up. He muses that because of his amnesia, he will be experiencing the festival for the first time. A distraught Maika appears and asks him why he turned his phone off. She explains what happened and hands him an envelope Stiyl had given her, saying he warned her not to call the authorities and to give the envelope straight to Touma. Inside the envelope is a letter telling Touma to meet him at the Twilight Theater, a small abandoned theater a few kilometers outside Academy City, at 7 PM. After Maika describes the kidnapper, Touma recognizes him as Stiyl and gets annoyed. He tells her not to worry, Stiyl would never harm Index and is just doing a fancy way of getting his attention. The envelope also has permits and documents that would allow Touma to leave the city today. He leaves Sphynx in her care.

At the Twilight Theater, Stiyl fills Index in on the situation. She agrees to help, but gets angry that Necessarius is forcing Touma to get involved when it is a Magic Side situation and should have nothing to do with him. They are joined by another nun.

Touma, you lucky bastard...

Outside Academy City, Touma starts walking toward the Twilight Theater. He stops to rest at a bus stop and runs into a nun. She asks him which bus goes to Academy City. He explains that there are no buses that go to Academy City, and even if there were, she would need a permit to enter. She seems to be very ditzy because he has to repeat himself several times for her to understand this. She walks up to him and wipes his face with a handkerchief (in the light novel, because he had food crumbs; in the anime, because he was sweaty), making him blush at their close contact. He asks why she wants to go to Academy City, and she says she is being chased and seeks sanctuary. He says she can travel with him while he goes to the Twilight Theater; she will be safe with him, and he's allies with Necessarius, so they can take care of her.

The nun who joined Index and Stiyl introduces herself as Agnese Sanctis. Despite her young age (she's shorter than Index), she's a high-ranking operative of the Roman Catholic Church. Agnese admits that they may have some trouble because they are not familiar with how the Amakusa Catholics' magic works. Index has some knowledge of them. Due to blending three religions together, most of their spells are improvised, so they can use almost any household item as a medium for a spell. Most members are well versed in martial arts and swordsmanship. Unlike most other Magic Side characters, they wear casual clothing instead of uniforms or magical garments. Their conversation is interrupted when they see Touma and his new friend approaching.

Touma angrily berates Stiyl for pretending to kidnap Index and forcing him to walk all the way out here. Can't he just ask him for help like a normal person? Stiyl brushes this off and thanks him for ending their mission early. The nun with him is Orsola Aquinas, the person they were looking for. Touma says they're not done and asks Stiyl to apologize for dragging him all the way out here, but Stiyl rudely takes a drag of his cigarette and blows smoke in his face, making him cough. He orders Touma to hand Orsola over to them. However, when Orsola sees Agnese, she gets scared and backs away. Suddenly, a small balloon floats near them, and a voice comes from it saying Orsola is coming with them. Three swords burst through the concrete around Orsola and saw around her, causing her to fall into a dark hole. Touma tries to follow her, but Index stops him, pointing out he would have been skewered. Stiyl prepares a fireball, but the people in the hole are suddenly gone.

The Knights of England arrive.

Meanwhile, a squad of twenty-one knights crawl out of the sea. They start to walk up the beach when Kaori Kanzaki arrives. They immediately attack her on sight, but she moves at supersonic speed and defeats them all with about one hit each. Each blow is hard enough to send them flying or embed them into the ground. She thanks them for wearing such sturdy armor, allowing her to hold back enough to avoid killing them. Motoharu meets her and says he is neither an enemy nor an ally for her at this point. They talk about her recent trip to England and wonder why the Knights of England were here.

While Agnese gathers her troops, Stiyl and Index fill Touma in on the situation. The Book of the Law is rumored to give the user power similar to angels, so they should rescue Orsola before her captors force her to translate it. Touma asks why the book wasn't destroyed if it is so dangerous, but they tell him a grimoire cannot be destroyed. The best you can hope for is to seal it away.

Agnese moves to join them, but trips and falls. She grabs Touma to steady herself, but ends up pulling him down and causing him to look up her skirt. She freaks out, while Index yells at him and Stiyl kicks him, accusing him of being a pervert. After that mess is over, they get down to business. Index says that based on the Amakusa's known patterns, they will hold Orsola somewhere and then use the spell Miniaturized Pilgrimage to teleport away to a safe distance. Fortunately, the spell can only be performed around midnight, and the spell can only take you between any one of 47 points on the map Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu, written by Tadataka Ino. Touma is amazed and thinks this Tadataka Ino must have been a great magician to come up with something like this. Everyone looks at him like he's an idiot. Tadataka Ino (he's a real person) is a Japanese surveyor and cartographer who made the first map of Japan. The Miniaturized Pilgrimage spell is merely based on his legendary map. Agnese comments that she's Italian and she knows all about him, and Touma must be a slacker to not know his own country's history.

Index uses the GPS map function on Touma's phone to show them the closest point on the map. Around midnight, the Amakusa Catholics will go there and use the spell to travel to another point. Everyone agrees to rest until 11 PM and then head to the point and intercept the Amakusas.

Touma, Index, Stiyl, Agnese, and her troops, about 250 warrior nuns, have dinner and then set up tents to bathe and take a nap before the anticipated time. Touma hears a scream coming from a tent and rushes in without thinking, but it turns out Index and Agnese were bathing together and Agnese screamed because she saw a slug crawling near her. Of course, for seeing them naked, Index bites him.

You lucky, lucky bastard!

Touma and Stiyl share a tent. Stiyl had wanted to share Index's tent, but she refused, so he settled for surrounding her tent with his rune cards, just in case. The two boys chat for a bit. Touma asks Stiyl what he would do if Kaori really is on the Amakusa Catholics' side. Stiyl replies that his true loyalty is to Index and Index alone. He once swore to her, "Even if you forget everything, I'll remember it forever. I'll live for you, and die for you." He will destroy anybody who opposes her, even his friend Kaori Kanzaki. In fact, he would kill Touma in an instant if he ever turned against Index. They go to sleep.

Touma's rest is short-lived when he feels something on his chest. He opens his eyes and is horrified to find Agnese in her underwear on top of him. She's still asleep, and cuddles against him while muttering something about her father. He slowly tries to inch her off him, but Index enters the tent. She's sleepwalking and mutters that since she's in a dream, she can do anything she wants. She bites him.

Meanwhile, at Parallel Sweets Park, a theme park now closed for the night, Saiji Tatemiya, the leader of the Amakusa Catholics, watches over an unconscious, bound and gagged Orsola. His colleague Itsuwa reports that the Miniaturized Pilgrimage spell is almost ready. He smiles and draws his sword. He dramatically swings it a few times and declares that he will show how much the Amakusa Catholics have improved after he took over as leader from Kaori.

The heroes gather around Parallel Sweets Park. Agnese says the plan is for her and her forces to engage the Amakusa Catholics while Touma, Index, and Stiyl sneak in and recover Orsola and The Book of the Law. They are to retreat if they don't succeed by five minutes to midnight. Stiyl is a little uncomfortable about this plan, but agrees. The trio separates from Agnese and enters the park.

Now alone, Touma voices his doubts about whether they can really pull this off in such a short amount of time. Stiyl agrees, and says he doesn't trust the Roman Catholic Church that much, so he neglected to tell them about Kaori being AWOL and possibly helping the Amakusas. Touma suggests they focus on recovering Orsola and not The Book of the Law. Index and Stiyl agree. After all, without Orsola, the grimoire will be useless to the Amakusas.

An explosion occurs and they realize the battle has begun. They get ambushed by some Amakusas, but manage to evade them. Stiyl hands Touma the cross necklace Laura gave him and tells him not to lose it. Stiyl suddenly grabs Index and uses an illusion spell to disappear, leaving Touma alone with three Amakusas. He gets angry that Stiyl used him as a decoy once again.

Touma runs and manages to lose two of his pursuers, but gets attacked by the third one, a girl wielding a dress sword. After evading her attacks for a bit, he pulls a tube of grease out of a nearby toolbox and throws it. She instinctively slashes it, but this makes the grease splatter into her eyes, blinding her. He tackles her and knocks her out. He leaves her there and carries her sword with him.

Is there no one you can't seduce?

Eventually, Touma runs into Orsola, who had managed to run away from her captors despite still being bound and gagged. He touches her restraints with his Imagine Breaker and destroys them. She is amazed and asks how he did that, but he shrugs and says it is a long story. She asks what he is doing here, and he says he and his friends came to save her. She pouts a little and says he must obviously be doing this for her knowledge of The Book of the Law, but he retorts that he couldn't care less about some old book, he's here to save her. This makes her very happy, and she thanks him. A few Amakusas show up, so the two hide behind a pillar. They quietly chat while waiting for the coast to be clear, and she wipes the sweat off his face with her handkerchief again. He remembers the cross necklace Stiyl gave him and says she should have it, since he's an atheist and it is meaningless to him. She agrees and asks him to put it on her, but when he does, she closes her eyes and tries to kiss him. He very nervously avoids her lips. Afterwards, he asks her why she studied The Book of the Law. She reveals that she knew how dangerous it was, and hoped to understand it so she could use that knowledge to find a way to destroy it and prevent anyone else from learning how to read it in the future.

Saiji Tatemiya and his cool sword.

Suddenly, Stiyl falls from a roof and crashes to the ground, hard. Touma and Orsola are horrified, but he tells them to run and not worry about him. It's too late, Tatemiya appears. He tells Orsola to come with him and she will not be harmed, but she refuses. He notices the sword Touma took and gets a little angry, saying it belongs to his good friend Uragami. Touma assures him that he didn't kill her, he just knocked her out. Touma tries to talk their way to a peaceful solution, but Tatemiya attacks. Touma decides not to use Uragami's sword, reasoning that it would just hinder him because he has no swordsmanship training. Index appears and warns Touma that Tatemiya's sword is a normal blade, so his Imagine Breaker won't have any effect on it. Tatemiya uses a combination of sword strikes and magical attacks, forcing Touma on the defensive. Eventually, Touma gets an idea and tells Stiyl to launch a fireball at them both. He complies. Tatemiya laughs and casts an anti-fire shield spell, but Touma suddenly catches the fireball with his right hand and extinguishes it. Tatemiya is so shocked by the sight that he can't react in time before Touma punches him in the face. Stiyl and Touma then tackle him together and knock him out.

After a few minutes, the rest of the Amakusa Catholics are defeated and rounded up, with no casualties on either side. Tatemiya is tied up with runes placed on his body to prevent him from trying to escape. Stiyl takes Orsola to see Agnese. Index suddenly starts frantically touching and looking Touma over, asking if he is injured. When he says he isn't, she bites him. He asks what the Hell she did that for, and she says she was so worried and he had to be out of his mind to take on a swordsman barehanded.

Tatemiya wakes up and begs them to let him go. They tell him no way, but he says they don't understand. The Roman Catholic Church is going to kill Orsola because they saw her as dangerous and wanted to stop her from translating The Book of the Law. The Book of the Law was never stolen in the first place, and the Roman Catholic Church just accused them of doing that to frame them and get Necessarius on their side. This whole time, the Amakusas were trying to get Orsola away from them to save her life. Touma asks if that is true, why did they kidnap her? He says the Amakusas tried to explain themselves to her, but she wouldn't believe them. He sadly reminisces about the time Kaori Kanzaki was their leader. She taught them to always do the right thing, even if there is no reward. Because she was a Saint, her power eclipsed theirs several times over, so they couldn't fight alongside her on the battlefield. They would get severely injured, while she was unharmed. She couldn't take it anymore and left them for Necessarius. Even after she left, he endeavored to make sure his organization followed her example, and did the right thing.

Lucia and Angelene.

They hear Orsola screaming in the distance and realize with horror that Tatemiya is telling the truth. Tatemiya begs them to get Orsola away from them, no matter what it takes. Two of Agnese's subordinates, Sister Lucia and Sister Angeline, approach and say they are here to take Tatemiya into custody. Touma asks them where Orsola is, but they say that is none of their concern. Touma gently brushes against Lucia's shoulder, and she goes berserk, saying the "heathen monkey" will pay for daring to touch her. She causes the carriage wheel she carries to explode. Touma shields himself with his left arm, and it gets embedded by the wooden shrapnel. Angelene asks if she's gone nuts, but Lucia tells her to quit gawking and help her kill them. The shrapnel painfully flies out of Touma's arm and returns to Lucia, reforming into an intact carriage wheel. Angelene reluctantly uses a spell to control several pouches of coins (she comments they represent the coins of Matthew the Tax Collector) and use them as homing projectiles. Fortunately, Index uses her Spell Intercept to take control of the money pouches and turn them against the two nuns. A whistle sounds, and Lucia says it is a signal for them to retreat, so Lucia and Angelene run away.

Stiyl rejoins them and they untie Tatemiya. They remember that Orsola was scared of Agnese and berate themselves for brushing that from their minds at the time. As they discuss their present course of action, Stiyl and Tatemiya reveal that the Roman Catholic Church can't execute Orsola right away because she has technically committed no sins. However, they will subject her to various Trials of Sin to force her to "confess" to a sin. Once she does, they will be free to kill her. Tatemiya says then they have no time to waste and runs off. Touma prepares to join him, but Stiyl says this isn't their problem anymore. Touma protests, but Stiyl is adamant. He asks Touma where the cross necklace he gave him is, and he answers that Orsola is wearing it. Nonetheless, Stiyl says Necessarius has nothing to gain from interfering in the Roman Catholic Church's affairs, so he's leaving. He walks away and tells Touma to take Index home.

Touma dejectedly walks with Index down the road to Academy City. She tells him to quit worrying. Tatemiya can save her on his own. She says she can't understand why he feels the need to get involved with other people's problems when he has no obligation to do so and he will not gain anything from it. However, Touma makes up his mind and runs back.


Inside a church, ironically one that was built in Orsola Aquinas' name, Agnese and her forces take turns beating the crap out of Orsola. Her clothes are torn and she's covered with bruises. Agnese reveals her psychotic side, and says that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true Christian religion. Every other version, including Necessarius, will eventually be destroyed. However, no matter how much pain she is in, Orsola refuses to "confess", curse God for her suffering, or even blame the heroes for accidentally turning her in. She even smiles at Agnese and says she forgives her for this. Agnese gets really angry and takes it as an insult, continuing the beating.

Suddenly, they detect that the magical barrier surrounding the building is gone, and wonder what could have happened. Touma kicks the front doors open and marches in. Agnese says he has to be out of his mind to try to take on all 250 of them his own, but Touma runs up and punches her, sending her flying, though her comrades catch her. Touma roars at them not to take him for a fool. There's a girl in danger, and the only true decision is to save her.

Way to make an entrance.

Agnese's forces prepare to attack, but Stiyl bursts in with an explosion of flames. Agnese angrily asks him why he's interfering. He says that since Orsola is wearing a cross necklace from Archbishop Laura Stuart herself, she is a member of Necessarius and the Anglican Church. Necessarius takes care of their own, so they can't allow her to be harmed any longer. Tatemiya walks in as well along with the freed Amakusa Catholics, saying that since his group and Necessarius have the same objective, they will be working together. Index walks in and says Touma is an idiot for getting involved again, but now that they are here, they might as well save Orsola. Agnese shouts to her forces to kill them all.

Stiyl, Index, and the Amakusas engage Agnese's forces while Touma picks Orsola up bridal style and carries her away. Some of the battle nuns block his path, but Itsuwa knocks them out of the way with her spear. He thanks her and runs out of the building.

Meanwhile, Kaori and Motoharu watch the action from a nearby roof. She expresses her pride at how much the Amakusas have improved since she's been away, and feels they don't need her help after all.

Touma runs while carrying Orsola. Agnese's forces constantly try to stop him, using a combination of medieval weapons and spells. The Amakusas constantly run interference, but an explosion eventually knocks Touma and Orsola up to a roof. He asks if she is okay, and she says she is, but he looks at her injuries, including footprints where Agnese and her girls stomped on her, and gets angry.

Listen to this!

Index gets surrounded by some battle nuns. Tatemiya attempts to help, but Stiyl tells him to stay back and watch. Index starts singing, which creates a wave of energy that blows her attackers away. The nuns start clutching their ears and screaming in pain. Stiyl explains that she is casting Sheol Fear, a song that points out all the contradictions in Christianity. To people who don't take their beliefs that seriously, it is not that bad, but to fanatics like Agnese's forces, it is pure torture.

Inside the church, Agnese discusses the battle with a few subordinates. She says they may be at a disadvantage now, but they will win in the end.

A second wave of battle nuns lead by Sister Lucia confronts Index. She prepares to cast Sheol Fear again, but Lucia declares that they will do anything to win and defeat the enemies of God. To everybody's horror, they stick fountain pens into their ears and break their own eardrums. Blood streams from their ears. Now that they are deaf, Sheol Fear cannot affect them.

Stiyl and Tatemiya rush in to defend her. Fortunately, Touma and Orsola open a nearby door and tell the three to come in. They run in and shut the door, while the nuns start hacking away at it with their weapons. Orsola tells Touma he can put her down now as she's well enough to walk. They lament being stuck in this room while the Amakusas fight for their lives. Orsola suggests getting The Book of the Law and using it as a bargaining chip, but Tatemiya reminds them that the book is still in Vatican City. Index and Touma remind them that she memorized the book, so Orsola can tell her the translation method. They would then threaten to use the great spells within on Agnese's forces to make them stand down.

Stiyl protests, saying that if Index could understand the book, she would become even more of a target to greedy magicians. He finally agrees when he makes Touma swear to protect her from anyone no matter what. Orsola tells Index her translation method, which involves a mathematical formula to replace the letters and numbers with others. Index pictures the book in her head and applies the formula, but it is still gibberish. She sadly informs them that Orsola's method only worked for the sample, unimportant pages, and each section of the book may require a different method. Orsola becomes depressed that all her hard work was for nothing. Tatemiya points out that the Roman Catholic Church now has no reason to kill her, but Stiyl reminds him that they're nuts and won't care. The battle nuns finally break down the door, and they are forced to run for the back exit.

Agnese's weapon.

Agnese stands alone in the church when Touma walks in. She laughs and assumes that he abandoned Orsola and the others to save himself, but he says he entrusted her to his friends, while they trusted him to find the leader and defeat her. She calls him a fool, and says that her forces won't stop fighting just because she is taken down. She draws her weapon, the Lotus Wand, a metal staff with a metal lotus on one end. He prepares to fight, but she suddenly hits the wand against a pillar. He gets confused, then screams as he takes an unseen hit. She hits the wand against things, and he takes quite a beating. Then she pulls out a knife and starts scratching the wand with it, and several cuts appear on Touma's body. He's able to dodge some of the hits, but he still takes a lot of damage. He realizes that the wand is acting like a voodoo doll. She confirms this, but says knowing how it works won't save him. He calls her a hypocrite for saying she and her forces are people of God, yet they have done so many unspeakable acts like torturing Orsola. She retorts that heathens like him and people who follow other religions like the Amakusas are undeserving of God's grace and deserve to die. He suddenly charges forward. Shocked, she uses the wand, but he sticks his right hand in front of him and destroys the invisible attack. Then he blasts her with an uppercut, sending her flying.

As she lies on the floor, she has a flashback to when she was homeless in the streets of Milan, Italy. She gets up and declares she has power now and is never going back. She notices that it is quiet outside and gloats that Touma's comrades have lost. However, he smiles and says she is wrong.

The punch that broke Agnese's forces.

The front doors burst open and Touma's comrades walk in, along with a gigantic Innocentius. Stiyl thanks the Amakusas for working together to spread 4,300 rune cards around the area in a pentagram pattern to maximize the effects of his spell. They reveal that about half of Agnese's forces are unconscious, while the other half are too terrified of Innocentius to move, shocking her. Touma declares it is over and knocks her out with a punch. At this sight, her remaining forces lay down their arms and surrender. Touma then passes out from his injuries.

Touma wakes up his usual hospital room to find Kaori Kanzaki sitting near his bed. She had been intending to leave him a letter, but now that he's awake, she snatches it away, embarrassed.

Note: In the light novel, Kaori says that Stiyl visited him earlier, but left Academy City because he tried to buy cigarettes, but couldn't because the cashiers could tell that he's only 14 (yeah, I don't get how that's possible either). Touma asks why she didn't just buy them for him, but she says she's only 18. He's shocked and says all this time, he assumed she was in her thirties or forties, and she gets pissed that he thought she was old.

Kaori explains that Orsola Aquinas and the Amakusa Catholics were integrated into Necessarius and the Anglican Church, preventing the Roman Catholic Church from targeting them any longer. They spread the word that Orsola's translation method doesn't actually work, which will stop greedy magicians from targeting her. She suddenly bows and apologizes to him.

Touma asks what she's apologizing for, but Motoharu walks in, carrying a bag of snacks. When he sees her, he gets excited and asks if Kaori is repaying her debt to Touma by offering her body. She gets really angry and embarrassed, says she was doing no such thing, and tells him to get out. He puts the bag down and leaves. Touma tells Kaori to calm down; he's learned by now that Motoharu really enjoys screwing with people. She tells him she's apologizing for getting him dragged into other people's conflicts and getting hurt. The Amakusas were her people and she should have stepped in right away instead of watching while he solved the problem even though it had nothing to do with him. He says that's enough. He doesn't care about the different sides. He helps people because it is the right thing to do and he wants to. In fact, even though Agnese was his enemy, if she were ever in trouble in the future, he'd help her in a heartbeat. Kaori muses that Touma is so strange, but smiles.

In the streets of London, Stiyl and Laura talk. The Roman Catholic Church was disgraced by Agnese and her force's failure, so they claimed that they had gone renegade and were not acting under their orders to save face. Laura knew the truth of the situation all along, and didn't tell Stiyl or the others. Saving Orsola was irrelevant to her; her main goal was to integrate the Amakusa Catholics into Necessarius, giving her added firepower and making sure Kaori would never have an incentive to leave them, now that her loved ones are part of the organization. In the light novel, she also explains that she was the one who asked the Knights of England to attack Kaori, knowing they would fail, thus making them look incompetent and elevating Necessarius' worth in the eyes of the Queen of England. She thanks him for going beyond her expectations by saving Orsola and humiliating the Roman Catholic Church as a bonus and walks away. Stiyl digests how easily he and the others were played and calls Laura a bitch.
  • Aesop Amnesia: Laura Stuart was the one who tricked everybody into thinking Index needed to have her memories erased each year, yet Stiyl still trusts her enough to fall for another of her tricks.
  • Bedmate Reveal: Touma finds Agnese Sanctis on top of him.
  • Bystander Syndrome: Stiyl and Index try to convince Touma not to interfere with problems that have nothing to do with them, but he ignores them. He's the hero, after all.
  • Could Have Avoided This Plot: Touma informs Stiyl that he would have helped him if he had just asked. There was no need to grab Index to lure him out.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: The Amakusa Catholics were the good guys all along, and the heroes were tricked into fighting them.
  • My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels: Laura Stuart can't speak Japanese right.
  • Portal Network: This is basically how the Miniaturized Pilgrimage spell works.
  • Second Face Smoke: Stiyl blows smoke into Touma's face.
  • Shaggy Dog Story: It turns out Orsola couldn't actually translate The Book of the Law after all.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Everybody in the story played into Laura Stuart's plans.