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Radar: Horrible Histories

  • In classic British style, much of the verbal humour especially is likely to sail right over the kiddies' heads. The most audacious example is probably in the Christmas Special, wherein a sadistic, whip-wielding prison guard tells Baynton, "I think I can speak for all the lads when I say, 'You're our favourite prisoner'." Yes, they actually went there.
  • There's a song set in a monastery featuring errant monks partying with a "funky nun" while the bishop isn't looking. Her closing thoughts? "Ah, men!" A cleverly PG presentation of what were basically orgies behind monastery walls between nuns and monks.
  • The Black Spot: A fearful pirate points out a black spot on the face of a nearby waitress. His friend assures him it's only Warty Wendy, who was "born like that", before adding under his breath "She's got another one..."
  • Bob Hale gets off a lulu in the Pharaoh Report: "Tutankhamen's daddy became a mummy, which is a very complex operation."
  • There's also the wink and lip-bite George II gives the camera (and repeats in the the Prom special) while singing the line "I was the bad one..." Not to mention George I singing about how ladies "would do anything for me, or I'd have their husbands killed..." with a big eyebrow raise on "anything".
  • Also from the Prom special, the inset sketch involving a royal lineup to use the public loo features this little experiment in just how much you can get away with by claiming historical accuracy:
    Charles II: Henry VIII's in there with his personal bottom-wiper. Calls him the Groom of the Stool. Very popular job in his day, apparently... [aside, to George III] Not my kind of party, but to each his own...
  • Apparently, the Cash My Sin number (a riff on the medieval Church requirement that you pay to keep out of purgatory) is 0800-I've Been Naughty. Dang.
  • Also the Snakes on a Ship/Elephants on a Plain sketches, in which the word "Carthaginian" is substituted for... another word.
  • The visual for this moment in the 'Burke & Hare' song is kept tastefully vague, but:
    Dr. Knox: Well it's always a palaver
    Getting hold of a cadaver
    So I said yes, I'd have her —
    [peeks under sheet] Ooh! It's a he!
  • The 'Victorian Eastenders' sketch involves a father berating his 'sixteenth daughter'. Her name? Chastity.
  • The Viking song: "We're gonna get you in the end... literally!"
  • The epic hair-sniffing scene—and later Call Back—in the Alexander the Great sketch; hinting hard at his rumoured 'flexible' preferences.
  • In one sketch about the Greek myth of Cronus, they actually mention Cronus cutting off his father's "dangly bits".
  • Throughout the finale video, there's two Greek bloked who keep hugging each other... Considering the Greeks in general were known for that kind of behavior, it feels like a case of Make Sense in Context.

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