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Quotes: Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?
Indiana Jones: There's a big snake in the plane, Jock!
Jock: Oh, that's just my pet snake Reggie!
Indiana Jones: I hate snakes, Jock! I hate 'em!
Jock: Come on! Show a little backbone, will ya?

Indiana Jones: Snakes. Why'd it have be snakes?
Sallah: Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.

Sharks. Why did it have to be sharks?

I have fought a Grizzly Bear, tracked a Cobra to its lair,
Killed a Crocodile who dared to cross my path
But the thing I really dread, when I've just got out of bed
Is to find that there's a Spider in the bath...
Flanders and Swann, "The Spider"

The only thing we have to fear is FEAR ITSELF. . . and spiders.

That was a small army, this is a big spider!
Gilgamesh, Girl Genius

Ronald Weasley: (talking in his sleep) Spiders! They want me to tap-dance! I don't want to tap-dance!
Harry Potter: You tell those spiders, Ron.
Ronald Weasley: Yeah, tell them. ... I'll tell them.

Swede: Don't make me do it, Gunny, I'm afraid of heights!
Highway: So am I, kid.
Swede: You are?
Highway: Jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft is not a natural act. Now let's do this right and enjoy the view.
Heartbreak Ridge during a parachute jump into a warzone.

Homer: Kids, your mother has a fear of flying.
Bart: So much for the days when I could say "at least my mother's normal".
Marge: Well everyone's afraid of something.
Homer: Not me!
Marge: [irritated] Sock puppets!
Homer: WHERE?! WHERE?!

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