Quotes: Vocal Minority

Usually the people they piss off are either on the conservative or liberal extremes, but these voices are always loud enough to keep Disney just a little bit on edge.

Reading that forum, jeez man, we pee on a church or something? Those folks aren't just angry, they're down right offended we didn't psychically know to tailor the game to their liking. Pity that's such a typical trend for all game making these days. Its sad to know having uberdorks call you names and ranting how you've disrupted the universe or something is now almost a badge of honor, showing your successfulness. If you build it, trolls will come. No wonder commercial gaming can't make games like they used to. They got to filter through this massive mess just to find feedback they can use while trying not to step on these little brat's eggshell feeling too much. Why do I have a feeling the internet's loudest people are the ones no one listens to in real life?
Mike Oberckt, a Mushroom Kingdom Fusion developer

One of the biggest Fox News stories of last year was about Obama directly attacking the Catholic church by requiring health care providers to provide birth control. Since we're dealing with actual statistics here, this is the perfect story to help get a baseline on what this news organization considers a 'direct attack.' There are about 78 million Catholics in the country, and 2 percent of them still practice the rhythm method. From that small but very pregnant group, about 0.0000001 percent own insurance companies. Among those, let's say 80 percent regulate their company based on God's infallible administrative policies. Now, I only do insurance statistics as a hobby, but according to my numbers, this particular war on the Catholic church affected the lower half of approximately one specific guy. Instead of calling all those belligerent religious pundits into the studio, maybe they could have taken up a collection to reimburse that guy for the condom.

The actual size of the reaction to Ianto’s death is, of course, impossible to quite determine. Some things can be stated emphatically. Certainly there was a fuss on the Internet over it, although the extent of that fuss is difficult to determine. Some number of fans went over the line and actively threatened the writers, which got some media attention. Adding to this was the rather fanciful suggestion in some quarters that the death of Ianto was homophobic, and the doubling down on that when the obvious “you do realize who wrote most of Children of Earth, don’t you” point was made that suggested that Russell T Davies was obviously just writing out of his own sense of self-loathing. This being an astonishingly stupid thing to say, it attracted some press... On the other hand, a fan campaign to lobby for bringing back Ianto by sending coffee to the BBC (a classic “bring back our show” tactic ever since the successful lobbying of the WB for the renewal of Roswell via a campaign to send bottles of Tabasco sauce to the network) supposedly, if Davies is to be believed, resulted in exactly nine people sending coffee, suggesting the size of the protests was out of proportion with their volume.

If there's one thing that any popular video game did, it got people to like it. There are actually a lot of people who love these games, buy products, and are legitimate fans of the series. You'd never know this by looking on the developers' official boards, though.
— A random internet musing.

"Ten percent of the people cause ninety percent of the problems."
— The 90/10 rule

"Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent."
— Napoleon Bonaparte