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Quotes: Trial-and-Error Gameplay
(A door marked "Hangar 5 opens before Snake).
Snake: Cool!
(Snake runs down the corridor only to be suddenly cut to pieces by lasers.)
Player: What the fuck?! No one told me there were lasers there!
Meryl: (casually) Hey Snake, there are lasers there.
Snake's eyeball-adorned remains: (enraged gibberish)
(Snake resolidifies)
Snake: Okay! I guess I'll use my cigarettes I hid in my STOMACH! Awesome!
(Snake blows smoke, coughs and complains, all while moving through the now visible lasers. When he gets to the end of the hallway, he's bounced around by rapid-fire explosions.)
Player: What the fuck?! No one told me there were bombs there!
Meryl: (bored) Hey Snake, there are bombs there.
Snake burnt to a crisp: Aw thanks, bitch!

"It only short jump. You go first."
"Hmm ... we go different way now."

"It sounds evil, but some challenges simply cannot be completed without trial and error. Do not worry though, real game overs do not exist anywhere in this game, so do not be afraid to be maniac!"
The tutorial for Sonic Erazor

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